Stop hating on SOE for a few mistakes.

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  1. {joer

    Exactly. I'm not even sure what the average player does in this game. They seem completely unaware of anything but right in front of them.

    I personally LIKE the NC guns, but I've been fpsing for 20+years, basically as long as there have been fps games.
  2. TheShrapnelKing

    I do too. But the fact is that if one factions guns require people of greater skill to use effectively, then the gun balance needs to be changed, because we can't just force all the good players to be NC.
  3. Malec

    Just a disclaimer, this is false. They often would send server wide announcements in beta asking us to fight in specific areas. They would even close down all the beta servers but one and then send those announcements out. They most certainly did stress test everyone in one place all the time in beta.
  4. Peanut Butter

    When was this? I don't remember any announcements asking us to all fight in one area, and I got in the beta in September.
  5. Malec

    You joined Sept 14th, that was pretty far into beta. I started in late July(my profile shows August 6th creation as they did a forum change and that was the first day for the new forums). Trust me, it happened. They usually shut down all but West1 then sent out the announcements.
  6. kungflu

    The weapons are good as it is. You can join NC, TR or VS. Play with absolute zero knowledge and progress to your profession, that's what you call learning and counter hard obstacles. People just wants the easy way out and whine around the forums. IMO, the game lacks informative descriptions in-game and that's about it. I never really liked the changes made but do you hear me complaining about them? No, i just blend with it.
  7. Pyro Force

    Actually, I'm willing to bet they're quite drunk right now. Open bar whaaaaaat?
  8. Ozrik

    Was in no way twitch tv's fault. They run esport events with 100k+ viewers with np, UES had what maybe 13k viewers, was most definitely a screwup on SOE side.
  9. {joer

    It could be worse, I picked TR. Skill level is least relevant with TR, you don't get the accuracy of VS or the power of NC, you get hit the trigger and hope enough bullets hit. Near useless at mid range +, and in CQC it really doesn't matter that much, first to fire normally wins on any said due to TTK.
  10. Not Anon

    If I were Smed, I would have fired every last bit of brown nose they have in the company, they are clearly the problem, this is what you get for hiring that kind of people.

    They should start hiring intelligent workers, you know... the ones that aren't focused on slobbering all over the boss's kawk and do their job right, ******* amateurs.
  11. VSDerp

    the game or servers didn't go down it was twitch that how it seems.twitch should've been prepared also. just my opinion
  12. orthus2

    thats like saying any mic issues or video issues with the hardware is still's fault.
  13. Lodeclaw

    The connection issues were not's fault. If you really think that you're an idiot. The problem was they were using too much bandwidth and couldn't support the stream with all the other stuff they were doing. Even fpsgeneral's stream was having problems and he didn't have even a fraction of the viewers.
  14. mina5

    forums are for whining mainly .
    even i complain few things , like i want my DARK GREY CAMO !!! NOW !!! : D .
    + im happy that they are going to update old gun models , so after that i only want dark grey camo and i m happy customer after it
    (hell i will get that dark grey camo even if it cost's 2000 sc)
  15. VexTheRaven

    Sorry, but that's jsut not true. Compensating for recoil and aiming are NOT the same thing. Higher accuracy means you need to be more on-target. With TR guns you can just spray in the general vicinity of the target and hit.
  16. TheWolf1973

    My multi-million dollar question is, why didn't SOE update the code and graphics for PS1 and re-release it? To complex for this generation of gamers? Wanted to take the least cost effective way to make a game? I wish we could start polls and asks everyone playing if they had a choose between an updated PS1 vs PS2 and a six month fix everything plan. Especially, since a large portion of these fixes make PS2 more like PS1. Why reinvent the wheel if it ain't broken.
  17. Derpina

    You don't have the insight needed to call it 'a few mistakes'. I've been here since the opening of tech test, and I assure you, it's far more than only a few mistakes, when the goal is a successor to Planetside 1.