Still investigating hitches - here's how you can help

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. Spoprockel

    I've been getting them frequently now over the last 2-3 weeks.

    Character name: Spoprockel
  2. KuroKeiyakusha

    Yes this happens to me also each 10 minutes or mayb less... Character: KuroNoKeiyakusha Server: ceres
  3. Kemano

    Noticing fewer hitches after updating my Catalyst Control Center and setting textures to Low instead of Ultra. Testing the UseFences=0 fix next.
  4. Rhaegal

    This is definitely what I've been experiencing. Mostly when I'm in a Liberator. Also server population might be a factor. Not the pop of territory I'm at or near, the whole pop of the server. Some times as sever as 3-6 seconds freezes thrice a minute, which is intolerable.

    iRhaegal - Connery
  5. Michael Farbridge

    Woodman EU

    Have a constant fps drops from when I log in, have this issue on low to ultra graphic settings. Game is unplayable.

    i7 4770
    Nvidia GTX 780 (322 drivers)
  6. dirtYbird

    Higby, its been a couple of weeks and hopefully there has been some progress you can share with us regarding this issue?
    (and I hope its not another 6mths of optimization :eek: )

    I'll ask on reddit as well so it gets seen.
  7. flyingb33

    I have freeze frame too.

  8. SYN_Per

    Yepp, me too.

    IGN: LuftKaffe
  9. dirtYbird

  10. daniel696

    Every time, I mean, every single time... I'm in flying and a enter in the area of a big battle in a base, doesn't matter if i'm looking to the battle (rendering) or not, if I get close to this big battle everytime it freeze for like 1 second and then I play for 1 second and then freeze again, and again and then comes back to normal but the fps drops for 27 25, and after some seconds it comes to normal 30 35 or 40.

    daniel696 - Waterson - TR

    This is the only kind of hitches that I suffer with. Everytime I fly.
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  11. FLHuk

    Ditto : FLHuk
  12. VeryCoolMiller

    InGame: VeryCool
  13. Tap

    I've noticed hitching regardless of whether I'm in a vehicle or not. The game continues to move at regular speed around me but the mouse and all of my input seems to lag out as if I was experiencing framerate drop. It pains me that this many people have been having this issue for so long but there has been very little acknowledgement of it, let alone an update on troubleshooting it.

    BeanTap - NC Connery
  14. Mastachief

    Still happening continuously. Had enough now.
  15. AL00ZER

    My screen will go black/blank for a second or so. I have not observed any pattern relating to this issue. It could happen when I get killed, or open a map, or walk around with no one around, or standing in a warpgate, or in an intense battle, etc, etc. No patter at all. I get the black/blank screen completely randomly.

    Main character: AL00ZER
    (I have 6 total tho)
    Server: Mattherson

    My graphics card: GTX770
    Processor: i7-4770k
  16. Tobyowner

    It happen to all the time
  17. Arod

    I get this every 13-15 minutes and they last for about 5-7 seconds.

    Using 322.21 drivers
    Character name Arod.
  18. ADFXOzymandias

    I have occasionally gotten the freeze frame. It doesn't happen as frequently as it does to other users based on what I've seen in this thread but it happens roughly once per 3-5 hour session I play.
    In game name: ADFXOzymandias
  19. Arod

    Has anyone of you lot managed to find a quick and dirty fix for this?

    My freezes are happening quicker, for longer and creating system instability issues.

    Anyone had any luck with any other nVidia drivers?
  20. uhlan

    I thought I'd post here since Ive had no help elsewhere and in my own threads.

    I have had the same equipment and settings since beta and I've only had issues since the optimization patches. They always seemed to resolve themselves, but now it's been a week and it's very hard to play.

    While I do not have the hitching that happens for a second or so, I do have what appears to be "micro-hitching" or stuttering.

    When I turn round my weapon seems to snap to position or jerk and when I move it feels like I'm moving through molasses or glitching almost as if there is tremendous lag I guess.

    I do not have floating tanks or people walking in the air, but I have people popping into existence in extreme cases or they shoot me before I see them move.

    It feels like lag, but my ping to Waterson varies from 55-85ms and onboard ping registers 85-100ms.

    My FPS rates are all strange. In an empty base my FPS can vary as much as 50 frames as I turn round and it doesn't seem to be affected by the amount of people in the area. Certain bases have more of these issues than others.

    I have tried to play through the problem, but it only gets worse. Connery seems to be a little better, but on Waterson if I play too long I'll eventually just crash to desktop.

    I sincerely hope you guys can rectify this as I enjoy the game.

    I have rolled back my Nvidia drivers and reinstalled the game twice to no avail.
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