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  1. CoreCombat

    Preface : A huge thanks to those like Cupboy / (PSU) maradine / (Psu) Aarth . This would have NOT been possible had it not been your contributions to this community . I only compile what has been posted in various forums . Without their DBA skills (SQL primarily ) none of this would have been possible.

    Playing as the NC , I've always felt that for some reason the empire has felt " off" versus other empires . The empire that preaches damage just didn't feel as if the " higher skill cap translated into a higher skill CEILING" was being rewarded. In fact " higher skill cap BUT LOWER ceiling " seems to be the truth here . So basically getting " good" at NC weapons does NOT yield better " results" . At the highest level of game play in PS2 DPS > all . Large single shot damage ONLY matters if the DPS yield is higher then that of other weapons of similar class .The NC rarely have any weapons that yield extreme dps over other empire counterparts. Even if they do ( like maxes) they are EXTREMELY limited in their application ( under 10m or less ) and/or require an immense amount of cert points to become effective .

    Now for the stats :

    Total kills across all empires :


    Launchers Empire:

    Source :


    Although the NC DO hold a KPU "lead" over other empires , does this translate into success on the battlefield with vehicles ? No . If they did then the NC would have at LEAST an average KPU similar to that of the TR ( although most NC weapons are similar to the KPU of their vanu counterparts ) .

    Vehicles :

    Harassers Source :

    MBT's Source:
    Page 1
    Page 2:

    ESF's source:


    Liberators source:


    As we can tell here, in EVERY CATEGORY for vehicles (save sundy / flash and galaxy ) the NC at BEST can only be in " 2nd place" for average KPU for their empire weaponry .There IS no NC weapon that has the highest average KPU out of any weapon that is NOT a NS weapon .

    Even the supposed " Vanguard is the godtank " that I've seen in these threads these days , that tank is bar none the worst KPU average scoring vehicle out of the 3 . Its no big surprise, speed and DPS is KING in Planetside 2 . Where as in Planetside 1 ( up until Core combat) , speed ( outside of rocket pods ) was counter balanced with weapon weaponry that did NOT yield high DPS . The same story is repeated with the Reaver .

    In fact for empire weaponry , only the NC's Rocket pods and Enforcer ML85 score "slightly" better ( ala they're in the middle of the pack ) for weaponry on an average KPU basis . The NC outside of NS WEAPONS are dead last in every category .

    The interesting take on this is that the NC actually perform BETTER with NS variants versus their own empire specific weaponry . There are actually some categories to which the NC lead ( in average KPU) versus other empires . The only exception to that are the liberator stats, as one can tell strikers affect air balance GREATLY . There shouldn't be an average KPU gulf between the VS and NC liberators that there is now .

    Example : Lightnings Source:


    Now either the NC are " more skilled " in using lightnings then other empires ? Hardly , but there is a KPU lead for the NC for 3 of the NS weapons presented in that data pull. Speaks volumes as to how much more lacking their empire specific weapons perform versus COMMON POOL WEAPONS even .
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  2. DailyFrankPeter

    What's KPU?
    Kills per "unique" killer? I don't understand.
  3. Sebastien

    Kills per person.

    Also, didn't Cupboy get banned for posting API stats?
  4. CoreCombat

    Kills per unique user . So if someone has used a weapon for X amount of time, they're counted as +1 in the unique category .

    Example :

    omnomnom (VS ) : uses C75 Viper , gets 3 kills, then uses Saron Laser cannon gets 5 kills

    For that ONE player will be counted as

    +1 unique ( for the C75 viper cat unique category)
    +1 unique ( for the Saron laser unique category )

    +3 Kills ( for the C75 Viper kills category )
    +5 kills ( for the Saron laser kills category )
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  5. Morpholine

    He wasn't banned (to my knowledge), but the mods removed several of his posts so he metaphorically took his ball and went home.

