Start caring about servers... PSG ones are crap!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by PLooschacK, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. PLooschacK

    OK, that's making me nuts. I live in Poland and can't play on any European server becouse they are fracked up. This is one big pile of BS. Every time fight turns from Squad vs Squad to Platoon vs Platoon that massive lag starts. I still mainatin 30-40 FPS and i can do everything in real time but the results come after a while - from 10s to 1min later! This is ridiculous! If I press F while playin HA, shields kicks in after some time. When I shoot at my enemies, they die after some time. My enemies are killed but they don't know it yet. I have seen times when I unload magazine into some dude's back. Huy runs away couse for him nothing happend and he dies after running for 150-200m - then the game kicks in and suddenly he gets whole that damage and dies. Or lock on missiles - they are just as great, hitting enemies in air, but the damage kicks in later, for example when they are rearming in base I can barely see on the horizon... Once I have even killed half full Sunderer becouse between the time I planted and triggered the C4 and the time it was blown up, enemy team managed to get in and start moving to another base o_O'

    At the beggining I tought it's problem from my side. I had no such problems on European Beta server (Eurydome I belive) but Beta is Beta - I could have played Beta on higher setting than I can play current version. So I tought it's some kind of effect of losing packeges. But I checked that and it turned up it's not that. Then I tought it's becouse my system specs, which are just slightly above minimal. But HELL NO - my friend who has some kind small computer beast have the same problem. My next guess was "It's the matter of number of ppl whio are online"... And I belived that until I made my new char on Briggs (Australian Server). Just try to imagine how amazed I was when I haven't seen any of problems! I made small experiment - I logged to Briggs when it was marked as Population: Medium, then I logged to Woodman, which at that time had Low population. Yes, on Briggs all was fine, while on Woodman all described problems appeared. Geez! Australia is literally on the other side of the world! Why the hell I can play smoothly on a server that is that far from me, participate in battles that involves mutliple platoons on both sides and at the same time can't play on server hosted in place I can invade and be back at home for the dinner?!
  2. Hydragarium

    But PlooshacK... PSG don't run any of the servers. SOE is in charge of all of them.

    And even so - your problems sound more like a bad "route" than any end issues. You'll want to diagnose your connection and see where the problems arise (I'm sure one of the TSR folks will paste their usual guide in a few minutes)
  3. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    Regrettably this issue can be caused by a variety of different factors so it is hard to definitively say what could be triggering it. To provide you with a more concise answer my best suggestion would be to open a support ticket with us so we can check your system specs and provide you with some solid suggestions to get you back into the game. You can open a ticket with us at the following link: