Still no ADS Sensitivity Slider in this Competetive FPS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. YesNoMaybe

    Seems a bit weird to have both ADS and scope sensitivity options. It seems to me that it will be easier/less confusing to just make all scopes affected by the scope sensitivity option.
  2. Amphoric

    lol... competitive fps...

    But the slider, they have it implemented in the Test server, just hold out and it should go live.
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  3. TeknoBug

    On PTS there's an ADS slider, it takes a while to find the sweet spot as it feels weird.

    And this game isn't a competitive FPS until things actually get balanced (which is never).
  4. powerz


    ADS is for any scope/iron sights under 3.5x......scoped sensitivity only works on scopes 3.5 x magnification or more.
  5. RX530SS

    Higby on twitter: "Based on lots of requests we've added some new ADS mouse sensitivity options, coming next Game Update!"
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  6. Luighseach


    What that person said.

    You should not be able to spin around in .2 seconds with any gun its dumb and should not be in the game. Hate to bring up call of duty but if you want game play like that play COD.

    If you come up behind someone in a shooter you should win most of the time since you got the drop on them. Flanking and tactics should always work better than 180 twitch gaming. I've played both ways and the tactics will always be more satisfying in victory since it was brains and strategy instead of twitch reflexes.
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  7. The King

    ummm, really???

    You can spin around in less than that right now.
    You can do that in every game there is...(FPS)

    In REAL life I can turn around that fast if I need and start shooting.
    Even with a rocket launcher!

    Not everyone is an elderly person who cannot turn around quickly.

    Besides, it is about time they added it, it was silly not being able to move as fast as the normal speed with the little reflex scope stuff.
    Many people wanted it and it was an easy add, that's why they added it. It was needed.

    Go try it yourself, turn really fast in real life, you will be amazed what your body can do....To me, this is normal since I am 1/14th as fast as Bruce Lee. Man, that dude is a superman..

    Oh, please do not hurt yourself with my suggestion of you trying something. Turning really fast without practice can cause an injury. Warm up first if it's needed.
  8. Luighseach

    what .2 seconds I didn't say 2 seconds.

    You can not accurately swing a sun around in .2 seconds to get a kill while aiming down the sites.

    To be completely honest I might not have made it completely clear but you can not aim a gun and do a complete 180 while keeping your eye down the sights.

    I mean yes you can turn around that fast but not with adequate control.

    edit: I do get your point though but swinging a gun that fast comes with a penalty and being able to do it ADS would be ridiculous.
  9. The King

    Umm, aiming down the sights isn't that much of a problem as you do not need to look into the sights to actually hit a target. Use your eyes. ANd yeah, I know you said .2 seconds.
    However, your arm is still just like ADS and you're looking right through them, maybe not paying attention because you're just pointing and shooting, just like in the game.
  10. EggfaceMan

    Excellent! More options to tinker with. Thank you SOE.
  11. Luighseach

    I know it took me a long time to comment back, but It isn't about swinging the gun its about doing while ADS. ADS is a problem because in this game the cone of fire means that if I don't ADS I will miss half my shots unless I'm point black range and even them if I'm under fire I will still miss a couple of my bullets. With ADS your more accurate in the game and that is why making a person be able to swing a gun that fast while ADS without penalty would cause problems.
  12. RageMasterUK

    If this is true I am going to be so happy... its going to take me a while to unlearn my muscle memory specific to this limitation for this game, but it'll be worth it to get back to the affinity and control response I had with previous FPS games. I am absolutely elated =D

    At the end of the day, this is where 70% of infantry kills are won or lost, its that split second of fine-motor control when two targets see each other. You may be able to deal with the current settings, if so good for you, but for everyone else its a **** skill-nerfing experience that you can FEEL everytime you try adjusting your aim. You're essentially fighting agaisnt your entire FPS playing muscle-memory history if PS2's setting didnt equate perfectly to your prefference. I expect to see the general skill-cap raised as people find and lock into their own preferrable settings.

    I would imagine even the objectors to ADS settings in this thread will no doubt adjust it a little for their own finetuning. Its exiting times!!!!!

    Ofcourse it was an oversight. People stepping in on it being a game-feature... If you can do it with a 3.5x - 12x scope and not ironsights, then theres no consistency in the logic...

    So a guy with an eyeball glued to a scope 12x can spin round instantly... but a guy down ironsights gets 1/4 turn of the turn speed ADS? Deffo an oversight.


    I'm just full of love for the devs right now <3
    Cant wait for it to go LIVE!
  13. maxkeiser

    What is the current ADS mouse sensitivity in game?

    For example, if you have mouse sens at 70 what is ADS sensitivity?
  14. RageMasterUK

    It changes between the low power scopes/Iron sights. Iron sights, red dots and holographics seem to be about 1/4 of the standard sensitivity. But N/V scope is about 1/2 of the standard. Its weird and inconsistent like that. So its done as a proportion of current hipfire sensitivity... but its seemingly scope choice specific.

    In reflection to the Scoped Sensitivity setting, you can max that sensitivity out so it EXCEEDS your hipfire rotation speed with a x3.5 and > , if I remember my testing well enough. You can get it really high anyway.

    Seeing as I like my ADS sensitivity nearer to my standard sensitivity, its no wonder I always used to do real well with the NV scope coz of its higher ADS sensitivity.
  15. LT_Latency

    I don't see how it's a skill cap increase if you have to know 2 sensitivities that is more difficult then knowing one. It more making it easier so people who can't handle it can play as well.

    I personally don't care either way but i don't think you can claim it's more skill based to have it one way or the other
  16. VladimirMakarov1

    There is ADS Sensitivity in Test server, just wait for the release. :/
  17. RageMasterUK

    Pretty sure you don't fully understand the problem, but thats OK, many people who have participated in this thread seem to miss the mark.

    In the game currently there are many sensitivities you have to get used to, because some ADS sensitivities are linked into scope choice and are beyond your control. Hopefully with this new ADS sensitivity slider, we will be able to set it however we want.
    So it may actually go a ways to solving the issue you just brought up.

    As people lock into a preferred sensitivity, their response times will increase, overall players will be able to bring a bit more of their skill into the game.
  18. LT_Latency

    You can adjust it there is just a difference between hip and ads. Something you have to learn.

    Some people can't learn new things. That is called lack of skill.

    Saying i need this change so i can play doesn't make it more skillful after the change. I have no problem with the change but don't act like it's to raise a skill cap.
  19. RageMasterUK

    There is a difference between Hip and Scoped. Its called the scoped sensitivity slider.

    There is a difference between Hip and ADS. Its some random arbitrary setting linked into what low power scope you choose.

    Im glad SOE are putting in the slider, so I dont have to relearn my muscle memory. Its just frustrating, thats ALL it is. If you think having to learn this is fun, Im telling you it is not fun. Not one bit. Maybe you're not a sniper, maybe you have never changed your Scoped sensitivity and you do fine, but I can tell you 100% everyone who has changed their scoped sensitivity to finetune their performance knows what and ADS slider will bring to the CQB fights.

    The ADS sensitivity slider will increase players aiming efficiency, just as Scoped slider increases sniping efficiency. Players will become more effective after this. Generally players will appear in game as more skillful, as they can translate what they mean to do with their brain-arm-wrist-hand, to what they wanted to do ingame, easier.

    Some players are going to have an easier time engaging in CQB, tracking LA's flying thru the air. Players will line up their shots faster. Players will be more easily able to manage their recoil. So players will become more effective overall.
  20. phreec

    I'll just quote myself here.
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