    Also, those NC libs are clearly using inferior equipment. :rolleyes:
  6. CoreCombat

    Guess we'll see,. Did NOT realize posting API was an issue. Posts like this are fairly rare on the PS forums. Most of the posters generally use conjecture " feelings" and one off experiences to explain why the NC are somehow OP . Why not counter the Fox crowd with stats and facts ?

    + there are various other threads about this in other forums like :

    For now i'll hold off on the infantry stats then. See what happens. Infantry is bit more balanced.
  7. CaptainYamerica

    In before the L2P posts
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  8. Aegie

    Prepare yourself for...
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  9. Sebastien

    I believe it was only an issue because people would take the stats and start Crusading without having the full picture, then there would be huge arguments over why SOE didn't do anything about supposedly OP weapons.
  10. VakarisJ

    Based on your statistics (especially the liberator statistics), I have to say: NC aren't hardmode -- they're just scrubs.
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  11. DailyFrankPeter

    Isn't this the "full picture" (sheets of data for all weapons and all factions, hundreds of people)?
  12. Sebastien

    This is just kills, it doesn't factor in how many deaths were required to get that kill with that weapon or what the circumstances are.
    I'm not saying it's bad, just take it with a grain of salt.
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  13. CoreCombat

    Then what about lightnings ? Or other NS weapon stats ( on MBT's etc) .
  14. Aegie

    Still kind of strange to think that here is SOE saying "here, public API" and then getting upset when people try to use the data.

    It is as if to say "crusade all you want with anecdotal personal opinion but as soon as you try to use evidence we make publicly available to buttress your opinion we say **** you".
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  15. Testament

    The fact that TRLibs and Mossies have +10 KPU over NC/Vanu is indeed evidence of the Striker's OP-ness.
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  16. Morpholine

    It does show that there can be significant statistical performance differences (using this particular yard stick), in both directions, with completely identical equipment.

    What does that say about conclusions drawn on the non- identical equipment using this measure? Hmmmm?
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  17. OmegaPREDATOR

    It's not a full picture. Stat's on all weapons during few time (125h/5d is the longer record) can't give it BUT give an interesting view of the picture.
  18. Locke

    The NC unique weapons and equipment are very good at doing specific things but at the cost of being very weak in other areas:

    Vanguard - Very strong against vehicles. Weak against infantry and at supporting base assaults
    Scatter MAX - Strong at CQC range (0-12m). Weak in open areas. No really viable AV option
    Reaver - Good but with a high skill requirement. Larger hitbox than other ESFs.
    Enforcer ML85 for Harasser - Great against vehicles but very weak against infantry
    Enforcer C85 for Harasser - Subpar overall

    The infantry weapons are also weird. In the main they are very good at ranged ADS (ADS= aim down sights) when standing still due to a lower COF and bloom than VS/TR weapons but then when NC ADS and move they are generally at a disadvantage stats wise due to a higher COF and bloom. The bullet damage is another thing that helps more at range where rate of fire is less useful but in the typical engagement DPS equals out across all factions in the game. Of course there are other factors that contribute to effectivness (recoil, velocity etc) but overall I feel NC weapons excel in minority areas and are overall slightly weaker in "average" engagements.

    Overall it creates a faction that imo doesn't really gel that well. NC undoubtably have some very good traits but when you put it all together it's not an ideal situation. You really need to be a master of combined arms and have a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the faction to play NC well and overcome the inherent lack of adaptability.
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  19. Vearo

    No. KPU is a popularity stat. It shows what users like to use. While it may indicate balance problems, it cannot be used for saying anything definitive. Notice how your thesis states that DPS> All, then the highest KPU for TR LMGs is the Bull, the lowest DPS LMG aside from the NS LMG available to the TR.

    (GU13 data:
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  20. Vixxing

    VS is hardmode for libs since they get hit by Vanguards and Prowlers with AP taking 50% health out from 600m... Try to do the same with a mag you have to tilt 45 degrees and then compensate for insane drop and low, low, low projectile speed...
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