Stereo Audio and Mouse Smoothing

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by RadarX, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. RadarX

    Two changes have been added to the Test server specifically that we'd love your feedback on.

    Stereo Audio - 3D audio has been modified to provide better locational feedback. For example, it should be easier to pinpoint the location of someone firing from a specific direction based on hearing their weapon fire.

    Mouse Smoothing - A MouseSmoothing field has been added to the UserOptions.ini. While this not UI supported yet, toggling this to 0 will remove mouse smoothing when making quick movements.

    Please let us know what you think.
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  2. Taelus

    Can't see the MouseSmoothing setting in the UserOptions.ini. I assume I can just add it to the General section?
  3. HarvestCheddar

    More likely under [Controls]
  4. Taelus

    I try both sections :). Went with General as that's where the mouse input related settings seem to be (sensitivity, reduce input lag etc..)
  5. joshua

    Add the below to test out the mouse smoothing change.

  6. vincent-

    Wanted to ask something about that actually, is the sound of explosions in the distance actually people or is that sound put in for effect?
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  7. ExarRazor

    and STILL no option to fly aircraft using the mouse instead of the godawful control scheme we have now
  8. CaptainKapautz

    Is mouse smoothing supposed to negate the mouse sensitivity settings?

    Because it is for me, only way to change my sensitivity is through changing of the mouse dpi with mouse smoothing on.
  9. RedCat

    Awesome, no more mouse smoothing!!
  10. Phattie

    This is what I've found too. Doesn't seem very useful having to change your DPI whenever you switch to flying or tank, etc.
  11. Teod

    Actually people.
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  12. Jac70

    Tested the 3D audio - didn't really sound different to me. I am running the sound through an XFi Titanium to a stereo headset and using CMSS3D. I can place sounds around me quite well.

    I would be interested to know what actual changes to the audio system are being implemented.
  13. giltwist

    What exactly does mouse smoothing do? How might disabling it improve my gameplay?
  14. sladuog

    Hate to be that guy but this is something which could easily be found on google. I recommend turning it off. I hate stuff getting in between a direct interface between hand, eye, and gun.
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  15. Riekopo

    What does this mean exactly? Does it mean that there was no 3d sound before or that it has just been improved? I actually was going to make a thread when I got the chance about audio in the game. I was going to ask if objects like walls in the game altered the way the player perceives the sound in the game. I wanted to ask this because sometimes it seems like people who are fighting in an adjacent room or above or below me sound like they are right next to me.
  16. raw

    Will toggling raw input mouse input ignore this option?
  17. FischiPiSti

    Wait there is default mouse smoothing in game? ...Like right now?
    Odd, i didnt notice.. Every other game i played had terrible, terrible smoothing. Definately going to try disabling it tho
  18. DrBobcat

    It seems that whenever you disable mouse smoothing, mouse sensitivity settings are ignored. I've tried reducing my sensitivity to the absolute lowest setting (or increasing it to the maximum) and there is no difference. I take it this new feature isn't fully implemented?
  19. Malsvir Vishe

    So THAT is why my inputs sometimes were shaking on my high DPI settings. Can't wait for this to be implemented on the live server, honestly!
  20. MistaN

    Well you'll be happy to know that it already is! Just add MouseSmoothing=0 under [Controls]