Still investigating hitches - here's how you can help

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. Rodinvac

    After taking a couple of weeks off from the game, I am happy to report that I no longer experience the frame-hitching and stuttering that made the game utterly unplayable.

    However, now I am getting occasional lag spikes that seem to be completely unrelated to the number of players present in a fight: according to the in-game latency indicator, my connection will generally spike to around 2000ms and I've seen it go as high as about 9800ms one time.
    This happens on all the servers I have a character on, whether they are US or EU.
  2. Zylithi

    Zylithi here.

    I do get the occasional stutter and freeze-framing for several seconds but it's short lasting, generally only a few minutes before it resolves itself.

    It's very infrequent; I'm lucky to see it happen once a night for a period of 5 minutes.
  3. dreamcast87

    I've been getting the hitches since the 6/3/14 update.
    TRTyrant: Waterson
    VSTyrant: Mattherson
    NCTyrant: Connery
  4. JokeForgrim

    Has disabling this helped with the hitches?
  5. -Synapse-

    The hitching seems to be getting worse for me, it happens whenever something has to load in, and occasionally when I take damage.

    - Catnip, Waterson
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  6. Rhumald

    For me it has, though, from talking to other players in game, this isn't always the problem. Sometimes it's an update they recently made to their graphics card driver, or an outdated one, sometimes it's a particular setting in game, or something that happens during certain events, like 5 explosions all going off at the same time. Really, this is an issue that is a bit far reaching; most everyone seems to have a different root cause to their issue, which presents itself as things are changed and updated in game.

    The good news is that many people have uncovered solutions to their hitching issue, the bad news is that you'll have to play around to uncover exactly what causes your hitching.
  7. Yuki10

    still seeing the hitches and freezes from time to time.
  8. VonStalin

    I have no hitches any more, runs nicely, but average FPS has dropped about 20 points. I guess thats the sacrifice.
  9. dreamcast87

    Possible fix for my hitching and freezing. I've disabled my SLI and now the game runs much smoother so those who have Dual Card configuration can give this a shot and see if that helps.
  10. JokeForgrim

    I fixed 90% of my hitches by just lowering the graphics settings to low and off. The game looks like crap but plays a lot better. I used to get 120-180 fps on ultra at launch, now I get 60fps stable no matter the settings and less hitches on low. Probs something to do with the game getting optimised for consoles.

    I tried to figure out how to do what you suggested but all i could find on google was disabling things on start up. I couldn't find a guide on how to disable a program. Also, I am not a tech savvy person ;)
  11. -Synapse-

    I just wiped my PC and switch from windows 7 to 8, no more hitching.
  12. Keldrath

    Yeah sure Higs, I'll help. It happens to me, my Character name is Keldrath2. go ahead and look through my hardware profiles, I hope it helps.
  13. TheCakebuilder

    Get hitches all the time with varying severity but it's worst when flying low near bases causing massive hitches which usually result in my death :C No fun.

    Character name: SwankyCowboy
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  14. WurbleFlurble

    I've been dealing with this since around March or April.
    Character name: WurbleFlurble
    Server: Emerald (Mattherson before the merge yesterday)
  15. Gammit

    As a player who has to deal with this problem every time I play the game, it is disappointing to see this thread un-stickied. It could be interpreted as the team not caring as much as before.
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  16. Key Pusher

    No doubt. They know they can not fix their game. Hit detection, ping, frame rate, all worse after Waterson/Mattherson merge.
  17. Diodeone

    Who cares about that. Keep your word and give us our server transfer tokens you promised over a year ago!

  18. Keldrath

    I can't edit my post for some reason, But Keldrath2 no longer exists, I packed up and moved to Emerald as Keldrath87. The issue still occurs.
  19. LordCharlamane

    That's nothing compared to what I've been trying to tolerate.
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  20. IronMouse

    I'm getting constant hick-ups and freezes, the game became unplayable for me. Especially when in an aircraft, but it's bad on infantry as well.

    Character name: Soulworld
    Server: Cobalt
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