Still investigating hitches - here's how you can help

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. faykid

    VS quarbumbum Woodman

    hitches regardless of population density

    but what about ping spikes? lots of people have them at random intervals on EU servers, jumping between 80 and 15,000 ms to "connection lost" sometimes

    and it is not constant, it can be 80 ms at the beginning, but then start changing every second (135 ms, 235 ms, 563 ms, 1300 ms, 80 ms, etc., every second or so)
  2. Mortyborty

    Character name: Mortyborty
  3. Kapernum

  4. SoaringDragon

    Character name: Shiruken

    CPU: i7 4770k @ stock speed
    RAM: 16 GB DDR3 2133mhz Crucial Vengeance
    GPU: EVGA GTX Titan SC 6GB @ stock speeds, 332.21 drivers
    Sound Card: Asus Xonar DX
    OS: Windows 8.1 x64
    SSD: 256GB Samsung 840 Pro latest firmware
    Power Supply: 1000w Seasonic Platinum
    Monitor: Benq 2420tx @ 120hz 1920x1080
    Cooling: Corsair H100i Water CPU cooler
  5. MrRube

    Character name: MrRube

    I get hitches 2-4 times per hour. It is most noticeable when I turn quickly.
  6. dirtYbird

    Character name: dirtYbird
  7. pmurgs

    Character name: EvilMurgs

    I upgraded from an ATi 5850 1Gb a week ago to a Nvidia GTX670 and still have the hitches.
  8. Rigsta

    Character name: Rigsta

    Game freezes for up to 1 second. Doesn't happen often but feels like it's always when I'm trying to shoot someone :p
  9. evilduck

    charackter: evilduck (woodman)

    ... also i want to mention that in the last week i experienced the worst lag in the game for my whole time playing the game. the lag ranged from 30+ seconds to over a minute!. it was the first time that the game was unplayable.
  10. a4555in

    I get 2 second freezes mostly and especially when flying.
  11. Agrouba

  12. Shurrikken

    I have it frequently.

    IGN: Shurriken
  13. kkttrr

    same for me, one in four freezes even results in crash.

    IGN: ktr0
  14. NecrosiZ

    IGN: Asphyxiate
    Really sucks while flying =/
  15. Forlorn Hope


    Happens the most while flying but also occurs on the ground. After every 30-45 minutes screen freezes then CTD. Drivers are correct.
  16. Noc65


    GT 650M
  17. elemntz

    IGN: elemntz
  18. xekktar


    I have Win 8.1 + latest NVIDIA drivers and I have three problems:

    1) short freezes (~1 seconds)
    2) black screen (~5 seconds)
    3) long freezes + crash (~1 minute) ** I believe you are talking about this **

    I have being playing for about two months and I rarely had point 3) problems, maybe once every 10 days. However, when I logged in a few hours after the March 5 update I got so many of them that I had to quit playing. Given the amount of lag problems on Ceres that day I believe that was related to lag.

    Yesterday I played again and I had no problems.
  19. ergie

    Character name: ergie
    Server: Miller

    I have short freezes of 1 second or 2 in the worst moments. Happens each 5 minutes or so
    i7 2600K | Evga GTX 670 | ASUS P8Z68-V mobo
    Corsair 8GB 1600 RAM | Samsung EVO 250gb SSD
  20. Logri

    Same, though the frequency has lessened a bit.
    While playing the screen freezes for a split second, like when in some games you take a screenshot for example.

    Character name: Yine.
    Server: Woodman.
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