Still no ADS Sensitivity Slider in this Competetive FPS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. RageMasterUK

    Bump, so that Planetside 2 may become even better.
  2. DuckSauce

    Tested IR/NV, it's 50% like everything else.

    Long live 3.4x red dot!
  3. RageMasterUK

    Bump for profile!
  4. RageMasterUK

    Monthly bump, nearly 7 months still no fix
  5. Alarox

    I don't think half the people in the thread understand the OP.

    Basically, you can adjust your sensitivity for 3.4x scopes to 12x scopes, but not 1x or 2x. Those are determined by your mouse sensitivity.

    Being unable to customize your sensitivity isn't an intentional way to make close range scopes worse... that's an absolutely ridiculous stance to take.

    You don't balance games by making things annoying to use. That's inconvenience, not balance.

    The scopes are balanced due to their zoom. More zoom = worse for close range. Less zoom = worse for long range. That's the balance, it's inherent.

    The OP wants to be able to customize his ADS sensitivity without being forced to also change his overall sensitivity. Nothing wrong with that.

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  6. Selerox

    A few points:
    1. You appear to have something of an ego problem.
    2. If it's such a big problem, why don't you see threads about this at the top of the forums?
    3. Deconstruct was a genuine issue that was being exploited and needed taking out.
    4. If most people don't notice, or care, about this issue, then it can't be affecting every single player can it?
    5. 7 months and if you need to bump your own thread once a month, odds are no-one cares.
    Not saying it doesn't deserve looking at at some point, but there are better things for the devs to look at first.
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  7. Loegi

    I really disagree. The only reason this isn't getting the same amount of bumps as the others is because there's no controversy. Pretty much everybody agrees that you should have control over your aim, so there's no discussion, so no bumps.
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  8. Benton!

    Yep. This is the #1 problem that needs to be fixed right now. It is a huge deal to good players, who relies on their sensitivity to stay the same.
  9. aestheticend

    Competitive or non competitive this game needs an ADS sensitivity slider. It is a feature that needs to be in every single fps on PC.

    You shouldn't have to fight your controls to play the game, or have to learn to deal with a new sensitivity.

    ESFs are also suffering with the control issue. You are forced to use the default control scheme as joystick support is lousy, you can't bind Yaw to the mouse and analog throttle is flaky.
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  10. Iksniljiksul

    This is by design, so that x2 and less sights use the default weapon multiplier. Being able to overwrite this value negates this effect for weapon sets, then they could not use the value as a balancing factor. That's a fact not a defense, it's their imaginary weaponry and methods.

    (I must add the obliged LOL! at "competitive" computer gaming.)
  11. Twistdlester

    Here is Xfactors hardcore proof that the OP is correct, and it supports the correct views of many of the posters , no tthe responces of the noobs that have no clue. And this game will make it into MLG the same day Sim City does

    Direct quote from Xfactors video description:

    "Published on Apr 21, 2013
    Welcome to my first action in the last few months! A ton has changed for the better and the developers are hard at work. Now, if they could only fix the ADS sensitivity issues. I will be getting familiar with Planetside 2 again so look for a video to pop up every once in awhile. But until the ads mouse issue is fixed don't plan on it being a ton of content.
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  12. iller


    THIS game????

    Do you buy AXE body spray too b/c its Marketing promises you things ??
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  13. LonelyTerran

    Since when?
  14. Cab00se187

    Lol, wut?? :confused:
  15. RageMasterUK

    Players hanging up on the word competetive...

    You compete against other players in this game. It's a competetive game. The key word is FPS.
    People chiming in loling at the word competetive are just trolling the real and valid issue. Not sure why you even bothered posting. Thanks for the bump tho.
  16. Loegi

    Pretty sure that's movement speed, not aiming sensitivity.

    EDIT: Just tried it, TRAC-5 has the same ADS sensitivity as the LC2.
  17. Fortress

    Are you idiots really arguing against the ability to change sensitivity settings?

    These forums need to be erased.
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  18. LT_Latency

    Wouldn't anyone that serious about the game have a mouse with many DPI setting.

    I can change the sensitivity on my mouse depending on the range I am going to be fighting at. Never even looked at any in game menus
  19. xen3000

    True, but there is no reason not to have this kind of setting in game.
  20. Littleman

    This issue is totally at the top of SOE's to do list. I mean... there are threads ALL OVER THE FORUMS about this particular issue...

    In the short term, SOE could probably tie iron-sights up to 2x reflex into the actual scoped sensitivity option, like one might logically think they would have. If the OP is looking for anything different, well... bigger code-fish to fry, like providing a competitive frame rate to the players. Not that people won't appreciate them taking the time to set up an ADS sensitivity option, as well as keeping the scoped and standard options.

    Otherwise, how many players aren't playing because of this minor quibble? Pretty sure the more glaring issues were the deal breakers.
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