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  1. Aegie

    If you're that skeptical then just look at the overall because that does provide the other figures for kills and users seperately.
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  2. GhostAvatar

    I have been doing and I have found some variances. The variances are small in nature. But when multiplied by 21 days on every single weapon it soon adds up to some big variances in not only the grand totals, but also in the sheet totals. I have also found issue with the formulas used in the sheet totals that has also created some big variances.
  3. GhostAvatar

    Just found another issue where the Gauss SPR averages are divided by 27 days instead of 21, thus lowering the NC average.
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  4. Aegie

    What sheet, row and column? Good catch.
  5. GhostAvatar

    Sniper rifles sheet, row 99, columns C through to I
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  6. Aegie

    Yup, you're right- thanks for the spot, I missed that one in when I ran my double check.

    Correct figures should be average kills 2188.43; average users 348.19; overall average KPU 6.25; average BR 38.75; average 1-25 KPU 5.12; average 25-50 KPU 5.46; average 50-75 KPU 8.69; average 75-100 KPU 17.30
  7. Aegie

    Thanks again for that catch. I have not yet run any analyses and honestly I mean no offense but the passage does not seems to be referring to variance.
  8. GhostAvatar

    Here is an example after I completely reworked a few of the sheets for myself. While each weapon on each day was only a few decimal places out in its reported figures. Comparing these figure to those on the google docs shows that it soon adds up. And in some cases has drastic changes in the overall figures.

    Weapon Type: # of kills # of unique users Kills Per unit (KPU) Average Battle Rank
    Sniper Rifles
    NC TOTALS: 1143914 150553 7.5980817387 27.9659993491
    TR TOTAL 1121797 142719 7.8601797939 30.1029701722
    VS TOTAL 967104 133336 7.2531349373 28.4955285894

    Weapon Type: # of kills # of unique users Kills Per unit (KPU) Average Battle Rank
    Explosives and Mines*
    NC TOTALS: 278649 84424 3.3005898797 51.7459892921
    TR TOTAL 193598 63084 3.0688922706 54.034435039
    VS TOTAL 266777 84234 3.1670940475 53.1101348624
    * Does not include C4, Tank Mines, or Grenades

    Weapon Type: # of kills # of unique users Kills Per unit (KPU) Average Battle Rank
    Scout Rifles
    NC TOTALS: 119854 12543 9.5554492546 42.1735629435
    TR TOTAL 101582 10035 10.1227703039 48.2955156951
    VS TOTAL 149777 13695 10.9366192041 45.0770719241

    Weapon Type: # of kills # of unique users Kills Per unit (KPU) Average Battle Rank
    Rocket Launchers
    NC TOTALS: 497908 157366 3.1640125567 33.9798527001
    TR TOTAL 517151 166632 3.1035515387 33.3411805656
    VS TOTAL 456202 147688 3.0889578029 32.7840880776
    NS TOTAL 255878 72614 3.5238108354 55.936808329
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  9. GhostAvatar

    Another error found. On the sheet totals sheet, row 90 is calling data from the wrong sheet. It is calling data from the MAX AV left arm sheet, when it should be calling it from the MAX AV right arm sheet. Thats about 100,000 kills which was removed from the VS total due to that error.
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  10. Aegie

    Yeah, I never bothered double checking the total totals, only those in the individual sheets by type. When I go to analyze I am not bringing in any of the aggregate data, far easier to let SAS or SPSS generate that kind of information from the raw data. Seems better to restrict ourselves to weapons within the same classes- just seems to make the things a lot clearer.
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  11. Santondouah

    Ok so you're 13.

    BTW piston is automatic
  12. Santondouah

    ow yeah a BFG adapted from Doom 3 :D
  13. Aegie

    Ah, now I see what you meant.
  14. GhostAvatar

    Here is a copy that I have reworked.

    I have removed all quartile data as I can't verify it. Same with Harasser data. Technically I should do the same with average BR. But that is only really there for informational purposes. Plus I can work it backwards to get a reasonably accurate data point.
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  15. Aegie

    Wow, great work- much appreciated.
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  16. Mhak

    Just had to chime in and say this is ridiculous.

    How do you expect people to support a claim if not with data? Fairy tales? First of all you don't know that his conclusion is preconceived, it was likely made *because* of the data... but even if it was preconceived, if the data supports it, he still needs to say so.

    You make absolutely no sense with this statement.
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  17. Merli0n

    You were right to remove the harasser data, it was from a slightly longer time period - an additional 4 days, not a big deal but it's good to be consistent with the rest of the data.

    If you want to put it back, remove the additional days:

    One more note is that I don't include the first period in the harasser sheet, unlike the full data sheet you've reworked. The first period is an incomplete day. Not a big deal but again consistency.
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  18. Aegie

    Sadly, the devs only listen to twits [sic] so perhaps all this is lost on them- someone with an account want to forward this thread to Higby please?
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  19. Pootisman

    What? There are people who claim NC is balanced or overpowered??? NC sucks. I started in november as NC, played ~100h, then quit the game because it was only frustrating: no organization, crappy equipment and underpopulated most of the time.

    Now i play TR, and NC still hasnt improved, they never win alerts and are often pushed back to the warpgate. Fighting NC is noticeably easier than fighting VS.
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  20. krayons

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