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  1. Cuze

    With those shotgun changes you may as well just remove them and replace them with LMG style weapons, as they are hardly shotguns at that point with the fewer shots and even tighter spread. I think it would be fine for shotguns to have the all the drawbacks they currently do if we had other options.

    I think the NC sorely need an LMG option to be competitive because there are just too many situations where sustained fire and being able to engage target that are more than hugging distance away are just too important. The NC MAX is just overly lacking in versatility. Plus higher damage, slower firing shouldn't mean shotgun everything.

    I agree with you on the MAX AV, as far as falcons go, but I haven't tried any of the other faction's AV options in combat, so I don't know how ours compare at hitting harassers.
  2. Flashtirade

    I don't know where you pulled that from any of my statements at all. I was only stating the results of the event, aside from the last point. I'm trying to be objective as possible.
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  3. DeadliestMoon

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: don't worry about the stats, it's not your job to balance the game.
  4. Larolyn

    We got the North gate and said, "right, this week is ours". And with our inferior weapons, the faction that attracts all the noobs and our gimped MAXs, we won that week. Guess NC on Cobalt did not get the message that NC should just lay down and die and let the VS/TR stomp all over them. I'm with you on this one Vixen, the self-defeating attitude that is bouncing around the NC at the moment is a bigger problem than 6 or 7 pellets on an NC MAX shotgun.

    I public platoon lead a lot on my server and the NC are an amazing force to fight with if they have good leadership. Without good leadership they are farmed, farmed, farmed and farmed so more. I really do not get what it is about the average NC player and his ability to be repeatedly farmed by the enemy.

    For the NC to truly change and to truly improve, the attitude needs to be dropped. We have powerful weapons in the right hands, we have good leaders willing to help out the pubbies, we have amazing tools that get overlooked - I'm looking at all the non Phoenix users and people who slate the EM1 yet do not use in its optimum environment and people who run pellet MAXs, get slugs people - yet people will repeat hearsay and not use the equipment we have been given to our advantage.

    NC are good, our attitude is not good.
  5. Goretzu

    I'm not changing anything. :confused:
    And I never, anywhere, said "an NC MAX can't kill a ZOE without reload" that is plain rubbish and I'll thank you NOT to lie about things I have NOT said. o_O

    A Standard HackMAX cannot kill a Standard VS AI MAX. The NC AI MAX needs extended mags to do so.

    But then when we get to KA5 it again cannot, even with extended mags.

    Neither can a HackMAX kill another MAX in a "few shots" as you said, even Standard MAX vs Standard MAX it takes 14 shots (a little more than a "few").

    You can certainly use FA5, but then you cannot really whine about a NC AI MAX killing you, because you HAVE the option to be immune to it (with KA5) and choose NOT to take it. :confused:

    NC AI MAXs have no such option (other than dual Grinders - which carry significant drawbacks of their own).
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  6. Goretzu

    The "L2P Arguement" holds as much water as the "Chewbacca Defence" and is based on exactly the same principles.

    It's been appearing in MMOs since at least DAoC and never (not once) has there been a scrap of evidence to suggest that one faction attracts rubbish player (or another faction attracts better players).

    It didn't in PS2 when the VS were in asendancy and it didn't when the TR were - it was what is always is - GAME BALANCE.

    (and unsurprisingly when the out-of-wack things were nerfed suddenly the VS and TR didn't have "better" players)
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  7. Xasapis

    Well, the NC must have something good, that the casual crowd loves so much that they have made the NC second most dominant (first two months), most dominant (Jan until almost summer), second most dominant (summer up to Oct) and equally dominant (Oct up to now) the past year.

    You are right, empires alone don't attract better players (or players in general). Actual power and perception of power do.
  8. Goretzu

    On the contrary I think it is probably the most important thing a player of any MMO can do.

    Would that EQ1 monk mitigation nerf have been repealled without players mathmatically proving how wrong it was? Maybe not.

    MMOs are littered with player being right about stuff (and wrong, of course, but that is the Devs job to know which is which).
  9. Goretzu

    I think that's more to do with no matter how much black gear they give them and no matter what advantages they give them, VS just aren't as popular a faction (unless they have something amazing).

    I've no idea why they didn't go down the silver route they were taking earlier in the game.

    I suspect VS will always be a Hibernia though.
  10. Xasapis

    You give aesthetics too much credit. Sure, if people have the choice between two equal things, of which one is more pleasant in the eye, they will pick that. If however the choice is between a less powerful but pretty and a more powerful but ugly, people will flock to the powerful. Especially on an FPS.
  11. Sebastien

    It's because they look like sex toys
  12. Xasapis

    As opposed to what? Lego soldiers? (MAX is cool looking though)
  13. Goretzu

    The aesthetics is a broad church, from sounds to looks to "feel".

