Stalker is fun but useless at pushing the point

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Cymric, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. PlanetBound

    Yep. Sometimes that's enough to capture the base. Especially if you wait on enemy point while your base is contested. A lot of times nobody even notices.
  2. StaHoo33

    To OP, they're also lacking anti vehicle capabilities, would you like to get some added too? Then maybe create another thread about LA not being able to take down aircraft, lets also add 12x scopes to every weapon in the game give it 5x head-shot multiplier. Cause Balance!
  3. Blam320

    Stalker Cloaks aren't built for aggressively pushing the front-lines - may I suggest you try the Hunter or Nano-Armor Cloaks if that's your playstyle - they're built to improve the Infiltrator's capacity to be sneaky, making sabotage and evading enemies while under cover easier.
  4. iStalk

    can't spot while cloaked as a stalker,you'll die. I mainly play stalker, and my main weapon with most kills is my power knife. My second is the black hand, playing stalker is fun but you're out classed most of the time if you don't get jump first. Also THE CLOAK SUCKS, I'VE SNIPED OTHER INF WITH MY BACKHAND WHILE THEY'RE CLOAKED!!!!!!
  5. Blam320

    And what was the purpose of this post?
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    honestly i wouldn´t mind them having AV grenades but no more that that ..
    this would allow at least a very dedicated AV loadout that i don´t think would be too powerfull even with stalker ..
  7. OldYetNewNoob

    IMO, it really depends on your playstyle. I'm fairly good at pushing the point as an infiltraitor. Crouch-walk all the way into the point, pausing to regen cloak when needed (Catlike is a necessity). More often than not no-one spots you, even if they're shooting an ally directly behind you. It's prone to fail, of course, but when you get behind them into a crowded area with Medics, it's sooo fun to whip out a ripper and 1-hit as many players as you can. Bonus if you target medics first. If it's successful the lul in combat (Oh **** it's a knifer, kill his ***) usually allows my allies to push forward by a hallway or two, which can make a surprising difference. Expect to get TK'ed a fair amount more than you're used to though. You're walking directly in the field of fire.