Stimpacks. We need them.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by asdfPanda, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. asdfPanda

    The light assault has very underwhelming advantages in combat, compared to the heavy assault. For an assault class, the discrepancy is an unacceptable problem. I propose a few "combat enhancement consumable" options, which would spice up gameplay. My ideas wouldn't take too much to implement visually, as the medkit usage animation could be used in place of all of these. Each level of certifications would increase the amount/effectiveness each consumable can be used every life. Would cost infantry resources.

    Of course, the Combat Enhancement Drug/Tool would take up the tool slot for LA, so it could be used with medkits/c4.

    Also , light assault needs a passive health regeneration imo, but that's for another thread.

    Be advised that I don't have numbers, only ideas.

    1. Nanite weapon cycler: overcharge
    Jams a canister of nanites into the carbine, boosting the rpm of a carbine by a certain amount for a certain duration. Increases recoil for a drawback. Cannot fire the weapon for a certain duration after the duration of the enhancement is over.

    2. Weapon handling drug:
    Nanites are injected into the player's arm, eliminating cone of fire while aiming down sights, as well mitigating cof in hipfiring/jetpacking situations and reduciing recoil. After the duration of the drug is over, the player experiences a woozy effect similar to the concussion grenade. Player takes increased damage

    3. Adrenaline drug:
    Movement of the player is increased by a certain amount while ads/walking/sprinting. After the duration of the drug is over, the player experiences a woozy effect similar to the concussion grenade. Player takes increased damage.

    4.1. Jetpack afterburners(regular jumpjets)
    Can be toggled on or off. Rather than slowly boosting a player upwards vertically, would boost the player up very fast. Also, while pressing the spacebar and w/a/s/d, would boost the player in that direction for dodging manuevers. (do a barrel roll!)

    4.2. Jetpack afterburners(drifter jets)
    Increases the speed of drifter jets. I know this sounds boring, but if anyone else has ideas, feel free to comment!
  2. Sandpants

    Don't think we need this.

    Except maybe the Jumping cone of fire mumbo jumbo - we should get a passive in passive systems that would reduce the penalty when jetpacking or jumping. This will assist in the pace of the class by not having to have feet on the ground considering the wonky delays associated with jetting anyway...
  3. asdfPanda

    Fair enough, I was just throwing out random ideas anyway. But what would you suggest for the light assault to be as good as the heavy assault?
  4. Sandpants

    Quick - hide! Change your identity and get out of the country. Better yet leave the internet. If you can abandon the planet!
    Evil forces are at work and they will hunt you down!
  5. asdfPanda

    0/10. What are you getting at?
  6. Iridar51

    He's addressing the questionable notion that LA ever should be as good as heavy assault. This though crossed my mind too, tbh.

    What makes HA good, is his more or less versatile LMG options with big mags and various AV weaponry. Combined with overshield, that makes them able to take on any threat and win the majority of 1v1s vs other classes. LA will never be as good, because he will never (neither should he) have any of this.
  7. Ocaml

    LA is worse than HA in direct assault, of course, but its main advantage is mobility. LAs, who fight like HA with jetpack, will always lose to HAs. Take elevated position, change position often, shoot people below you and take your certs.
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  8. Sandpants

    I was also thinking maybe a bunch of heavies would drop in to the thread and flame you as well, for even daring to think that any class should be as good as a HA.

    I believe LA has enough team utility - it's pretty much the harasser buggy of infantry in the right hands.

    LA has enough gear/item options to currently function as intended. Tool/second ability would be nice but anyone who reads this section of the forum probably understands by now that some people want raw power and others want something of less direct value and instead more synergy with other forces in the game. SOE wanted "lone-wolf" tools. Now - not even god knows what SOE wants LA to be. I'd be glad to get something, but will not actively pursue begging for it.

    What would be nice from your suggestions would definitely be the reduction in jumping COF penalty. In passive form. Even if its hella expensive, this would be a nice no "nonsense" perk for LA which will reduce the conservativeness we have to accommodate for when we shouldn't really - we are assault, even if lighter than heavies, we are still part of the infantry assault.

