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  1. CoreCombat


    PSU :
    maradine -- for providing the raw data pulls from the API
    PSU :
    MerlO -- for providing stats on harassers during that time period.
    and to others who have helped compile the data / spreadsheet, etc .I'm only reposting this as this was already posted in PSU .

    Since the WDS has already illustrated what needs to be said. For those that still believe that the NC are somehow " balanced " and /or " Overpowered " in certain respects. I'm sure this might contribute to what we're seeing for WDS.... As the current time of this post this is the WDS score :

    Week 5:

    Season scores:


    Here's the data/ math to disprove that the NC are actually " Overpowered or balanced " :

    Few screenshots of the data sheets .



    If the game were balanced we'd see the NC winning at least 1 server or so . But that is NOT the case. As one can see , this is an uphill battle for the entire faction. Weapon balance is sorely needed. There's a huge gap between the amount of kills over a 3 week basis for the entire game.
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  2. supernauttt

    its been obvious for awhile now...we dont even have maxes to fight off the ZOE or TR's maxes...anyone who plays NC knows that nobody even pulls them anymore except for AA duty...i dont believe the weapons are that badly unbalanced...but they are certainly more difficult to use..and almost half of our Infantry weapons NOBODY uses as they have completely contradictory purposes and traits which makes them bad in every range and situation...thats why the NC have 1 or 2 viable options for about every class, and no maxes for AI or AV really...and i would know check my stats, and i have unlocked and tried to use just about every weapon in the game..most have no purpose...also enforcer modified ehm ehm ext ext
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  3. Teegeeack

    But look at all those sniper kills. Clearly overpowered.
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  4. Bungee

    So lets get this straight:

    You post a whole bunch of data that clearly points out that, according to KPU (the only stat normalised for pop numbers), NC weapons under perform in the hands of low BR characters and overperform in the hands of high BR players.

    Fine point taken

    However you then conclude
    Which is a point ENTIRELY SEPERATE to the data you have just posted.

    Let me spell this out for you slowly and clearly.

    NC under performance is largely a function of population numbers
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  5. Teegeeack

    The NC MAX is an insult to the players.
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  6. supernauttt

    seriously lol its completely unusable, i always want to pull it and just go wait a minute...ill get WAY more kills as well...any other class...
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  7. Teegeeack

    The KPU clearly shows that NC weapons underperform in the hands of low BR characters and are about AVERAGE in the hands of high BR players.
    We need to reach BR50 before our weapons start matching the other two factions, so explain how that's balanced.
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  8. Bungee

    My point was that this data is utterly unrelated to the conclusion drawn by the OP.

    However you have asked me to explain how its balanced.. I will attempt this

    Firstly if you were 2 take 2 groups with utterly identical weapons and pair them against each other with a numerical imbalance then the side that has lesser numbers is going to get stomped and if you looked at the data then these sets of IDENTICAL weapons would appear to show a bias indicating that the weapons belonging to the smaller side were underperforming.


    since the NC are outnumbered we should expect to see you showing poorer weapon performance because you are fighting against superior numbers.

    Is this balanced.. In truth it is impossible to tell. I would like to see the same data drawn from a server that has a numerical balance.

    On the graph below I seem to see that the average KPU for battle rank 1-25 is 5.066 for NC and 5.026 for TR that would be a ... larger number so if NC battle ranks 1-25 are getting more kills per user then should I be making a thread saying 'NERF NC NAO!!!!' ?[IMG]
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  9. Mxiter

    I noticed the same thing.
    Average KPU is higher for TR while average KPU per level is higher for NC at every section and even over VS past BR25... something is wrong here.
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  10. Revanmug

    I love this.

    Back in January, devs and most player explained the lower performance of NC because of the fact it had the highest population meaning less people to kill, less cohesion, more lower level downing the skill pool, etc.

    So great to see the complete 180 direction change from TR/VS player.
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  11. Bungee

    There is clearly something wrong with the data.. no conclusions can be drawn.

    I still hold to the fact that Population imbalance is by far the most significant factor.. but that IS a subjective view (but I used to play on Lithcorp as TR.. I know what its like to be outnumbered)
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  12. Bungee

    I can certainly conclude that you don't read the whole of my posts..

    1 my main point is that you cannot draw conclusions from this data

    2 you should never try to justify a preconceived conclusion with data (that is very bad statistics)

    3 I dont see how you can call this a 180 i never posted anything saying that .. nor do I remember any dev saying that. (As I vaguely recall most threads back then were telling you to L2P)
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  13. FateJH

    All I remember from back then is NC complaining about flinch mechanics holding them back, and the ego of Skygods.
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  14. ViXeN

    If you want to talk about overpowered, the TR can win in a week when they didn't even have the highest score. Now THAT is overpowered. :eek: But seriously, none of those stats actually PROVE that the NC weapons are worse than the other factions. They just show that the players using them may not be as good as the players on VS and TR. It doesn't really prove anything either way, just that some problem exists.
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  15. Isokon

    That ranking looks a lot different if you base it on KPU instead of total kills. Even more so if you exclude NS Weaponry like Liberators, Lightnings and (practically NS) Knives...
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  16. Revanmug

    But if that was the case, how can you make the conclusion that higher pop mean better performance? Where and how did you prove that?

    I believe we call this Irony since you did it yourself. Amusing isn't it?

    I'm glad you are able to read. When I wrote "most players", I really did mean YOU and only YOU of course.

    I'm also glad you completly forgot the Scatter nerfs which was the main moment (not like they nerf that many NC toy once live) when "highest pop mean worst stats" was used by a good portion of the playerbase and Higby as well. You mostly had to use twitter though if you wanted his explanation.

    I'm seriously just amused by this newer arguements.
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  17. Van Dax

    what the hell is up with the kpu Averages?
    last overall but is first in 3 categories and a close second in the first quartile. this makes no sense at all.
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  18. CDN_Wolvie

    Then you never saw any of my posts explaining how the stats showed why NC weapons designed around the flawed NC traits were the weapons with the poorest chance to land a shot and do any damage, here, have a refresher:

    I thought the answer was so simple then, I didn't even fully understand how shooting at past versions of my opponents influenced the use of a weapons' stats so that shooting on the run was far more desirable than ADS if the enemy had so much as a tingle in their balls that you were in the area, especially in CQC :(

    I went back and looked at some of my other older posts, man have my views changed, I was way into roleplaying the NC then and my concerns turned into doubts that turned into data supported conclusions that just got worse with each nerf and weapons that were once NC specialties going all faction - there really isn't much of anything that the NC has anymore that I can in anyway consider special, let alone supporting their fluff write up of being "hard hitting" or "heavily armored" beyond the shield on the Vanguard and even that just delays a death (if the past version of yourself on your opponent's client even has the shield up) :(
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  19. HadesR

    Could play a part yes but like everything I doubt it's just one thing but numerous ..

    Part of the Low BR KPU could be down to what we have been saying since Beta .. The starter weapon for the most played class needs changing to one that has more ease of use, to put new players in at the shallow end rather than chuck them in the deep.
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  20. Van Dax

    but for what ever reason nc are beating tr in low br kpu. ***** weird in these graphs yo.