STILL hitching.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by RainbowDash9, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. RainbowDash9

    its been awhile now, but the game hitches very annoyingly at the worst times. it hitches no matter what after you spawn, but after that its random as hell, and almost always when i aim down sights or start to shoot, or when i get it. it makes it very difficult to get kills sometimes.

    ma stuffs is in my sig.

    please DBG-senpai, fix it :'c
  2. user101

    Hitching is real simple.... all glitch hitching is your PC doing writes to the hard drive...
    1# not enought ram memory...
    2# if it is Nvidia turn off the shader cache in the main driver menu.
    3# if your over in the UK it is just server lag.
  3. RainbowDash9

    I have 8GB RAM, shader cache doesn't effect directx 9, and I'm very close to the US East server. Trust me I've done quite a bit of searching for a fix. Not to mention more graphically intense games run fine, including GTA V (finally after they patched it) so it is indeed the game :p plus what hardware problem would cause a hitch at a very specific time directly after a certain condition is met (exactly 2 seconds after spawning in game)
  4. SouthFork1

  5. Danath

    It's no exactly the same issue. Some people get straight low FPS, some of us simply get a frozen frame for maybe 0.5 seconds. I got awesome FPS just after the update, while others got worse. Then they patched the game and I got this problem.
  6. Bullborn

    I get hitching if my maxfps setting in useroptions.ini is higher than the monitor refresh rate for some reason (regardless of vsync).

    I.e. if I set maxfps to 120 (on this 60 hz monitor) it hitches like crazy even if vsync locks it to 60fps. If I turn off vsync, it still hitches a lot even if fps is at 120.

    For some reason, I don't get hitching if maxfps is set to 60 (which is fine for me since I have a 60hz monitor anyways).

    Something to try out at least.

    (specs: 3770k@4.5ghz, 32gb ram, 2xtitan in sli)
  7. RainbowDash9

    Speaking of vsync, I've noticed my vsync doesn't really work. My refresh rate is 75, and even if I sit still at warp gate or something, it will randomly go up to like 78 or 80, then down to 70 or 73 then go back to 75. It will do this ALL the time. It does this in all my games so maybe it's an Nvidia problem, but it happens the most in planetside 2.
  8. Nate1

    I bet like 100 people on this forum would trade your 'hitching' problem for their 'can't even load the game' problem.