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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Smed, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. irewolf

    You know what everyone cares about? Are you Jesus ;p
  2. KingComp

    There is a door, you can use it on your way out. Your attitude, while just, is a bit stupid. I want to see you make a game =) and I don't mean flash/java based. Things take time, your little rant about breaking more things when they fix something is entertaining, really, try programming and debugging a giant client. =D
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  3. Bert Bargo

    Reading threads like this and witnessing first-hand the amount of dedication and progress the development team is making on this title is the reason why I don't hesitate to spend actual money on PS2. It's money well spent on a game that I have a ton of fun with.
  4. Bert Bargo


    Before you start griping about Planetside, seriously, try Mechwarrior Online. As much as it pains me to say it, you will have an absolute party of a time trying to get that to work properly/see the progress being made. THAT is a game that is not even close to being balanced, much less finished.
  5. CheeseN!P

    Alot of the time software developers have to release early, The group I work with sometimes has to allso, and its never something we enjoy doing, but its either that or incur more financial loss. its not a brand new thing and they hotfix as time goes by.
    Earlier I asked for a dev blog because thoes are a good avenue to get information like steps being curently taken.
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  6. DarthXaos

    Try getting your whole squad to go heavy and blast them. You aren't meant to be soloing a tank.

  7. Cifer7

    Sure would be nice if the game was ready before launch so people wouldn't rage quit when they realize how imbalanced it is, but hey we'll get those performance issues handled!
  8. KarmicKatri

    I am glad you all released super early/unfinished, really says a lot about how much this game doesn't care about our wallets and only about it's own. NO really, Thanks for being just like every other company in existence; GREEDY!

    PS2 Sucks.....BAD. It could have been good but it is clear nobody wanted to put in the effort, they just wanted the payout.....Glad I gave you my money a regret I will not soon forget.
  9. KingCrimson

    Well Miller didn't crash in prime time tonight. Thats good.
  10. Lepper

    "State of game"

    So important it should have its own forum topic - keep up the hard work guys.
  11. Icebergg

    Do you know what the term "state of the game" means? It's the currently known issues with the program. It's not a look into the past or the future, but the here and now. It's a list of things the developers already know are wrong with the game that could effect your gameplay. If they knew what was going on with it...they would fix it. It's a bug, which can be caused by any number of things. They're not gods, they are not omnipotent, they are normal human beings just like you. This is how things work in real life, not in your fantasy world.

    1. Players/Testers find bug.
    2. Programmers assess the bug and try to figure out it's cause.
    3. Programmers come up with possible solutions.
    4. Programmers implement bug fix patch into a testing environment, if successful, they move onto step 5, if unsuccessful, back to step 3.
    5. Hot patch bug fix, or if it's a major fix, they may to have major downtime to implement the patch to the server. Now the process repeats, as not all bugs may have been caught in step 4.

    It's a loop. It's never ending. It takes time and money to fix these things. The programmers are probably working 14-16 hour days trying to fix these issues, I had friends that worked on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, they're lives sucked up to release of the game. I never got to see them, they hardly got any free time. Once the game was released, they got like a month of vacation, which was awesome, but they had 2-3 years of 12-14 hour days.They didn't get weekends off the month of release. You have no idea how hard these programmers work to make you happy. They were working on patches and releasing them over the weekend (after Thanksgiving to boot!) just so you can enjoy your game in a seemless fashion.
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  12. Icebergg

    Did you have to pay to play this game? You can wait until you feel it's in a more finished state, there is absolutely nothing making you spend money on this game right now, or even making you play it. If you think it will be better with more time, then you should come back later after a few major patches, maybe when they have the mission system in place. I will play this game right now though, as it's still more fun to play this than BF3.
  13. H4YW1R3

    All the fixes are fine and all, but what about getting rid of the script kiddies, and getting them off the leaderboards? I won't post any links to the hacks these script kiddies are subscribing to, but they're easy enough to find or see on youtube. They've been out since beta. And P2 doesn't run on private servers like other FPS, where good admins can get rid of these guys. I'd like to see something from SOE.

    Bug fixes and balance issues, I know will be addressed over time. But I can wait on those. What I don't have patience for is SOE's see no evil approach to the script kiddies so far.
  14. Baphoma

    Thanks for the constant updates. Its nice to see fast prompt fixes. just left a whole set of MMO's for not updating. giving reasons for update. and just passing off the games issues as user error even though you prove them wrong :) small works for big community
  15. Fishpoke

    Once this is taken care of please hammer out the optimizations, this is a critical time to build the player base and a lot of potential prospects are turning away because they can't play smoothly during intense fighting. If this gets taken care of in the next couple weeks I will buy the **** out of some SC

  16. TheBloodEagle

    Do some of you guys realize that a game like this cost at least a few million to make? Stop the lame "GREEDY" comments.
  17. Moises J.Ramos

    In technology. Not gameplay.
  18. r.Tek

    It's funny. Coming from the Battlefield community, I appreciate seeing posts from the developers acknowledging issues and letting us know they are working on fixing them. I wish we would have gotten posts like these on a consistent basis because DICE and EA made absolutely no attempts to communicate with the community whatsoever. They sat on Twitter trolling all day, ignoring any real questions or concerns from the players.

    But here we have Smed coming to the forums letting you guys know they've heard our problems, are trying to solve them, and you decide to attack him and the team? You doubt they work 24/7? How in the hell would you know that? Would you rather Smedley and the rest of SOE completely ignore us instead? You can sit here and try to rag on the game about the amount of "bugs, issues, and glitches" there were unresolved in during the beta, but the fact of the matter is this game has come a very long way since the tech test and I believe it will continue to improve over time.

    Whether or not we believe the game was launched early is completely irrelevant now. The game has launched and we need to work with what we have and help them improve the game.
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  19. Cygon

    Not sure why some people are so upset. Has anyone experienced a flawless launch of a major title in the last 10 years? I've been through quite a few, and this has been near the top as far as smoothness goes. Some games are completely unplayable for the first month after release...we are barely past the 1 week mark here.

    That being said, there are quite a few things that still need to be worked on and I do think another couple of weeks of delay for launch would have eased some of the problems. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see that progress is being made.

    All together, I think the devs have done a pretty good job of delivering an excellent experience.
  20. Shralla

    None of these are optimization, I've noticed.

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