Stats stats stats and stats ! NC hardmode version 2

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  1. Goretzu

    Unfortunatly history has shown the NC will likely end up with a water pistol. :eek:
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  2. Bankrotas

    Will work with out bikini
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  3. ViXeN

    That isn't true at all. Even if the game was completely balanced there is a chance that one faction may not win on any of the servers. How do you guys come up with this stuff? LOL
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  4. Morpholine

    Ssshhh! Don't poke them when they have a good persecution complex going. The biggest reason they have "performance issues" is they're convinced they're going to lose before even trying.
  5. Chewy102

    Getting technical about how odds can still be just a % chance no matter how many times you run them doesn't help you. If things where balanced then we would see 32-34% for everything with small gaps. Not the huge gaps we seen in the WDS.

    Also this is about a month old necro.
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  6. Ned

    Pull a NC max in a biolab or enclosed space

    Have a wonderful time.
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  7. Bankrotas

    Yeah, cause biolabs don't have rooms that are longer than 5 meters.
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  8. ViXeN

    Yeah, it sounds like NC needs someone like me on there to inspire them to be better players. :D I go into every fight believing VS is going to win even when we're badly outnumbered. If you think you're going to lose before it even starts then you will.

    I didn't bring this thread back, someone else did. I just responded. Also what huge gaps? Toward the end the NC weren't that far behind, not like at the start of WDS.
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  9. Goretzu

    Pull a PS2 NC AI MAX in PS1 and you'd have a point, in PS2 there simply is no environment for the AI MAX that specialises in 0m to 5m range.

    Especially when the longer range MAX AI weapons the other factions have, still have an infantry TTK of under 1 second at 0m.
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  10. r1stormrider

    ive read your posts and theyre all the same "get better" drivel that does nothing to help out the issues. So, because we have to spend more than 3000 certs on our AI max to bring it somewhat up to par means we suck? What makes us so special we have to spend more certs and more money than your empire to get decent weapons? Yep, we sure do need to get better. we also need bigger wallets too.
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  11. ViXeN

    Getting better helps out ALL issues. ;) And I say this a lot because this is how I play games. I'm always learning from my own mistakes instead of making excuses for them. That is why I'm always improving and can do the things I do In games. This is what two amazing gamers taught me when I was a kid and first started out on Tribes and I have followed that advice ever since. You should do the same if you want to improve yourself. Its very good advice. :D

    But I'm not sure what you are talking about exactly. Are you VS? I was talking to the NC guys who have this defeatist attitude.
  12. Goretzu

    No matter how good you get the maths always wins. :)
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  13. ViXeN

    Not when the math is based on flawed numbers. Like I said, you need to stop clinging to individual stats and learn to see the whole picture. ;)
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  14. Goretzu

    What flawed numbers? :confused:

    Hacksaw = 6 pellets at 125 damage per pellet each = 750 damage per shot.

    Standard MAX = 10,000 effectivehitpoints. KA5 MAX = 16,000 effective hitpoint.

    So it takes 14 Hacksaw shots to kill a standard MAX and 22 to kill a KA5 MAX.

    You can do the maths yourself, the numbers are what they are.
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  15. HannibalBarca

    This thread has been about aggregate stats since page one.
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  16. ViXeN

    Then explain why a ZOE MAX can die in like 3-4 seconds from a hacksaw or scat at close range. Do I need to go get some video just to prove my point since you apparently just started playing PS2 today? :eek:
  17. Goretzu

    Because it's a VS MAX without KA5 meeting a Hacksaw MAX with extended mags at 0m (where every pellet hits).

    If you get KA5 that means even with extended mags the HackMAX cannot kill you without a reload (and you can easily kill them within the reload time).

    Once you are at 5-8m range the drop off from pellets means you really should be fine no matter what (assuming equal skill to the NC MAX user).

    And if you are inexplicably at 0m then you should be making use of the HackMAXs deadzone tbh as well.

    As a VS AI MAX user you really have all the advantages vs. a NC AI MAX user now, with ZOE even more so, it's basically usually up to you to lose any 1 on 1 fight with one now.
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  18. maruszynek

    When i started playing in NC I was calm, because i couldn't handle our weapons well. (I played in TR before and It was faceroll compared to NC). Now after playing over 200hours in NC on cobalt i'm mad about current balance.
    Shotgun is our main strength? Every faction has shotgun of similar power. "Hard hitting weapons", maybe hard, but compared to other factions shooting with them is awful - inaccurate and with high recoil.
    Now about MAX'es - i love VS complaining how NC MAX can kill their MAX in 5meters. So yeah first of all, buying second scattercannon costs 1000certs and shield is useless in most of situations when compared to ZOE. You can buy 2x cosmos for 500 certs and **** infantry in mad range without bulltet drop (ye you don't know that word because your weapons don't have any). And it's impossible to run from them. So complaining about NC MAX in FREAKIN ONE situation when yours is op in most of them is bad and you should feel bad.

    Vehicles - Okay, I can say vanguard is only thing that is "ok" in NC. With Enforcer it can burst very nice. But other vehicle weapons are just useless. When i see vulcan/marauder i want to punch my monitor and jump out of window, because it's so broken.

    And additionally NC on Cobalt is farmed by TR and VS most of the time, it feels like they don't want to fight each other. Chat messages like "Thanks for easy farm NC" is common thing there. So after my 200hours of playtime i feel like i wasted it badly.
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  19. Zazen

    That's only because SOE played the "fun with numbers" game to skew the results in the final few weeks to perpetuate the illusion of parity.
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  20. Goretzu

    Also basically the NC were as far behind at the end as they were at the start, the most consistant thing about the WDS was the NCs % score in being last (the VS made up a vast amount of ground the TR lost ground and the NC just stay consistantly last on round about the same % score :( ).
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