[Suggestion] Stop Allowing Scopes Increased Visibility Against Stealth.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kopulator, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Kopulator

    I've noticed that a hard counter against infiltrator Stealth is players scoping in and looking around. I've done this myself and have shot cloaked infiltrators from over 100 meters away...while they're in full stealth.

    Basically, if you can't see a stealthy normally past 50 meters when they are in full sprint...you shouldn't be able to through a scope either.
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  2. BartasRS

    Why not? Scope makes objects appear closer so theoretically you still have them within "50m" range. Cloak does not mean invisibility, if you move you are risking being detected.
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  3. EIMR

    Because then what's the point? If you are always visible, no matter the distance, then cloak is useless.
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  4. Problem Officer

    All a scope does ingame is emulate a closer viewpoint, it doesn't "reveal" anything aside from entities beyond unzoomed render distance.
    Anyone getting hit from that distance either found an aimbotter or doesn't know how to move after cloaking.
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  5. BartasRS

    There are numbers of legitimate reasons why you were hit/seen. You could shoot then cloak and some enemy sniper could just shoot in the position you were before cloaking, sometimes pople pick common/obvious spots for sniping and others (me included) just shoot blindly there. Your cloak might shimmer for no reasons, some friendly might highlight you with blacklight (even through wall/rocks!) and finally there could be this common cloaking bug where your head is uncloaked. Personally, I had quite a few of such "lucky" shots.

    Now, to ellaborate on scopes. If I am like 100m away from you, using 12x zoom, and you are cloaked there is very high chance I will see you even if you are montionless. Cloak does not gran 100% invisibility. If I move a lil bit while ADSing I might see slight distortion of background, as if there was a transparent glass statue there meaning there is an infil hiding. Try avoiding setting up sniping spot with bright or contrasting stuff behind you. This games engine poorly handles such setups and will make you more visible at times.
  6. Kopulator

    I think that those critical of my suggestion are missing the point...The visibility provided by scoping in is equivalent to being able to see someone cloaked as though they were walking - not crouching - at normal speed. This applies even if the infiltrator is in Deep Cloak.

    The problem here is that when scoped in, you see the pixelated outlines better and most who scope in are doing it in short range...i.e. they CANNOT SEE YOU at that range...then when they scope in...they see you well enough to head shot you.

    Combined with shooting corners and darklight flashlights...scopes give enemies an unfair advantage and this is a broken system.

    Scopes are meant for getting close ups of your targets...not increased stealth detection.
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  7. BartasRS

    Maybe it has more to do with the fact that scopes limit your field of view/tunnel vision. That way you pay attention to details that might have elude you otherwise.

    I agree tho, that scopes provide some advantage when you look for infiltrators specifically or know that there should be one in the vicinity. Can't count the times I was killed thinking I should be safe.

    Also I think the problem is with the game engine. Scopes also make you hear sounds as if you were closer to your target.
  8. Moz

    Stopped reading this thread here.... jebus man!
  9. PanzerGoddess

    graphic settings also play a huge role in what "can" be seen and what "can't" be seen. There are the few groups on every server that have "preferred" graphical settings to give you an edge in gameplay as well making some things easier to find or see :) Ultra or nothing for me so lol
  10. Maecy

    Chameleon module is also useless. It's supposed to "suppress cloak shimmer" according to what is said in-game. Does it? I saw a video comparison (and my own personal experience), and there is no difference in cloak flash from with chameleon and without. Fix this broken (in the sense of very bad, buggy) piece of ****, daybreak.
  11. ParakeetLord88

    Are you sure about this? I'm pretty sure I would be shot in cloak a lot more than I am now if this is true.
  12. RockPlanetSide2

    It's called Deep Operative Impant level 4 or 5... spend 100-200 $ Get the implant and that wont work anymore for your opponents, they wont see you at 25m out or more... the cloak is like it was a year ago when it did not just COMPLETELY SUCK... well worth the cash grab.
  13. voidreaperxx5

    That is SUCH a frustrating feeling. Some people actually run around with those things on their primaries!

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