Still no ADS Sensitivity Slider in this Competetive FPS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Ghosty11

    It was a design decision by the developers to make hip fire and ADS have their advantages and disadvantages in CQC. Allowing you spin around as fast while ADS with a low zoom sight would make it better in almost every CQC than hip firing. Now why ADS movement doesn't effect scoped sensitivity for higher zoom scopes may be because they felt that it's already hard enough to pick up a target that's right on top of you while ADS with a higher zoom scope, so it really doesn't give an advantage in CQC. Plus many people set their sensitivity while scoped lower for finer control at long range, so adding the weapon's ADS movement penalty would actually problem make people set their sensitivity much higher to compensate for it thus negating it anyway.
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  2. Czuuk

    Well I guess we'll just have to disagree on what working as intended means.
  3. RageMasterUK

    Ghosty, is that what you are hypothesising? That this is a game feature?
    Or have Devs actually stated this somewhere? Can you cite a referrence?
    Someone already debunked you on the ADS rotation btw.
  4. Lucerin_SolTech

    Competitive FPS - I.e. who manages to kill the other person with the same limitations. ADS speed is throttled for a reason. It's not a bug.

    This game is built on team strategy and combined arms function. If I flank you and you aren't aware of it until you start getting hit, you don't get a CYA of having a 250% ADS speed that allows you to make up for being tactically unsound.

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  5. Mrasap

    Well, you most certainly live up to your name..
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  6. turtlestation

    I doubt SOE consciously made a decision NOT to have an ADS sensitivity slider. Remember, this is a game where reloading while ADS'ing puts you back in ADS after it's done. This is SOE's first attempt to emulate "modern" FPS games in the vein of BF or COD, and it shows.
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  7. RageMasterUK

    Absolutely do live up to my name. This is worthy of RAGE. Screw that empire specific balance noise...
    Quite possibly the only topic on the front page actually worthy of anyones rage.

    Completely irrelevant as you have to spin around to aquire your target ADS or no ADS.

    Also this doesnt affect anyone who is a 3.4+ MAGNIFICATION USER. Same limitations... pppht.
    Dear me...

    Some people are not paying attention.
    ADS already bears the penalty of SLOWER MOVEMENT SPEED.
  8. Zaik

    is this a joke?
  9. Itermerel

    the vehicle sensitivity slider is also connected to engineer turret.........................................................

    annoying as hell
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  10. Loegi

    Didn't you make a thread earlier this week somewhere? I think it's more effective to bump that then, at least that would grow larger and will generate more views so you have all the opinions concentrated.

    It's really stupid that this isn't in the game though.
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  11. a Shadow in the Dark

    At least they made it feel about right for low power sights. Go play Crisis 3 and come tell us how bad we have it again.
  12. RageMasterUK

    Yeah lets just compare to other flawed products to inspire our game design.
    ABOUT RIGHT for you is not RIGHT for you.
    ABOUT RIGHT for you is not ABOUT RIGHT for every player.

    Inclusion of ADS sensitivity slider would mean it can be EXACTLY RIGHT for every player...

    Im glad they got it about right for you. For everyone else I'll continue the rage...
  13. Lucerin_SolTech

    No, we get it. No, not irrelevant. I just don't agree with you. As frustrated as you get when anyone opposes your viewpoint, I'm surprised you're still fighting this battle.
  14. a Shadow in the Dark

    But seriously, why? There are other things in game that are actually concerns to the rest of the player base.

    All statements retracted if you really think this is our "biggest game breaking issue", as I refuse to fuel your insanity.
  15. RageMasterUK

    You guys opposing me are implying that lack of ADS sensitivity setting is a GAME FEATURE.
    I'd love to hear SOE come out and say that. That would be the real joke.
  16. Jezs

    I want a non-competitive FPS
  17. phreec

    You see, there are hardcore shooter fans on PC that have played with the same sensitivity since the Quake days and have developed muscle memory to acquire enemy targets into their crosshairs in a fraction of a second, also known as skill or twitch in the shooter genre. Now if that's your preferred style of playing games, not being able to adjust the game after your liking it's just not worth playing.

    It's this multiplatform trend that's killing competitiveness of FPS games since they severely lack features and options PC gamers are used to. I'm not as picky as some are, but I don't see any reason why they shouldn't include something as simple as a separate sensitivity slider for non-scope ADS...
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  18. a Shadow in the Dark

    Wait, you aren't the guy that wanted a "remove armor texture" tick box because you thought it would be a good feature if you could run around in your virtual tank top and look badass are you?
  19. RageMasterUK

    ^This 100%
    How Planetside is going to appeal to MLG without an ADS sensitivity slider is beyond my comprehension.
  20. Slaidd

    Frankly, I don't see them putting an ADS sensitivity slider in the game.


    They start to get bashed by the MLGers in the blogs, forums and vids for NOT having said ADS sensitivity slider. THEN, it will all of sudden become a much higher priority "feature" that will be added as quickly as can be done.

    It is the way of all things.
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