Stalker Thoughts, Tips, and Loadouts

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DrankTHEKoolaid, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Finally had some time to put my Stalker video together. I'll be spending much more time with it now that I have the ESSR reviews out of the way. Thanks!

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  2. Kriegson

    Nice! Been debating faffing around with stalker cloak, just don't have the certs for a decent (imo Desperado, comissar, etc) pistol. Do you think nanoweave cloak is worth it for aggressive infils? Or perhaps just go with hunter and try not to get shot in general heh.
  3. Rift23

    If you want to have inexpensive fun with the Stalker, roll a TR alt. The repeater is a beast with perma-cloak+knife. I use it to hunt crossbow/commi heroes.
  4. CuteBeaver

    Yay someone else who plays aggressively with Stalker. Awesome video, and I have to say you left nothing important out.

    I'm even going to have to agree with you regarding the crossbow as well. Although I am doing well with it, even to a degree in CQC flank attacks... the fact is a silenced pistol would result in easier, and more reliable kills in certain situations. EMP kills being a different story, but for most purposes I think we all understand how sadface life becomes when your jumped in CQC unexpectedly with only a crossbow as self defense.

    The crossbow is a strange weapon, excels at longer ranges (rooftops or in trees) but can also 1 body shot / knife kill a target down more reliably then a COMMY. So the player is left in an awkward position where there is no middle ground. The crossbow works extremely well with EMPs. It reminds me of running around CQC with a ghost. Anyway its probably best new infiltrators learn to use the crossbow at range rather then become caught and confused in the unforgiving middle ground that exists between ambushes.
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  5. Skeith

    ye i tend to agree

    as a stalkertrator that only uses Xbow my biggest problem is getting used to aim with that thing, but im confident enough that with a little of trigger discipline the crossbow would became a viable alternative even in CQC

    i still think it should OHK everyone and not just infiltrators,(maybe increase the time between each shot?),but it's definetely viable my biggest grip is that my outfit doesnt use stalkerstrators and i cant do some cool group infiltration with the Xbow that would be fun
  6. DrankTHEKoolaid

    I think a OHK headshot to all infantry might be fine, but just saying that is gonna make people scream OP. I personally don't think it would be, but at the very least I think the xbow should penetrate heavy assault shields. Hopefully at some point they add in some new types of bolts. The possibilities are endless.
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  7. Skeith

    considering infiltrators do that just fine from 300 meters away from you and that at close range the decloak is a huge warning for the opponent not at all

    i would be fine with the ability to switch between type of bolts by changing fire modes really

    ES crossbows are gonna come out eventually so we are gonna get either a machine gun Cross for the TR, a chargable Xbow for the VS and Railbow for the NC
  8. CuteBeaver

    This is the worst issue i have with the crossbow. If I am playing against a good heavy, he will simply turn on his shield. Yes this can happen even after I EMP all over him. The fire rate on the xbow means in most encounters you get 1-3 shots before death. That is total 3 shots time to live tops. The only way I have found to reliably kill HA is with a knife or using an EMP and beat his human reaction time to turn on the shield. Should that strategy fail, I run away as fast as possible, trying to outlast the shield, it doesn't work since he can turn it off. Sometimes I try laying mines, or just die horribly depending on my mood. :p

    How many times have I EMP'd and HA flicks on his shield? Roughly about 4 times now. So its not a super terrible issue but its defo one that sicks out in your mind. It makes you as feel like you have been cheated. I haven't done the math but I don't even think three bolts to the body would kill a HA when using his shield. Its really hard to tell based on first hand experience because of resist shield. I may have to try using headshot openers on HA, and follow with a body shot? Not even sure this would be enough to overcome a shield, or if it would take in total 1 headshot and 2 more body shots to drop a HA while using a shield.

    I thought you said rainbow for the NC ;)
  9. SpionBref

    Nice video!

    Yes, i guess the crossbow works better medium/long range. The 3.4 scope is nice. Shoot an enemy, then quickly cloak, they don't know where it's coming from, and then carefully fire another. But in CQC it sucks, or it must be really close + knife.

    Poison arrows would be great. The poison drains health until the enemy finds a medic or uses antidote (200 certs) ; )