Sticky granades?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by PLooschacK, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. PLooschacK

    Anyone knows what's the difference betweeen Frag and Sticky Granades? At th beggining I tought they won't bounce but well... they bounce exatclt the same as Frag Granades -.-' Maybe I get the description wrong and it's some kind of napalm granades and do more damage against players with Flak Armor but it's hard to tell in heat of battle.
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  2. ShockATC

    well, they should stick... on almost anything.
    but right now they are buggy and dont stick.
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  3. DemoEvolved

    lol. really??

    Saved me some certs.
  4. Aquilae

    yeah they broke them in game update 1. they used to just stick to the first surface they touched and were fantastic. now they only stick to spawn room doors and are functionally identical to regular grenades otherwise
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