    But certainly game balance is more than enough to change that (as we've seen with the VS in PS2, and as anyone that remembers the Lasher 2.0 in PS1 will know).

    But then the VS haven't really been that low in PS2, only a couple of % total server pop difference at worst from the 2nd faction.
  14. Goretzu

    The lego is ok, it is that it has to be yellow lego....... not black lego. :(
  15. Zazen

    I play all 3 factions pretty seriously. I have a BR100 NC, a BR 72 VS and a BR 62 TR all on Waterson. There is very little difference with regard to the people themselves, but there is a pretty big difference in respect to how the different factions approach battles due to the gear the game provides them. That in turn greatly affects the statistics and relative success of each faction as a whole.

    NC infantry weapons, with few exceptions, have to be burst fired to be effective unless it's a, "stick the muzzle into the guys' gut", type of fight. Burst firing WRECKS your time to kill. NC's thoeretical time to kill is already far worse than TR & VS who are neck and neck in that department, compound that with obligatory burst firing and there lies the problem on the infantry side.

    On the vehicle and anti-vehicle side of things, the only thing NC can accomplish with any degree of alacrity is uninterrupted 1 vs 1 tank duels in situations where manuerablility cannot play a decisive role. Given the scope of combat in PS2 that is of very limited value to a large scale engagement. Compare that to the prowler's ability to forcibly respawn vast quantities of infantry and you see the problem.

    The NC have extremely lackluster ways to deal with vehicles, outside the Vangaurd, which is at the mercy of infantry. The Phoenix is a novelty that is only good for sniping engies humping their turrets and abandoned vehicles. The Ravens are little more than heavily nerfed fractures, the wire guided feature doesn't make them any better. Compare that to Striker, Fractures, ZOE with Comets and you see the problem.

    In the air, NC have the Reaver, slower than the mossie and the easiest to hit...So, you see the problem.

    The end result is, TR &VS have the NC trumped, in one way or another, in every facet of the game that makes any difference. Both VS & TR generally prefer fighting NC over each other because of this. So, not only do NC have inferior equipment and the least flexibility, but they are also usually facing the bulk of both the TR & VS forces because of it. The net result of all of this is the NC are being farmed PS2 wide.

    Below are my 3 characters that demonstrate I know what I'm talking about...
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  16. r1stormrider

    Once again you have failed to justify why NC are special they have to work more for weapons while VS work less. Its not about trying to ger free weapons. Its about the NC having fair treatment. You also helped prove my point with your orion usage. I myself use it the most and for a stock weapon I consider it to be top tier above many others. Now knowing this VS rookies trying to get into the game will have a blast with it. Easy to use, highly effective all purpose weapon. Its free.

    Now NC gets the gauss saw. A specialized ranged LMG that is meant for advanced users. Its a top tier weapon but its learning curve is higher compared to the orion. Em6 is considered to be a great all purpose LMG compared to the orion. Its been said a fully certed em6 is like a stock t9 carv. The weapon itself is at least 500 certs. Plus mods add a couple hundred more.its good all around and its easier to use or learn with compared to the saw. Orion is free. You dont even have to mod it and you can go up to BR100 with it as is.

    What you fail to understand and im sure you never not all imbalances with factions can be fixed with your "L2P" argument. Its easy for you to say such things when the VS are in great shape. Our weapons are easy to use, perform well and are highly competitive. VS rookies are eased into thd game and can focus less on weapon control and more on battlefield awareness and learning tactics. NC rookies need to learn their guns, so regardless of what you think they are learning to play. They absolutely have no choice in the matter until they faction swap.
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  17. Gav7x

    Stats say everything
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  18. NylaJess

    Well ur new or u are completely daft, after i read ur replies i assume ur DAFT :rolleyes:
    For start the NC Max over 90% + even when using ext mags most of the time the NC Max will not kill any other Max 1vs1 without reloading first and pray to not get ganked before while reloading, never mind if they do not have ext mags.
    I tested this in PTS using VS Max without Ext Mag i put down 2 NC Max's without reloading "easily", never mind if i had Ext Mag :eek: Now do the same with a NC Max, will never happen plus u might as well run out of bullets before u do it bcoz as we all know the NC Max as huge clips and fast reloads and awesome accuracy lol
    In case u did not notice NC as whole got more Nerfs than any other faction VS/TR, top to bottom.
    To finish point me just 1 thing NC have OP at this moment or even better from last 8 - 10 months if not full year!!!
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