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  1. ComradeHavoc

    I'm not going to engage in verbal combat for lack of vocabulary and giving a ****. Do not let your faction bias sway your opinion, as I will try to remove my faction bias. NC weapons are under performing compared to the other empires. There are statistics and books worth of complaints and reasons. The argument,"Learn to use your weapon, NC is just full of noobs, NC complains the most" and so forth is invalid. I refrain from calling those persons names. Let's attempt to be decent human beings, and not be narcissists. Allot of players are upset, and it can't be quickly explained with just,"they are noobs".

    Snide replies aren't wanted. Either accept this, or quietly disagree.
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  2. Chewy102

    On the note of balance, DVS is refusing to take part in things like The War Report until some things are fixed. The Striker is manageable now, but there are still things that need done. Like how ******* awesome the Marauder is compared to our shotgun among other things.

    Iv been fighting for MAX balance for months now. I knew of the imbalance of comparing shotguns to HMGs since launch and tried to tell the players and devs of it before it grew. You see where it is now and things are starting to snowball.
  3. Liewec123

    ETA 2019? :p
    you'd think SoE has a tiny group with how amazingly slow progression is on this game, fact is SoE is one of the largest games companies in the world, it shouldn't take them a year after release to optimize their game, it shouldn't take them several years to make things (more or less) balanced, optimization should have been done pre-release, balance should have been acquired shortly after release.
    i know that every game will have some things that are imbalanced, PS2 is just a giant heap of them, and mostly only for one specific faction (TR)
  4. Jachim

    So this guy created all these stats with the sole purpose of blaming the Striker for the games woes.

    I'll say it again, Correlation does not imply causation.
  5. Jachim

    Actually, it's more than that. But sure, keep using these statistics to blurf about the Striker.

    If the VS/NC actually used the annihilator at all then these stats would be far closer. But they don't. Ever. Because they keep comparing it to the Striker and feel impotent.
  6. axiom537

    First off he did not create the stats.

    As for the striker, you would have to be blind not to see the impact it has had...and I'll try and explain it to you.

    If ESF's and Liberators are nearly identical in function and design and AA is also equal across all three empires, we would expect the numbers for each empires ESF's and Liberators to be relatively the same. However, that is not the case. What the numbers clearly show is that the TR ESF far exceeds its NC & VS counterparts and we also see the TR liberator also preforming significantly better then the other factions. WHAT CAN EXPLAIN THIS?

    One empire has an additional AA Weapon available to it that the other two empires do not, The striker. On a side note, the TR are also pulling less skyguards then the other empires, which I think further reinforces the impact the Striker has had on the AIR component of the game.

    (In your next post you mention that if NC & VS used the Annihilator more the numbers would be the same...I disagree. Even if the NC and VS equipped exactly the same amount of annihilators as the TR use strikers, the TR would still do 2X the damage, lock on quicker and have greater range.)

    Now that being said... The new changes to how the TR lock-on launchers work should make an impact. As a pilot, I have already noticed an improvement. TR Air space is not the no mans land it once was. I still think the Striker needs further refinement, but I am willing to see how these changes impact the game before making further suggestions for balance.
  7. GamerOS

    If only we had stats from an alternate universe were the striker was never introduced.

    Not that any statistics gathered in this universe or another would matter to you, it's obvious that to you the Striker is a perfectly fine balanced weapon and nobody saying anything else will make you change your mind, and any stats showing otherwise must obviously been altered or misrepresented.
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  8. axiom537

    Actually I would love to see the ESF & Liberators stats prior to the Strikers introduction. I think we would see that the numbers are relatively the same, since at that time all empires had exactly the same AA capabilities.
  9. Jachim

    Again speculation and only flawed statistics to back it up. Sorry man, it just doesn't work that way. Plus you'll note that the Striker just got nerfed into the ground and now the TR barely use it. Meanwhile you still have a perfectly usable Annihilator that hasn't been TOUCHED. GG.
  10. Flashtirade

    What's wrong about the numbers quoted?
    Or better yet, what are the real numbers, if samples from all of the servers are wrong?