Steam planetside 2 doesn't work for EU players

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Arska, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Arska

    Steam planetside 2 doesn't work for EU players, so you have to download client from not .com to get the game working. It fixes the login error and play error "planetside 2 has stopped working"!
  2. Dubious

    Will teach players NOT to use steam, EVER
  3. ShavedApe

    Oh really? Dont have log in issues but do have game has stopped working thanks for the info I will give it a shot and pass it on to my team :)
  4. Twist

    There was an issue for certain combinations of Steam + territories, it should be corrected now, please retry.
  5. Arska

    I was wrong it didn't solve the problem like it did for my friend. I found a solution from other site and it worked. i have F-secure internet security 2011 and disabling deepguard the game launch just fine, though it's EU client i used, didn't try on steam and prolly won't.
  6. k3lt

    I used steam version from day one and i had no issues, started, updated and worked just fine.. (Poland)
  7. Cyberdwarf

    Danish. And I get this no matter what launcher I use. Had same problem since I got into Closed Beta.
    "PlanetSide.exe has stopped working"
  8. SgtBarratt

    Didn't encounter any issues running the game through steam (playing on Miller)
  9. Swift231

    cyberdwarf, looks like you are using vista or windows 7, I would suggest disabling all dumb features and themes which you can probably google for a list, to optimize for games.

    Disable aero theme etc etc
  10. Cyberdwarf

    Funny you should ask. That was the first thing I got adviced to do when I had the problem in Beta. Tried again just now;
  11. Andrew-Anderson

    Planetside 2.Exe Has Stopped Working
    If you are facing this problem, there are many ways to fix it, try the following.
    • DirectX should be up-to-date. This shouldnt b e an issue as steam will check this on initial install.
    • Verify that your machine has the minimum required amount of RAM to run the game. See requirements.
    • Right click the launcher setup file (launchpad.exe) and select Run as Administrator to install the game.
    • Make sure that the folder you are installing the game to is not set as Read Only.
    • Make sure that launchpad.exe, awesomiumprocess.exe and planetside2.exe are added as exceptions in any Firewall/AV program you are currently running.
    • Certain Antivirus programs must be disabled completely before the game will be able to run. They can then be re-enabled once the game has launched. Find instructions for those programs here.
    • Uninstall and reinstall the client via the settings menu of the LaunchPad.
    • If trouble persists, please contact Customer Support.
    Alternate fixes:
  12. Cyberdwarf

    Hm, I'll try it. I'll give feedback in a moment. Gotta restart.
  13. Supermop2000

    Err lol. Steam is awesome. I mean that. No sarsasm. It is a good platform.
  14. Cyberdwarf

    JESUS CHRIST, ANDREW. Thanks a whole damn lot! That DEP thing seemed to have solved my problem, and I got it running now!
  15. Andrew-Anderson

    no problem, get to the fight!

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