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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Anumber1username, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Anumber1username

    Regardless of whether you hold breath to steady, there is still minor sway.
  2. Syntera

  3. Anumber1username

    Should work now
  4. MeDPaX

    Yeah the short breath is really annoying too but I guess SOE know what they're doing.
  5. Scorponok

    well without bipods you wouldnt hold it very still seems all fine and dandy with me, and i like to snipe.Sure the breath can be annoying, but without that it would be alot easier to snipe..with some sway it atleast takes some skills to make the shot count..and thats the way it should be.Sniping shouldnt be easy.
  6. MeDPaX

    I like the challenge of sniping but the rewards are MUCH too low. I think snipers should get a 50% increase (At least) in certs.

    I consider myself a pretty good sniper but earning 9-15 certs an hour (Hacking included) sucks.

    My new guy. Trying to get use to the NC guns over VS.
  7. Scorponok

    Try mixing it up...not only sit on your bum sniping do something more for the team..
  8. Anumber1username

    I main LA and spend most of my time being exceedingly useful for the squads I lead. Only busting out the v10+12x when a long range support sniper role is needed.
    Try being less ignorant of how useful the ability to deter advancing groups, and taking out high priority targets at range can be for your team.
  9. StarWarsGalaxies

    Yeah, they most certainly don't.
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  10. vampwood

    We used to get a marksman headshot bonus based on range, not sure why that left.

    Also All sniper rifles are the same across the factions.
  11. Dasparian

    I've found something kind of upsetting: my Ghost bolt-action sniper rifle seems to have scope sway even with just the iron sights. I had to compensate for scope sway with my 4x scope, but I thought that was natural until I started using other weapons. Can anyone confirm if this is just the Ghost, or applies to all other sniper rifles?
  12. iller

    There also seems to be some spread on certain rifles. (namely NC's).
    It's evident when you get behind multiple enemies and the exact same elevation that got you a headshot on the first enemy results in a torso shot on the next one = WT*???
  13. Foreman Joe

    When you hold breath and then try to hold it again, most of the time it feels like you can't, even if you hear the "uhhhh" sound, minor sway continues. Probably there's some internal cooldown that doesn't allow you get another one with full duration until you let it "recharge" for certain amount of time.. would be cool to have some visible timer for it, not necessarily with numbers, it may look like a filling bar.

    As for scopes, I found that 10x suits my sniping purposes. From medium to long range it works fine and even for extreme ranges it's also good. Most fights the draw distance limits it so that 10x scope is really the maximum zoom you'd want to have.
  14. Awass

    Is there actually a way to hold your breath in PS2?
  15. Scorponok

    not sure if your trolling or not...but ill bite...Yes there is...when your scoping hold shift and you get a about 2 sec time were your scope is very still.
  16. Bloodmyth

    I think it's good there's sway and even a little on breathe holding, otherwise it would be far too easy and there would be a massive influx of infs, I prefer the smaller club that we are in, and with a little practice you'll rarely miss a headshot. I'd like more bullet drop in this game as that's what I'm used to from other games and it also puts of part time sniper wannabe's as it takes more effort or at least more sniping experience to get HS's

    I use both 12x and 10x scope and I can't say which I prefer, with the poor draw distance I'd say 10x is best for most as it makes medium kills a little easier.
  17. Uzii

    Equip a Silencer, if you haven't already. I quite like the Bullet Drop in PS2, I always feel that in other games it is over exaggerated.
  18. Scorponok

    yea insane bullet drops suck..and yea the suppressor really gives you a good bullet drop..Not that i see any need for the suppressor..except maybe for the semi sniper at close range.
  19. Awass

    No. I wasn't trolling. I honestly didn't know that. :)
  20. WycliffSlim

    I like the 12x magnification but I also snipe at extreme ranges all the time. I don't like getting closer than 150m to my targets if I can help it. I haven't noticed any meaningful sway with breath held though, it might move a bit but I've never had any problem making shots count. I wouldn't mind an attachment like a bipod though... maybe let you hold your breath a little longer at the expense of decreased reload times? I would be comfortable with that trade.
    As for bullet drop... I'm pretentious Vanu and don't have to deal with that, just line up and pull.

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