Still no ADS Sensitivity Slider in this Competetive FPS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. RageMasterUK

    It might be a minor quibble to you. The very reason threads might not be all over the forum is because perhaps for everyone whom this issue is a major dealbreaker just said f*** it I'll just play something else, and never even hit the forums.
    I can guarantee you this, if this issue is a thing to a player, then its a damn big thing, which plagues them ALMOST EVERY MOMENT OF INFANTRY GAMEPLAY.

    Some players dont have DPI mouse, but it doesnt matter. Range dialing with DPI adjust is an entirely separate issue.

    When it comes down to practically using the DPI mouse to balance your ADS sensitivity against your hipfire sensitivity means you have to change DPI every time you want to go in and out of ADS. That means pressing another key every time you press RMB. Who wants to do that?

    You can't even macro to RMB effectively because you only want the DPI change to effect on RMB press for infantry classes with the bawked <3.5x scopes, not every instance of RMB pressing in game.
  2. RageMasterUK

    There is a bug report here, with 12 likes. Its on the second page of the Bugs Forum, which I think is ranked partially by firstpost likes now. Devs are using it to assess bug-fixing priority it seems.

    As someone previous has mentioned, because there is little dissagreement that it should be fixed, there is little controversy, so less conversation. If this does affect you please go thumb that bug report up.
  3. MasonSTL

    Doesn't bother me with my RAT9 ;)
  4. RageMasterUK

    Explain to me how you are overcoming this problem with your RAT9, and I will go out and get one.
  5. Ribero

    I can count how many ***** I give about this topic on No hands,

    But it's obvious that it matters to some players, and I don't see any adverse affects to introducing this slider thingy, so have a bump and a +1 you angry man, you.
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  6. Yautja

    N^2 games such as this can not be individually competitive. They must have felt this feature is irrelevant due to the game's design.
  7. Moukassin

    completely agree! i want this slider, it's a shame that it's not there already
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  8. LT_Latency

    Meh, it works fine for me.

    I use levels 1,2,3 for infantry 4,5,6 for tanks, 7,8,9 for planes
  9. RageMasterUK

    Latency Im not even sure what that means...
    Are you pressing a DPI change button every time you enter and exit ADS?
  10. f0d

    so freakin annoying

    i want my vehicles to turn fast - but the enginner turret to turn slow
    so i have to change the sensitivity whenever i use the turret :(
  11. LT_Latency

    Yeah, Not sure why it matters.

    I press a button every time just to enter and exit ADS as well. Now i just hit 2 at the same time
  12. RageMasterUK

    So I hope you acknowledge that there is a problem inherent in the game, that you are having to overcome with hardware, DPI software and extra human input. Ceirtainly it would be easier for you if you need only press the 1 button for ADS. I'm curious which buttons are your ads and your DPI shift buttons. Are they both on the mouse? And do you have to hold your DPI shifter or is it a toggle?

    Some players arent willing to go as far as to start having to hit 2 separate buttons using an elaborate preset DPI switch to affect an ADS at their desired sensitivity. It shouldnt be expected of us.

    This was the very first thing I flipped my nut at, first time I tried beta. It pretty much came right out of the options screen and slapped me in the face, as soon as I realised scoped sensitivity didnt affect the low scopes and iron sights I got a tad upset. I love Planetside and I knew how much that would affect my enjoyment. I honestly thought they'd fix it over time.

  13. Sen7ryGun84

    ITT: Whining MLG wannabes who want ultimate control of every aspect of their gameplay... But are still too poor to buy a decent variable DPI mouse.

    You "pros" can have your sensitivity slider lol. Hope you enjoy yourselves having to press escape and dive through menu's every time you need to adjust for ranges.

    I've been doing it in the middle of combat for about 5 years.
  14. LT_Latency

    More buttons is higher skill cap, i thought pros liked that.

    Personally it doesn't matter to me.

    Using 2 sensitives, pressing 2 buttons, having the UI use a slider. You learn the game and do your best
  15. The King

    I agree, I was annoyed when I first started this game.
    My settings I was used to for over 10 years are gone.
    Now I am so used to this game, I go back to some other game and it just feels way too off.
    Usually, I can stop playing CS:S for a year or two and still own...
    But since I am used to this, I cannot own anymore. lol
    Oh well, I rather play PS2 instead.
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  16. The Reveller

    I agree with OP. I come from playing UT - and I'm used to close firefights where you have to spin and shoot accurately. It is effin impossible to fight like this with you got ADS because your whole calibration for mouse movement goes out the window. I just end up missing, overcompensating, spinning around, and getting shot. Maybe I shouldn't play UT style in PS2, but its what my hand-coordination wants to do. I've taken to using the shotgun and Commissioner from the hip instead, but I'd rather not have to.

    Sucks. Make it possible, even if it is just with the 1X scopes, to have the same sensitivity as when you're running around. I would be a happy man.
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  17. RageMasterUK

    Well that very impressive. Me too.
    Its a shame you missed the point of the thread. No wonder you screwed your ITT up. Im not even interested in MLG and I have a decent variable DPI mouse.

    You must have misread the OP. If you want to contribute I suggest you go back and read it so you understand what the rest of us are talking about.
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  18. The Reveller

  19. phreec

    Thumbs up for SOE!
  20. Zeekez

    As a player who's played competitive FPS's for the past 10 years [where my fellow counter-strikers who used to go to CPL!] This made my morning.

    I have a high end gaming mouse and having to change DPI every time you ADS [I only use reflex and 2x scopes] is probably the stupidest "fix" I've ever heard, Ps2 is the only game I've played that has such an atrocious ADS sensitivity that can't be changed.

    Thank Higby it's being added
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