Stealth nerf to Carv and Carv-S

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Manhattan, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Manhattan

    What the hell was done to these guns?

    They are definitely different post-patch by a large amount. It seems to have substantially more recoil and deal substantially less damage.

    Is anyone else noticing this?
  2. [HM]Krowe

    Not that I know of...but i'm pretty sure you'll see soon enough on the forums. If theres never one thing thats short here, its the amount of complaints people make over small frivolous things like a 5% change in "etc."
  3. Balm

    They certianly did something undocumented to the CARV-S. I don't use the CARV, so I can't comment on it.

    I play mostly HA and have ~1500 kills on the carv-s with compensator, grip, HV ammo, and then various scopes. It felt like a completely different weapon tonight. A weapon that I would not purchase, because it is a very poor performer. "Hilariously bad" is the phrase I would use to describe it.

    It would be funny if I hadn't sunk 600 certs into the various attachments.

    Changing the recoil pattern of such a popular weapon is just absurd, and yet, that's precisely what happened.
  4. Manhattan

    I think it's more than the recoil, though.

    I've gotten so familiar with the Carv-S that I would generally know when my target should die based on the number of shots I had landed, and I'd already be moving on to my next target. But now it feels like I have to land two to three times as many shots to kill my target. Tonight I'd often find myself having to quickly switch back to my original target because he was still alive, when pre-patch he should have been dead.

    I thought it may have been a nerf to soft ammo, so I switched to high velocity, but that didn't seem to make a difference. I then tried base ammo, again with no difference. My K/D with the Carv-S is generally around 2.0 to 2.5. Tonight I was struggling to stay above 1.0. I know I didn't suddenly become bad in the span of 24 hours.

    They definitely added some sort of degradation. It's a completely different weapon now, and it's a piece of crap.

    If that's the way it's going to stay, I'd like to know how to get a refund on not only the SC I spent on it, but the certs I've invested into it. Otherwise it needs to be fixed immediately.
  5. CFive

    Definitely noticed the jump in recoil and less damage. I was getting worried when NC started killing consecutively. Changed around some sights to see if it was because i'm going blind but it seems that there was some form of secret nerf.

    "They definitely added some sort of degradation. It's a completely different weapon now, and it's a piece of ****."

    Couldn't agree more.
  6. Quor

    While I think the CARV and even the CARV-S to a degree need some tuning, it sounds like maybe someone meant to add some recoil or bloom and screwed up a decimal somewhere, adding 5.0 instead of 0.5 or something. Nothing should be changed *that* drastically at this point in the game (heavy weapons being the exception).
  7. Ghoest

    I think the increased your aimed cof bloom due to movement.
    I believe that figure is what also determines your bloom when being hit by enemies.

    The notes dont say they did that but if you read them its easy to guess that they just didnt write LMG in that lone.
    So im guessing that you are seeing is what the NC have been seeing - a very hard time aiming once you take any enemy fire.

    Maybe they did something else but thats my guess.
  8. Quor

    That's actually a really good point. They may have added SAW-like functionality to them, making them more accurate ADSing while standing still, but much less accurate (and with more bloom) while moving + ADS.

    That'd be kinda funny if it was true. In an ironically poetic way.
  9. Manhattan

    Don't think that's it. I'm almost always moving while firing, and I always use sights.

    And it wasn't a case of flinching, as I got the jump on a fair amount of people, and they were able to get into cover with a fair bit of health left when, pre-patch, they would have been dead. Although they could have also increased the flinching for all I know, but that didn't seem to be the root of my problem.
  10. Gheeta

    They did something and it feels like **** now.
  11. Grimtou

    My guess is it has to do with this:

  12. XRedEyeX

    sounds like you guys might be feeling what the Stock HA wep for NC feels like to shoot with the weird recoil patterns =P
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  13. xpsyclosarinx

    I haven't had a chance to test it yet but I'm glad it's had a nerf, to what extent I don't really know but it really did need a bit more inaccuracy. TR aren't about accruacy, it's all about more bullets down range, not nailing 10 headshots with 13 rounds in a single second.

    I do love my CARV but it's seriously just easymode.
  14. Lord Robert

    If there is one thing I absolutely hate about MMO devs it is stealth nerfs.

    Its not even so much the nerfs that are the problem, but the whole "lets just change it and not tell anybody. They're probably all too stupid to ever notice it anyway" mentality that they have that just makes me rage inside
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  15. Manhattan

    Again, it's more than just the recoil change. Recoil is easy enough to adjust for. I'm landing shots with it -- it just takes way more shots to kill a target than it did pre-patch. As I said, it seems to be doing flat-out less damage now, by a substantial and very noticeable amount.
  16. Megawatt

    THANK GOD!!! Now some of the more organized, skillful Terran players will re-roll as NC!!!
  17. TheBloodEagle

    I thought it was just me. Something felt off about my CARV-S (aside from weapon switching time increase). I've always had moments where I just didn't set myself up right for a firefight or just my actions weren't the best, so I have no problem accepting dying. I die plenty no doubt. But tonight it felt like even if I get the fire shots in close combat I was still losing generally. I tend to stand still and do aimed/sight shooting as well when not in a panic shootout. Probably just in my head. Just need to wait for the weapon data sheet updates.
  18. exLupo

    What may have happened, in order of probability:
    1) Nothing Changed - Players love to see changes where they didn't happen. See: the old EQ joke about Monks getting nerfed every patch. Players swore up and down that something had happened when nothing truly had. Perception is a hell of a drug.
    2) Something Changed - Unintentional, figure it out and file a bug report.
    3) Something Changed - Intentionally undocumented with intended malice.

    Hanlon's razor, at the very least, stops us at 2. You can't truly believe that the devs think that the playerbase, one that frequently references datamined documents, just won't notice. Also, they put every little change in the notes; why would they maliciously leave out something like that?

    Cmon man, use your head.
  19. TheBloodEagle

    True but they have missed things before, like the AMR-66 not having a tracer, but all other TR weapons do. The update changed the sound of the AMR-66 but they still didn't fix the tracer. So they missed that again.

    Dunno most likely it is just in my head or the other faction buffs are working or some other variable or combination of them.
  20. NASTY

    I experienced the same thing with the Carv S. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what is off, I am going to need a few more playsessions to really verify my experience today. Either fullauto bullet spread or damage output has been changed, enough so that it appeared to affect TTK. I wasnt left with the impression that mobile or stationary shooting mattered.

    Two scenarios occurred frequently today,

    1. I would lose seemingly "equal" hitbox exchanges, by a great margin. To the extent that I sat there for a second looking at the killers remaining HP, thinking that there was nothing I could have done differently.

    2. Targets that were only visible for a limited amount of time, LoS from cover to cover, would not die in the timeframe I am used to.

    As stated above Im gonna need a few more sessions to draw any conclusions, but something definitely seemed off today. If that assumption stays the same, someone totally overdid todays nerf.

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