Stop changing cosmetic items after purchase!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by phreec, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. phreec

    So I just logged on to check if the forum's server status is lying and the servers were actually up (they weren't) and I noticed that they had changed the camo I had on my character! This could just be a char screen lighting change or something, impossible to tell as the servers are down but I doubt it. At least my Medic hasn't gotten the NC Infiltrator's stocking and bra combo... yet.

    I bought the Tundra camo just over two weeks ago because I loved how the white and black combo looked on my NC Medic. Now it's an entirely different camo that's white and gray, not black.


    This is the preview icon for the Tundra camo. Now compare it to the picture below and it's clear how it looks more like the old version rather than the new, gray one.


    This is not the damn camo I purchased, why was it even changed? I'd appreciate it if you'd revert it back.


    So please SOE, stop messing with cosmetic items!
    We purchase cosmetics with real money because we love our Virtual Barbie Dressup In Space but for f*** sake, stop changing them after we've already purchased them.
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  2. Nintyuk

    I do hope for your sake this is a visual bug and nothings been changed.
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  3. Liquidrider

    Cosmetic changes are going to happen. And this visual change is so insignificant I don't know what the issue is.

    If we are going to nit pick on changes to what we purchased and SOE has changed, than I want my money back for the over-nerfed Striker.
  4. VaIhall

    Wow nice gif you made about it
  5. huller

    barring the helmet, I actualy ike the new version better, still no excuse to mess with stuff like that tough
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  6. CHDT65

    I'm also sure that the red of the Terran Loyal Soldier has been changed.
    It was like the red Terran badge on your sig, now it is red carmin like a 12 years old girl nails.
    Of course, change was not requested and to the worst.
  7. NoInstructions

    I would have to say it does look worse, kind of a weird change. They must want to differentiate it from something they are about to add or already exists. Don't understand why they would do it though.
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  8. CHDT65

    Some people have taste, some not.
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  9. Stew360

    black becoming a light grey is a issue to me if you dont know the issue i think its time to see a oculist or something

    Stricker was broken and have a impact on the game itself cosmetic change of that nature dont
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  10. RyanGUK

    Looks like the ESF update has fixed NC overpop.
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  11. Zorro

    SOE seems to hate dark camouflage for some reason.
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  12. phreec

    I snuck in that 36% NC population bar there to fill the daily NC overpop criteria.
  13. Flapatax

    I was all prepared to be like "MMOs change, deal with it", but yea, palette swaps on camouflages are really not okay. Weapons go ahead and tweak, but cosmetics, at least as far as colors go, shouldn't be messed with.
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  14. Zagareth

    You might think a camo is useless in PS2, but as Infiltrator, where every wrong pixel is traitorous it can be the difference between life and death...

    Personally I use the camo of the most used ground that Im on usually and it makes a damn good job when I see people passing just a few meters away and don't take notice of me (crouching completely still) and on the other side it totally simple to spot motionless infiltrators with naked eye over 300m when they don't wear camo... So I think yes, it's very important to pick the right camo.

    And yes, you are right. It's valid that you want your money back for a nerfed weapon after sale. It's a joke that SOE changes the ability of objects after a sale...
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  15. RyanGUK

    Haha :p I think that camo looks nicer though, not sure what you're complaining about as it looks much cleaner.
  16. starlinvf

    I remember in beta that VS where almost impossible to spot during night cycles.

    As for the OP...... its a moot point once you realize snow on Esamir is blue. Old camo wasn't very functional, as contrast is what makes things visually easy to spot. By lowering the overall contrast of the camo patterns, its actually "more" useful now. The only reason light colored Camo is beneficial to the NC is how it hides the bright yellow safety lights on all of their armors.
  17. Pixelshader

    zebra scythe before:






    I think I might be getting used to the new look, but damn. I still miss being proper stripey and I was pissed on the first day it changed.
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  18. phreec

    I bought it for the looks, not for functionality. I had 500SC to spend on a camo and were initially planning on buying the Grey Scales during the -50% camo sale as I was on the prowl for a black, or at least a darker camo for my NC. I then stumbled upon this one and the black/white pattern really fit the NC Medic so well I bought it instead of Grey Scales.

    Now I'm left with this light-gray mess, pretty much the opposite of what I was initially planning on purchasing... I already have Rocky Tundra as Esamir camo and this one was supposed to be my all-round "Look at me, I'm a unique snowflake with my cool camo"-camo.
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  19. maxkeiser

    Are you partially sighted?
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  20. EmmettLBrown

    SOE reserves the right to **** on your dress up time.
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