Still can't decide.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by oTec, May 11, 2016.

  1. oTec

    So after having about 800-900hrs in this game, i still find myself switching between factions.
    I first started on the VS, quit for 6months, then went TR and then NC. Played NC for quite a while but now i'm again switching between the TR and the NC. Highest BR i ever got was 33 on NC...

    I was wondering how other people choose their faction. Pure at random, by looks or other criteria?
  2. DooDooBreff

    i picked TR just because i didnt like the other twos asthetics.

    but now with the silly que system you have plenty of incentive to bounce around
  3. Gundem

    Each faction has specific traits that tailor to specific styles of gameplay.

    I've played all three factions, some more then others, but I still enjoy them all for differing aspects. It's part of what makes PS2 great.

    That being said, if you are having trouble performance-wise, TR is a good starting faction, with weapons that generally perform well* without the need for absurd aim or deep cert sinks(Looking at you, Gauss SAW)

    That also being said, with the new population queue, you might have trouble playing TR as many of the FOTM players jumped ship to TR when the Gatekeeper came out. Though apparently it's bugged currently, and due to the severely negative feedback the devs have gotten I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they flat out removed it, at least temporarily in order to patch it further.

    *If killstreak lasts for more then 4 hours, seek MLG Attention
  4. oTec

    Yeah, there's a sudden population boom in TR lately making it hard to play. Normally the NC was always overpopped.

    Yeah, gatekeeper is silly. It can reach out soo far and deal alot of damage at ranges where the enemy can barely see them.
    Regarding the factions, i'm pretty sure i'm not going VS. I don't like the whole religious fanaticism-thing they got going.
    But for the TR/NC, i'm at a loss.
    I like the weapons on both but slightly more the NC since they have less to no horizontal recoil. Thing is, the NC are so... clumsy. It feels like half my faction needs a babysit or they'll get mercilessly farmed. Be it by the enemy or friendly fire...
    Might roll TR then, but they seem to have a serious surplus of manpower right now.
  5. Eternaloptimist

    I'm an equal opportunities gamer on my member account, which has two avatars in each faction and three avatars on each of the EU servers.

    I also have a F2P account which has three TR avatars because I think TR generally has the best starter weapons for the classes I like to play (LA, Medic, Engie) and with lower cert gain on F2P they're all I'll have for a longish time......well, they are all higher RoF and bigger mag at least.

    And when I could afford the mines my engie got Claymores! No running past them fast enough to survive! (though I guess you could sneak behind them if I put them in the wrong place)