Still looking for Valkyrie Pilots/Gunners

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klabauter8, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Klabauter8

    The Valkyrie is still mostly unplayable to me, because I never can find people who fly it, no matter if I befriend a ton of people, use region chat, etc.

    If you fly Valkyries (often, not just 5 mins a day), then please tell me. I'm on Miller server, VS, but I also would change factions for this.
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  2. Xiad

    It's such a limp-wristed vehicle. Why would you even bother with it until something is done to make it a meaningful inclusion into the game? You know, like fixing how the rumble seats work for lockons and whatever.
  3. fogartyfreaks

    I play tr on miller, and i would gun for you, I don't ever play in the Valkyrie so I think it would be cool playing in it.
  4. WeRelic

    Its not as limp wristed as you might think, it's just not as straight forward when it comes to valid tactics. It requires a LOOOOOT more team work than any other vehicle. To the point that you need a full vehicle. I can agree that lock-ons are a little wonky, but they're still useable.

    Its meant to be used more in the vein of the harasser than a frontline battle vehicle, short and sweet attacks before you ****. Its main specialty isn't staying power or firepower, its mobility. Get in, make the drop, get out to safety, and let your squad spawn again.

    Also, it's Ride of the Valkyries horn is fantastic for spamming over a heated infantry battle. You can almost see people getting more intense. I haven't figured out if it's boosting morale, or if they're just trying to get away from the horn... Either way, they're pushing harder :)

    That said, I'm not on Miller, otherwise I'd be happy to help you out, Klabauter. Keep at it man, you'll find players.
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  5. Klabauter8

    It`s not limp-wristed. You can perfectly kill infantry with the CAS, even Burster MAXes have no chance against it, you can throw tank mines out of it to kill Sundies in seconds, you can do awesome hotdrops, you can destroy AA turrets from underneath without them being able to hit you, you can reach and camp the smallest corners, etc. You can do a lot of really cool stuff with it, plus it's really fun flying it. At least if you have a good gunner and pilot (which is sadly rare...).

    Thanks for your offer, but I just found out that directives actually don't even go over characters, so I made a mistake when saying I'd change factions. At least not now. I actually only searched for pilots mainly, because it is so hard to find good Valkyrie pilots and getting the weapon kill directive is really not easy alone.

    I have a really good pilot, but he is mainly NC and not always available, but yea, I guess I just have to keep searching. Thanks a lot again!
  6. Xiad

    It can do a number of niche tactical tricks reasonably well, with significant effort. With the same level of organisation, experience and coordination, there's nothing a Valk crew could do that is noticeably more effective than what I could do with a well-manned BattleGal, for instance. One might argue that this is a balance issue (which it most likely is), but until strengths are reshuffled, this rings true.

    My only memorable experience against Valkyries has been how frustratingly long they take to kill now, whilsty they loudly wheeze and bumble about in the air. It needs to be less of a specialist tool if it is ever going to be relevant in the arsenal of PS2 as a whole.
  7. OldMaster80

    You should make some video tutorials like Valkyrie Flying School. Maybe you could train some decent pilots :D

    Imho the Valkyrie could still use some tweaks, it's not really in pair with the Gal. Biggest change they should make: it should be available in ever base not just major outpost.
  8. Klabauter8

    I was already thinking about doin vids too, but I dont want to disturb people with my low graphic settings:oops: . And yes, Valk definitely could use some tweaks, but it is really not as bad as most people make it out to be.

    A change I would really love to see is an option to have anti-ground rockets for the pilot instead of rumble seats. Because now, it just requires too much teamwork to be *really* effective and transporting is too irrelevant in this game with constant spawn camping and beaming from base to base.
  9. Klabauter8

    Valks are much sneakier than Gals. You can much better dodge AA with Valkyries and sneak up the enemy. Like for example if your enemy has an AA blockade on some mountain, then you could just easily sneak up with a Valkyrie, drop your people and let them blow up everything there with tank mines or C4 in seconds.

    With a Galaxy it will get hard there to be effective, because the enemy can much easier notice you and prevent you from destroying their Sundies or whatever.