"Stat padding" kick needs to go

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Johannes Kaiser, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Johannes Kaiser

    A friendly Falcon MAX was shooting at enemy constructions. I supplied them with ammo. Got kicked for "stat padding". Great. And it won't let me log in again.
    I understand why it's in there, but this is one of the situations where it's wrongly applied. It DOES give a load of XP very fast and is therefore detected, but that's because the Falcon is a mag-cap 1 weapon with fast reload, and those constructed walls do eat quite some damage. Both of those means the MAX needs an Engi, and this person should not be punished for performing their role. Period.
  2. JibbaJabba

    Kick is fine, ban is not. Open a CS ticket.
  3. then00b

    Dumb mechanic, though I've never been hit by it. Were you doing anything else besides just dropping an ammo pouch? I tend to shoot construction things with an archer or something too I guess so maybe they want you to not afk and stat pad or something, maybe.
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  4. Liewec123

    or instead of removing it they should make it smarter.
    make it require more factors, like requiring you to do that for TEN MINUTES.
    anyone statpadding won't be stopping after ten minutes, they usually go for hours.
    and anyone in normal play won't be doing the same exact thing for ten minutes.

    anything really, it just needs to be smarter with more "flags" required.
  5. Exileant

    :eek: If it is an enemy construction what is the problem? :confused: You do have janitors in the world after all.... That is a silly system to employ.... I blow up any enemy thing I see, turrets included for the certs, o_O I better NOT be banned for getting my goodies between fights.... :confused: Besides that; if you are hunting for Pumpkins and Crystals, you need SOMETHING to do do not get bored....
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Quite a few people have complained they've been kicked for stat padding since the Halloween update which leads me to conclude that this is the cause.

    The Halloween directives this year focus more on supportive behaviour.. which is open to exploitation. Thus, the stat padding detection was made more sensitive to accommodate this. However, it seems to be doing a little too well in that it's also punishing players playing genuinely.
  7. ycluk

    I don't know such stupid feature even exist :eek:

    What the hell is DBG trying to achieve ? Stat-padding themselves that how much features (or stupid features I shall say) they have implemented ?

    Don't think about software development, just how practical is it to be able to identify someone is stat-padding o_O
  8. DirArtillerySupport

    Simple solution...suspended for stat padding automatically opens up a window to cancel subscription. Problem solved.
  9. DarkStarAnubis

    It is a particularly moronic "feature" since you promote the game as a sandbox environment and then enforce arbitrary behavior rules.
  10. Johannes Kaiser

    Seems to not have been quite a ban (or if one, then a very short one), after 15 minutes I got in again. My guess would be that the kick caused the system to reject the login the minute later.
  11. Atorum

    Wow, they kick for that but wont kick high ping players, amazing levels of stupidity.
  12. Towie

    If you look at the padding league on fisu, you will see that stat padding is very much an issue.

    The challenge is to spot the difference between someone who just happens to have dropped something useful in a wonderful position versus the 'others' - like this guy: https://ps2.fisu.pw/killboard/?name=mkl553

    He is currently at top spot on the latest 100 padding sessions https://ps2.fisu.pw/statpadders/ (along with his chums).
  13. ZDarkShadowsZ

    If they kick players for high ping, a good portion of the already dwindling player base won't even be able to play. Now that would be stupidity.
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  14. Atorum

    Yeah, because ultimate experience of every FPS is to test your skill against lagging players from across the world.
    Just because they can connect doesnt mean they should
  15. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Of course not, but cutting out a good portion of players in a game that's designed for massive battles but has a dwindling player base is a really silly idea. All that will do is destroy what this game was intended to be, an MMOFPS. If people want to play an FPS game with a lag-free experience, they should consider moving to another game that allows servers to enforce ping kickers and the like.