Still can't uninstall beta - 1001 error

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Hartmann, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hartmann

    I'd like to get completely rid of the beta files before getting the game from Steam, but as per the title I'm still getting this bug that blocks me from uninstalling. How do I get around this?

    I'd delete it manually, but since the game originally installed without creating its own folder the files are mixed together with files belonging to a different game in my program files folder. A list on which files belong to the PS2 beta would thus be helpful.

    I'd prefer to properly uninstall it though.
  2. Opapanax

    First delete the Planetside 2 Beta file itself.. then go back to Remove Programs and it should ask if you want to remove it from the list.. It will be uninstalled then..

    This is the actual fix for the (1001) error people have been getting. Worked for me, no issues..
  3. Scorpion

    You need to hunt it down and delete the file from the folder its in. I found mine in Public Games. Once you delete it there go backto control panel > uninstall program > and finish up cleaning up anything with Planetside 2 on it.
  4. Nilbog

  5. DomUniqu3

    That above link is useless for this error.

    Also I'm unsure whether to delete the installation directory as this directory holds the uninstall package (that doesn't work)?

    I have re-named the directory which is in C:\Users\Public and the item removed from programs and features.

    I doubt however, the files have been removed from the registry - will check this now

    Registry files need removing also.
  6. jdos735

  7. Hartmann

    The problem is that I don't even have the folder specified in step 3. Searched both my drives but they can only find the step 4 file.

    I can find the file from step 4 no problem, but deleting that one doesn't do anything as it just recreates when I hit uninstall (and get the error)
  8. 101uk

    This worked for me

    Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment. Error 1001 means that the game client was only partially uninstalled and is no longer able to be removed manually. Use Microsoft's FixIt tool, located at the link below, to completely remove the program and complete the uninstall.
  9. Highway_Star

  10. jdos735

    Did your beta installation install the files under C:\Program Files? That's usually the case. I don't know why the un-installation instructions tell you to look under C:\Users\Public. I un-installed my beta files just fine by deleting the Sony Online Entertainment folder that was found under Program Files. The beta files was in that Sony Online Entertainment folder under another folder that is called Installed Games.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games was my directory.
  11. Hartmann

    PS2 doesn't show up in the list of programs it identifies uninstall problems with unfortunately. I'd need to figure out the CLSID of the game to manually point it there, but I have no idea where I'm supposed to get that one from.
  12. Hartmann

    The only folder I have with the name 'Sony Online Entertainment' is the folder in step 4. Searched both my drives for it, but that's the only one that comes up.
  13. jdos735

    Hmm... okay. Try searching for "LaunchPad.exe".

    I deleted my beta files... and it was too big for the Recycle Bin here (permanent deletion), but I saved my PS2 Beta shortcut in there. That file was listed in the properties. Perhaps it will lead you to the folder with the beta files in it? If you still can't find them, perhaps they simply do not exist anymore??? o_O
  14. bytebull

    just delete the old folder from ....C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\PlanetSide 2 beta ...

    then run ccleaner

    it will remove the other stuff from your registry..

    install the new game..

    easy as pie.
  15. bytebull

    come on you guys are gamers ... this is kids stuff...
  16. jdos735

  17. McJaffa

    Cmon you guys, these guys are developers.....program uninstallers are kids stuff.....or so I thought. Apparently not. Maybe they should have consulted a spyware author on how to install files correctly :)
  18. Hartmann

    Searched for it as well, nothing except for the exe in the programs files folder. I guess the fact that it ended up there after install must've messed things up in the first place. The game always worked fine though.

    Thanks for the help though, I guess the only thing I could use now is a list of all the files belonging to the PS2 beta so I can manually pick them out of there and delete them.
  19. Jestunhi

    Er... mine installed to c:\Planetside 2 Beta

    Which I deleted.
  20. Hartmann

    Like I said, I just have a bunch of loose files and folders scattered inside my program files folder, and I can't tell which ones belong to PS2 and which ones belong to other programs that I'd like to keep functional.

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