State of the Game 11/25/2012 - 4:45pm PST

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Smed, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. donvincenzoo

    i stop buy something or a premium until the game is fix : no bug, glitch and lag ...
    sad ! if that was working well i will already have buy a premium :)

    go work if you need money now :) ;)
  2. BloodMonarch

    What the ***** difference does 'launch date' make in a ftp game???? Lets imagine the game hasn't been released yet, and its still beta....everyone currently playing is a beta player and all the issues we're having are the same issues except its called beta .....what f******g difference does it make?? havent had to buy the dont have to pay a subscription to play!! At least now the game has been released you dont get your progress wiped, so its actually 'better' that the game has been released!!!

    I just cannot fathom the mentality of some people and their desire to belly ache and moan about anythiing and everything....even a game that is free to download and play isnt good enough for some people ....... unbelievable!!

    This obviously also applies to the guy that you 'totally agree' with..

    At least you got on the right track with your nick name... ..'Brat' just needed 'spoilt' in there somewhere
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  3. irewolf

    I love how you not only give us feed back, but, don't treat us like idiots, give us detail on the problem and exactly what you are doing. Honestly, love it!
  4. Plixin

    Lag issues and extreme low framerate issues are engine based. Forgelight is a purely hubris endeavor and its clear that its utter garbage. Downplay what you will Smed, but you need to get that team of yours working to completely overhaul that mess you call an engine. Goodluck, your going to need it.
  5. Princess Celestia

    Good luck.
    Was seriously fun though, driving a sunderer around for an hour without dying.

    Hope the absurdity with the render count/distance is next on your guys' list.
  6. Mr.moo

    great work guys!
  7. Chubzdoomer

    Thank you for the update, Smed. Best of luck.
  8. Elbryan



    Thanks for the update.
  9. Raka Maru

    On a positive note: No more character wipes, less bugs than beta, and no wide sweeping random changes to gameplay.
  10. Skunkwerk

    Thanks for the patching and the hard work placed into the servers!
  11. BANGbangBANG

    One thing that might have had somthing to do with miller crashing is all the major euro outfits communicated with eachother and before launch decided to all go to miller so we could continue to fight with and kill our old friends.

    All of the large tr outfits from planetside1 came to miller we rock it but maybe a little to hard.
  12. Jourmand1r

    Except he didnt mention any of the problems people are actually upset about.
  13. helloworldy

    "These are obviously not the only issues, but they're the key things because they can affect larger numbers of people."

    I take it as an acknowledgement.
  14. Mobius One

    Communicating with your player base. The single most important lesson learned by the NGE.

    Good, bad, indifferent. There must be open communication.

    Keep it up.
  15. Jourmand1r

    I'd like to understand how the entire playerbase getting 20-30 frames per second at facility battles didnt make it to the state of the game address.

    And xbox 360 can get more FPS on skyrim than my 1500 dollar pc can on PS2.
  16. helloworldy

    Because server-side problem is considerably bigger issue. It may not be for you, but trust me, they're not lying if they flat out state it's a major problem. In fact you might not even notice it, but hundreds, thousands maybe more can't connect (by now it should be more or less fine).

    Skyrim isn't server-bound. It doesn't have to send player locations to everyone in a certain area.
    I would love to tell you all the details if only I knew how their game-servers, clients, etc deal with all this. There's a lot more going into this than any Skyrim. Even Mu Online (look it up if necessary) server requires loads more resources to hold maybe few hundred people than your Skyrim. Same with Cabal or WoW or any MMO for that matter. I mentioned those F2P just because they look cheap, low production quality, etc, but their game-servers would eat your $1500 any day if you want to hold a proper server with at least 2 servers minimum, each 500+.
    I'm sure someone has something to say about those gameservers not being optimized and yes, they're right. At first they were pretty awful, but over time dedicated developers have come out and optimized it as much as possible. Even then it still beats the living cra* out of your PC.

    Skyrim or any other SP game is strictly controlled environment, even for a sandbox game. You don't complain about not seeing a spider or a giant from the other side of the map in Skyrim, but you do here (and for a reason).'s a really bad comparison. :p
    Though I totally get your point. There's nothing wrong with you wanting better performance out of PS2. They've stated this more than enough that work is being done and they're very well aware of the optimization problem. Give them time.
  17. SouledOut

    Great commitment, I hope everyone putting in so many extra hours is getting a decent bonus this Christmas!

    Now maybe I can play the game a bit after a 5-day hospital jaunt and see what's happened since launch day!
  18. Jourmand1r

    I am giving them time. I'm not actually that worried about it. I realize the game requires more than skyrim.

    I guess I'm just used to other games forums where the State of the Game is much like the State of the Union and more of a THIS IS WHAT WILL COME TO PASS style thing.
  19. Anubis2x

    Looking forward to getting these issues fixed hopefully in the coming weeks/months. Granted the lag and crashes are frustrating, I'm still having a ton of fun. However I'm probably not the only one concerned with the potential for size of the player base to drastically shrink in the near future if these issues continue. There are many PS1 experiences that are in my top 5 "gaming moments" for me...hoping PS2 will create many as well.
  20. CheeseN!P

    Is there a Dev blog at all? the twitter is nice but it would be cool to read a dev blog about fixes or new content that is going to be implemented / fixed.

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