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  1. Vaphell

    ok, that was pretty much figured out thanks to the nanoweave nonsense, but seeing hard numbers is an entirely different thing

    can someone explain to me how on earth sniper rifles, you know, these weapons that are supposedly used at VERY LONG ranges, lose approx 30% of damage (semi-autos excluded for some reason) even before actually reaching their operational range? In case of other weapon types penalty of such magnitude happens only in case of explicitly short-mid range weapons (or weaksauce scout rifles) and even then penalty is often not as brutal.

                        type         max       min          %        %/m
    Longshot          SNIPER        800 10    550 100     -31,25%  -0,35%
    LA80              SNIPER        750 10    550  75     -26,67%  -0,41%
    NC14 Bolt Driver  SNIPER        750 10    550  75     -26,67%  -0,41%
    SAS-R             SNIPER        750 10    550  75     -26,67%  -0,41%
    Gauss SPR         SNIPER        400 10    334  75     -16,50%  -0,25%
    Shadow            SCOUT RIFLE   334 15    250  65     -25,15%  -0,50%
    GD-7F             CARBINE       143 10    100  65     -30,07%  -0,55%
    Gauss Compact S   CARBINE       167 10    125  75     -25,15%  -0,39%
    Gauss Rifle       AR            167 10    143  75     -14,37%  -0,22%
    NC6 Gauss Saw     LMG           200 10    167  85     -16,50%  -0,22%
    Warden            BATTLE RIFLE  250  8    200  65     -20,00%  -0,35%
    think about it, velocity of 650m/s means longshot needs 0.15s to lose 30% of dmg. I mean what?
  2. m44v

    So Planetside isn't Sniperside. And despite the severe damage dropoff, sniping still works, as we see every day, is useless objective-wise, but it kills people.
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  3. Dr. Euthanasia

    Well, this is mostly because the minimum damage of all sniper rifles is still enough to one-shot a player without Nanoweave armor.
  4. Ztiller

    Isn't this just yet another case of pointless "whining just because you can"? It works, that's all you need to care about. You can still OHK 99% of the shot you take. The damage dropoff is evidently not of a major concern, so why are you complaining about it?
  5. Astraka

    That's really hard to believe. What is the head shot multiplier for Sniper Rifles then, 2x? It'd have to be. I don' t mind that Nanoweave reduces the likelihood of being OHK by a bolt action as you give up something to get it, but I do think the range at which OHKs become impossible is unnecessarily restrictive. 75m for NW5 & 100 for NW3 is an incredibly short distance for the top tier bolt actions, especially considering how much one gives up in versatility to equip one.

    I don't think it would be too much to ask to extend the OHK range out 25-50 more meters across the board.

    One could argue (quite effectively I think), that the Infiltrator class in general is pretty bad objective-wise with most objectives taking place in close quarters where we are at a distinct disadvantage compared to the other classes.

    Do you think you could refrain from turning this into another flame thread? It would be nice to have a legitimate discussion without your usual, "L2P", "Quit whining", and "That's your opinion".
  6. Vaphell

    i get nobody likes snipers and they are mostly useless etc, but this goes against common sense. I would never expect that whole damage degradation happens before 100m mark.
    Why not flatten and stretch the line? Something like 600 at 50m and 500 at 150, ~20% stretched across 100m? These are long range sniper rifles ffs, they shouldn't lose that much before even reaching said long range, faster than short-midrange bullethoses. It also doesn't make sense that you would die to a headshot at 500m if hp=1100 but you wouldn't at 100 if you had 1101.

    Also it's almost a scam. Base damage and velocity are only half of the picture, the other half required to make an educated choice was missing. Information that the advertised damage is only when the bullet leaves the barrel of your sniper rifle and in typical use cases you can assume -20% right off the bat was nowhere to be found. If for whatever reason you wanted to be a very long range 100m+ sniper (weird but possible, rendering range is 300+ after all) and read ambiguous descriptions that longshot/rams/parallax are the best at oneshotting (eg "only HA with his shield on stands a chance") you are in fact worse off, because you sacrificed RoF for nothing (LA80 would be better above 100m).
  7. Astraka

    100 meters isn't even really that long if you think about it. A little over a football fields length. I'm regularly able to put head shots on targets at that range even with a lowly 7x. The only thing that allows me to be effective is the fact that I am usually in a flanking position, and that my enemies are usually focused on other targets. Even if I don't kill them in one shot, a follow up isn't too difficult to pull off and there is something to be said about the sheer chaos sniper rounds flying by can cause.
  8. Vaphell

    i think i am still missing something here. According to Koolaid's video NW5 forces NC14 Bolt Driver into ~50m range but i can't see how is that possible with these numbers assuming linearity.
    NW5 means 1125 total hp pool, right? assuming 2.0 multiplier you need 567.5dmg
    on the chart the nc14 line should cross flat y=567.5 around 50m, but then lose only 17.5 dmg flying another 25m? Either minimum is reached around 50m or the falloff follows something similar to e^-x
  9. Vaphell

    it appears that multiplier needs to be in 1.82-1.86 range, only then numbers appear to match (approximate thresholds, maxed inf surviving OHK), I'd say it's very very specific