Starting to get fed up with the game!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GhostAvatar, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. GhostAvatar

    Why? It isn't because something is OP, nor some imbalance between the factions. This isn't some thread crying about the last thing that killed me. And I could care less about the 4th faction at present.

    Frankly the game is broke and there is no signs of it getting fixed. I am fed up with the game crashing, freezing, new bugs being introduced while old one remain unpatched for several months. Now I have to spend several minutes after booting up from a crash to re-equipping my loadouts. It is coming to the point that I am spending more time trying to get the game to play, than actually playing the game.

    It actually starting to feel like you don't want people to play the game, instead you spend time adding content and making money rather than fixing the core issues that actually make the game work.
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  2. Liquid23

    my game is running fine
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  3. Doctor_is_in

    I know what you mean. Most recently, I crashed right when I was about to take down an SCU.

    My game is working. Found a few bugs today (first lay time in a few weeks) but thats it. and i think my bugs were actually just latency issues. (repair times/displays were all wacky)
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  5. LonelyTerran

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  6. ClickMe

    They could start by fixing the r3tarded reaver nosegun that can miss an entire clip against enemy ESF in a knife fight.
  7. Tobax

    Sorry but performance has gone no where but up since launch, ok yes there have been a few dips but they were largely resolved, I understand it extremely annoying to keep crashing and have to reload the game but that doesn't seem to be the general experience for most of the players.
  8. Bolticus

    But even so, even with all the bugs, flaws, all the screw-ups of the devs, and the fact that I play with 13 fps, I always come back to Planetside 2. Tons of new content is coming in the next few months, the Harasser(Buggy), hopefully Hossin, remade models and animations for guns(such as the Lasher X2), and a few more I'm probably forgetting. Also the fact that the devs are listening to our input. Just look at the test servers. I heard somewhere that there's already code in the client for 3/3 crewed MBTs.

    The Devs over at SOE are open and they listen to the community. How many other teams have you seen do this? Not many.

    The game is improving. Just stick it out, give suggestions to the Devs, and try out the content on the Test server.
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  9. Chubzdoomer

    For many others, it isn't.
  10. XRIST0

    The game has not crashed for me in a long time now .. the stability is great , performance is alright but it could be better .

    There are no game breaking bugs present at the moment .
  11. Lazaruz

    Think they should hold a two month period, during which they would concentrate all resources in fixing bugs and game play issues, like they did at launch. Have the artists and rest of the guys that can't contribute bring the coders and QA pizza and energy drinks during this time. Currently it seems that they introduce more problems that they have time to fix, and it's starting to show.
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  12. Chubzdoomer

    For you. :)

    The two bugs that are driving me crazy at the moment are:
    • Sudden frame rate drop into the single digits (sometimes accompanied by the "texture flickering" bug, not related to overheating)
    • Squad beacon timer constantly resetting after it's counted down 5 seconds
  13. Marinealver

    meh now you shouldn't bother with an SCU unless you are cert farming an abandon base. Otherwise it would slow down the cert farm on a camped spawn room.
  14. QuantumMechanic

    This is what happens when you release a game as soon as it's funtionally complete, but buggy. And after you release most of the developers are moved off to different projects, so there's not enough people left around to fix the bugs that have been in there since beta.

    Flicker bug, I'm talking to you.
  15. LonelyTerran

    Flicker bug!!
  16. VSDerp

    i been crashing a few times a day after update but no biggie for me.i hope they fix the issue doe
  17. Alarox

    Game is badass, I'll play it until Planetside 3.
  18. Copasetic

    Sorry, had to.
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  19. Sebastien

    Only happens when you get severe lag.
  20. SgtScum

    That's true of any computer game given that unlike a console the devs have no control over the quality of the hardware or the health of the computer or how many dozen apps the user has running in his tray eating up cpu cycles and memory.

    As for me I have an old arse c2d with gtx 560 and the game runs flawlessly day in and day out.

    My only real issues were the framerate bug after gu04 but that was fixed in less than a day.