Still no ADS Sensitivity Slider in this Competetive FPS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Loegi

    This just in, students who fail tests just lack skill.
  2. LT_Latency

    If it's a test of ability in which this is the case. Yes that is true
  3. Luperza Community Manager

    Just noticed no one stopped in to say anything in this thread yet. We're working on a fix for this. ;)

    You can check it out on the Public Test Server and let us know what you think. No ETA on when it will be on the live servers, but I wanted to let everyone know it's coming!
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  4. TheRealMetalstorm


    Edit: Not going to thank the Sky Daddy for this one.
    Thank you dev team for finally deciding to implement this!
  5. RageMasterUK

    Thankyou so much for the confirm on the fix! Thanks for listening!
  6. TheRealMetalstorm

    NOW... for the grand finale

  7. Spookydodger

    Is the sensitivity settable on a per-attachment basis? I've noticed some incredible difficulty when I tried to use my x12 scope with reduced speed for more fine-aiming, and then switch to my x4 or x6 sniper gun and find I can't follow targets because it moves too slow.

    Even if it was a <=6 and a >6 slider, that would be helpful.
  8. Loegi

    At the moment you only have ADS sensitivity for "iron sight" like scopes, and scope sensitivity for longer ranges scopes, and the normal sensitivity of course.

    I think this would better be discussed on the test server forum though.
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  9. MistaN

    Well, I made a new thread about it in the PTS section because RadarX would have probably locked this thread up for going off topic ;)
    Also, now you guys just need to fix the ADS auto-zooming that goes on....or at least make it toggle-able. But thanks so much for adding ADS sensitivity!
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  10. Luperza Community Manager

    Speaking of which, we should probably close this. Redirect your concerns over on the PTS thread. ;)
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