Starfire should be DOT beam weapon

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Myka, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. LanceHavenbay

    No: You are a VS. The HUD says TR Warpgate. (;
    I am well aware of the Warpgate swaps, my comment had nothing to do with that. (;
  2. RANDOMpercentage

    Wow. did not see that. My presumption is that this was developer gameplay from before the release of Beta due to the other HUD icons and the fact that I don't think that that type of lasher was in Beta. This is just my theory you may have a better one.
  3. Bill Hicks

    Perhaps it give it a minor concussion grenade effect?
  4. LanceHavenbay

    You are correct, I just find those old bugs funny. xD
    Most people do not realize little things like that. hahaa

    -There is also a bug, present even today, that allows you to sometimes drop out of a galaxy into an enemy warpgate. xD We had a VS guy drop into the Amerish warpgate about a week ago. It was pretty hilarious.

  5. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    The funny thing is they survive until they try to exit.^^
    As for the Vortex, as it is now called, it's 12 Shots now.
    How about no recoil, quarter damage, quadruple firerate/mags, autofire?
    There you go, beam weapon.^^
    But oh well, it isn't going to happen.
    Still, was a nice thread.
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  6. Jasondarket

    No! Never give up; Never surrender! We will have beam DOT's for the VS. It would be sweet! Please, oh Devs, hear our cry!
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  7. Whiteagle

    Actually that might make a good weapon for an idea I had a while back for two-handed MAX weapons, since there is plenty of concept art with Vanu MAXs lugging around some kind of huge, arm-mounted laser.
    It could still be used on Infantry, but the balancing idea around "MAX Heavy Weapons" was that they were SOO heavy one of the arms needed extra robotic support just to lift the things, so it made the MAX sacrifice mobility for firepower...

    The TR would have basically gotten a striped down Mosquito Rotary, while the NC would have a Rail Sniper Rifle.

    I don't know about Beam-based DoT, but my original Vanu Heavy MAX weapon idea was a plasma launcher that, when the projectile detonated it expanded a large electrically charged ball that would continually damage anything that passed though it.
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