    What I think we dearly miss is the intuitiveness to play in a group. How often would you see 9 LA coordinating together? LA is the perfect lonewolf platform. That's nice. But it would be better if there was more obvious ways for LAs to work together just like it is intuitive to bring an engie to, pretty much anywhere, as is to bring a medic or a HA.
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  9. Regpuppy

    Sandpants nailed it. We don't need any real "power" because the LA is good enough at killing infantry and flanking. What it needs is both a reason for flanking and tools/abilities that make more sense in a team game. Be it abilities that synergize with infiltrators for a flanking/infiltrating combination, or ways to help the main team fighting classes like the engie, medic, and heavy. I'd honestly give up C4 for something to help in this area. Because the only squad friendly use we have right now is countering ourselves on rooves and high places.

    Right now, how you play light assault. Is you either hamper yourself and act like an engineer without the repair tool, the ammo box, less possible explosives, or the turrets and attempt to stay near your team; or you wave goodbye to any direct interaction with them and cut yourself off from them to attempt to use your verticality. Having a random LA in the same hex as you or having an LA in your squad. There's not much distinction between the two. Not to mention they've made most objectives easily accessible to all classes. Amp station walls? Gaping holes and drop pods. Most bases are also only on one level. There's not many multi-level bases to utilize verticality to its fullest. Drop pods and jump pads end up muscling in on the few areas where we're moderately useful too.

    TL;DR a combination of factors are making the LA unnecessary or useless for teamplay.
  10. asdfPanda

    IMO, light assault isn't about teamplay. It's about killing, and it can't do it as well as the heavy assault. The only thing it can do better is flanking. That incentive isn't good enough imo. More mobility and combat tools would really do the light assault some good. I don't see many situations where a squad leader would say "Oh, I need a light assault instead of a heavy assault to kill things!" The LA class is situational at best, and it's versatility is not up to par with that of the other classes.
  11. Jovisfulmen

    Wake up mate, Light Assault is good at killing infantry. The only requirement is to get your target from above or from the back. It benefits from the close quarters weapons like C4, shotgun, smg, carbine and knife more than any other class. The problem is almost unanimously recognised to be the lack of utility in a team. A few LA to clear the roofs and rain death is a good thing, but it cannot be part of a normal squad (medic engi HA) and a squad full of LA does not bring much to the table in most battles.
    We need to help our team, we are already good enough on our own.
  12. Ash87

    Okay, using a medieval analogy (Mostly because the mental picture I formed of each was kind of hilarious to me)...

    This is a heavy assault: more armor, more health, more refined weaponry, good at killing things:

    This is a Light Assault: using a questionable method of transportation(That might be a horse, but it could also be a pig... I really think we should just assume he is riding a pig), frothing at the mouth with rage, and coming somewhat from above

    As you can see, the potential for destruction is about equal.
  13. Iridar51

    Their horses shoot steam from their nostrils. Rocket Launcher exhaust? I wonder how would you reload a horse...[IMG]
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  14. asdfPanda

    Very carefully...
  15. Littleman

    The only thing I could possibly imagine working for an LA as a team tool that would make use of the LA's strengths would be a very temporary upwards grav lift. Suckers are on their own for getting down though.
  16. Sandpants

    A soft grenade then, explodes into a downward elevator field. Jump into and you can fall from large heights with no damage.

    Still, very niche and not that many situations where you'd need something like this.

    Other class tools are usable items, but does it have to be one?
  17. Posse

    As someone who played HA all day every day since I started playing, but who recently started to use the LA (probably 50% LA and 50% HA these last days), I have to say the LA is already good enough, I get the same overall results with both classes, obviously, they require completely different playstyles but I've been doing things with the LA that I couldn't have dreamed of with the HA

    The drawback I find in the LA is that I can't find ways to use it as effectively in certain situations, in particular, I find it much better suited to attacks than to defenses, though that might be due to my lack of experience with the class.
  18. asdfPanda

    LA in biolab defenses are a dream to play.
  19. Posse

    Yes, Bio Lab is the exception that I forgot to mention, though I had a lot of fun countering the defending LAs as an attacker too :D
  20. asdfPanda

    Same, except when they're absurd numbers of players on both sides. I find that biolabs are the best when the attackers control 1-2 teleporters, as well as a pad, and the numbers on both sides are 12-24.

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