Still no ADS Sensitivity Slider in this Competetive FPS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. RageMasterUK

    Sorry state of affairs when next generation FPS games omit ADS sensitivity slider :(
  2. sancho

    I absolutely hate that "feature" that puts you back in ADS after reloading :eek:
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  3. Heero

    Yeah its crazy that its not in, Just another point in a long list of reasons why PS2 will fail at MLG.
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  4. SolLeks

    and both the vehicle and air sensitivity sliders are connected to the ball turrets on tanks / air... IMO they should be separate as well (I have my air sensitivity up for my reaver, and when jumping in a gal it is much to high for the turrets.... good thing I have a gaming mouse and can instantly half my DPI)
  5. SolLeks

    I don't recall this happening in BF3 lol...
  6. RageMasterUK

    More power to the player please. Less arbitrary settings. Players should get what they want.
    None of what we are asking for is game breaking in any sense.
  7. NC_agent00kevin

    I never thought of PS2 as a competetive FPS. Too much random factor. At any moment an ESF or Lib can fly overhead and splatter you in the middle of your 'competetive FPS'.

    Call me what you will, but TF2 is more competetive than PS2. After all, a tank cant just roll up and blow your face off in TF2.
  8. RageMasterUK

    Well it doesnt really matter if its competetive or non competetive.
    Lack of ADS sensitivity slider is an issue in ANY fps. Even single player ones. Its about control interface. The reason I rolled "competetive" into the title is because MLG is a competetive organisation, with competetive players, who want to bring over their competetive settings from their previous competetive games. Lack of ADS sensitivity adjust may well be a deal breaker for some players.

    Including and ADS sensitivity slider would benefit competetive and non-competetive players alike.
    It means we can keep what we are used to from our previous games.
  9. Wobberjockey

    i think i found the OP's problem

    he thinks that PS2 is Cod or some other competitive shooter with 100k LANs

    it isn't and no mater how smed and co try to make that happen, it will never be
  10. RageMasterUK

    Wobberjockey I think you missed the OPs point entirely.
    Planetside 2 is an FPS which should have ADS sensitivity setting... its as simple as that.

    ... I dont even care if Planetside 2 is a competetive shooter. Im not bothered about getting involved in MLG. I just want my own sensitivity settings that I've been used to since ADS was a thing in FPS.
  11. Wobberjockey

    oh i quite got the point...

    and i was amused that you think your little pet usability issue is on the same plane of importance as the numerous balance issues and performance problems the game currently has.

    allow me to rephrase

    there isn't big money on the line here
  12. RageMasterUK

    Well ADS sensitivity slider affects every single player at some point. We all benefit from a fix to this.
    For some players this would be a barrier to spending SC on a game.

    Empire specific nerf / buff requests benefit only one empire. Those who have used their ESL ingame already paid the moneys / time for their weapon.
  13. RageMasterUK

    Big money isnt on the line hmmm?
    So MLG isnt big money...
    FPS looking to attract the attention and players of MLG but doesnt provide what an MLG wants.
    FPS that MLG is going to rip into as soon as MLG players figure out their ADS is gimped and is unchangeable.

    Control system is fundamental to all game play. It is without a doubt the biggest issue on the forum right now, especially seeing as the decon / suicide abuse is being looked into and sorted. Everything else is an empire specific whine.

    Changing this has the capacity to improve the game experience, overall, for everyone, regardless of purchases or empire. Improving an FPS overall quality is not worth money?
  14. Wobberjockey

    there are bigger issues that MLG is going to have to wrap their heads around than an ADS problem in order to make PS2 work

    like how a single platoon of random pubbies with on the ball commanders will wipe the floor with the 12 best players you can find every single time unless those 12 communicate.
    (and lets not forget that we are talking about 12-48 people for lans PER TEAM. i remember arguments in tribes ascend saying that 7 man teams were "too big for e-sports because it would be too expensive to fly to LAN". 50 people is a significant fraction of a dc-10 or 747)

    and you're positing that he whole MLG thing is going to fall apart because of a ADS issue?
  15. MykeMichail

    I think you will find this is by design. ie they want you to have reduced aiming speed whilst aiming down sights.
  16. DuckSauce

    ADS with 2x or less is 50% of normal sensitivity. I calibrated my sensitivity to 40cm for a 360, ADS is 40cm for a 180. FYI.

    This sucks and should be fixed. Also, I think HS/NV scope might use 100% sensitivity? I forget. If so, one more reason it's the best close-range scope.
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  17. Weylin

    I honestly suck so badly that I don't even notice things like this. I'm just happy to get a cheap kill on some distracted soldier :p

    I agree, however, that one should not need a fancy setup to compensate for a missing feature in a game.
    If possible, I would like to be able to set the sensitivity of each scope individually.
  18. Lucerin_SolTech

    It is game breaking. Being able to move the cursor at the same speed while ADS (with even a 1x scope) is not how this was intended to be. This game is not a 1 v 1 FPS leetfest. I could generally care less about MLG, much like a majority of PS2's player base.

    (Separate sensitivity settings between items that have different functions should be addressed.)
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  19. RageMasterUK

    Why then can I do it with a 3.4x? Its not that hard to ADS with a 3.4 and get the sensitivity that I like, and the zoom hardly affects my ability to locate targets quickly. Even close up ones. All this does is effectively nerf every sight attachment thats less than 3.4.

    If SOE wanted a hardcap on turn speed as a game feature, they should have programmed a HARDCAP ON TURN SPEED, FOR ALL PLAYERS, WITH ALL SCOPES AND ALL SENSITIVITIES. Im cool with that. Im not cool with the fact I have to learn new muscle memory to handle ADS with a ceirtain scope set.

    Are you aware that anyone who maxes out their standard sensitivity can move their ADS faster than anyone who hasnt? If this was a game feature I shouldnt be able to get a buff to my ADS turn speed by maxing out standard sensitivity. If I want ADS turn speed maxed out I just have to live with OVERSENSITIVITY in the hipfire department.

    LET ME CLARIFY >>>> Higher "standard sensitivity" players can ADS turn faster than players with lower settings. There is no turn speed hardcap. If this is a game feature, its programmed in a very very shoddy manner.
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  20. RageMasterUK

    Furthermore its not really the "turn-to-aquire-flanking-target" aspect that I would like this fixed for.

    This mostly affects me with regard to RECOIL COMPENSATION. In all other games I could accomplish this "skill element" of recoil mitigation using VERY SMALL MOVEMENTS with my mouse hand. Now I look like I have parkinsons disease everytime I go full auto on a moving target. I shouldnt have to scale up my physical movements to get the desired affect in game.

    The only thing a lack of ADS sensitivity slider accomplishes is that it FORCES me to struggle with my mouse during aim-firing. I shouldnt have to struggle with my mouse in the physical world to get the skill-effect Im looking for in game. Thats just bad game design.
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