Still no ADS Sensitivity Slider in this Competetive FPS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. RageMasterUK

    Time for a profile bump of the biggest oversight in the game. LACK OF ADS SENSITIVITY SLIDER.
    Says it all tbh.
    Scoped sensitivity will not affect 2x scopes or less.
    They want to make this MLG, but I have my doubts how many Pro Gamers are going to want to adjust to the arbitrary setting of PS2. Gamers want to take this setting over from their other games and cant.

    Its supposed to be a COMPETETIVE FPS ffs...

    I want to increase my ADS sensitivity, its way too low for me. I want ADS to behave the same as non ADS, turn the same degrees per mousemovement as hipfire, and as a result the game plays like trying to aim through treacle for me.

    This setting is FUNDAMENTAL. Why is it missing still after almost 5 months since release?
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  2. VanuSovereignty

    Last time I checked it was in the game...
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  3. phreec

    Only applies to scopes, not RDS's or ironsights.
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  4. Czuuk

    Working as intended?
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  5. Ghosty11

    Shh... he doesn't realize that ADS movement and rotation are affected by the weapon's ADS movement speed multiplier.
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  6. VanuSovereignty

    Oh, I've got all my sensitivities the same for infantry so I hadn't noticed.
  7. RageMasterUK

    Well it is most ceirtainly not in the game. Im not sure where you are checking. Maybe you just didnt notice that Scoped Sensitivity doesnt do a damn thing to ADS with 2x scope or less...
  8. RageMasterUK

    Ghosty you dont know what you are talking about.
    If what you say was indeed the case, I shouldnt be able to whack a 3.4x zoom on my LMG and do 360 spins in less than 0.2 seconds...
    ... its nothing to do with the weapon.

    I can max out scoped sensitivity and with a 3.4x I can rotate fully about 5 times with the mouse movement over the width of my table.
    Compare that with 2x scope or less (Holograph, Red Dot, Iron Sights) and I can rotate about 90 degrees with the same mouse movement.
    ADS with 2x or less is not affected by scoped sensitivity. It is tied in directly to standard sensitivity as a proportion, which is so totally RAGEWORTHY in a competetive MLG FPS.
  9. GSZenith

    just tested, you are right 2x 1x iron is not affected by scope sensitivity, although they aren't scopes so.
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  10. RageMasterUK

    Yeah I know Im right, I've been right on this for ages, with bug reports, suggestions and forum topics in the general discussion.
    This issue doesnt get the bumps it deserves. Everyone's raging selfishly about their ESL or deconstruct, while this issue sits in the game since launch, unnoticed by the majority, AFFECTING EVERY SINGLE PLAYER.
  11. RageMasterUK

    I can confirm this has not been adressed in the most recent patch :(
  12. Ghosty11

    I know exactly what I'm talking about. Sights of 2x and less are effected by the weapons ADS movement multiplier instead of scoped sensitivity, while rotating. Try equipping a weapon with .75 ADS movement multiplier, then one with a .5 ADS movement multiplier and notice the difference in the rotation speed.
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  13. phreec

    No... All the sights ADS sensitivity should be configurable by the user.
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  14. RageMasterUK

    Just goes to show how misunderstood this issue is.

    2 people with INCORRECT INFORMATION getting thumbs up.

    This is why this subject makes me RAGE SO HARD. Im trying to help everyone out by posting this, and people want to assume Im just plain wrong on what Im saying, without actually checking for themselves.

    Doesn't make sense from a gameplay POV that you can max out scopes to spin 360 instantly, but you cant do it for 2x or less. Should be the other way around if anything.
  15. RageMasterUK

    Ghosty would you like to elaborate upon WHAT THAT HAS TO DO WITH A LACK OF SENSITIVITY ADJUST FOR ADS....
    ... and also WHY IT DOESNT AFFECT SCOPED WEAPONS IN THE SAME VEIN... and recap on whether you think this game feature is WORKING AS INTENDED so we can see whether or not you know what you are talking about...
  16. JudgeDeath

    Ooor you could just buy a decent gaming mouse ?
  17. Wasdie

    Yes there is.
  18. RageMasterUK

    No... no no no no no...

    It should be IN THE GAME. No-one should have to have a decent gaming mouse to overcome a design flaw in the game. I'll say it again, its a COMPETETIVE FPS. It should be designed as such.

    Besides who wants to shift their DPI EVERY SINGLE TIME you go INTO and OUT OF ADS?
  19. DeltaGun

    ADS movement multiplier effects the actual speed that you can walk around, strafe, etc. Not the mouse speed when ADS.
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  20. phreec

    Just tested in the VR with GR22 and Gauss Rifle, both with 1x RDS. As expected, you're wrong. Both the 0.5 and 0.75 ADS strafe speed multiplier guns have the same ADS mouse movement sensitivity...
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