[Guide] Stalker Infiltrator Guide by CuteBeaver and Iridar

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    I thought it was impossible to increase FOV past 74. Iridar, would you be so kind to tell us how exactly do you increse FOV past 74 in Planetside 2?
  3. BrbImAFK

    May be outdated, but.....
  4. Kyraga

    BrbImAFK, it didn't work for me. Did it work for you? Can you please check?
  5. Iridar51

    I just checked and increasing the Vertical FoV through UserOptions.ini above 74 didn't work for me either.
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  6. CuteBeaver

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  7. JobiWan

    Will you be updating the guide to cover the new implants? Two of your recommendations are now gone.
  8. RobotNinja

    Just as a counterpoint:

    I use a rank 5 recon tool and I find it far more effective than the motion sensor.

    You suggest in your guide than when you have to stop to recover energy you can use your motion spotter to cover you from approaching enemies but IMO it's counter-intuitive. It gives the enemy a nice bright red indicator on their mini-map of what area you're close by. And you don't want someone with a LMG...or worse...a TANK...knowing your general location.

    Also, you're losing out on a ton of free XP and ribbons. You can fire pretty much unlimited radar darts if you have an ammo source but you can only deploy one motion spotter at a time. In a big fight, recon tool is a 100 times better. You can cover every single point on a base, every hillside, every tree, etc. and watch the XP pour in.

    I've also killed a ton of Infiltrators who thought they were safe because they deployed a motion spotter and then sat next to it sniping on a hill. Obviously...they're doing it wrong.

    If you don't have a high level in recon tool then it can be kinda meh. But once you get it past rank 3 and higher, it's the bee's knees especially for lobbing radar darts straight into the middle of fights from afar, which can also be important if you want to complete the force recon and infiltrator directives.
  9. Iridar51

    Just finished updating.

    Would be fair points, except mentioning tanks destroyed your credibility. Sorry, but vehicles are just not a factor for stalkers. You can't possible know what you're talking about.
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  10. RobotNinja

    So...you're saying my points about the recon tool vs. the motion spotter is valid but Infiltrators never get killed by vehicles? Mmmm...I don't know about that.

    During a defending base battle I can get more xp and more support for friendlies and cover more area with the recon tool. During an attack against a base, I can still get more xp and more reliably deploy radar against the enemy than running up to the middle of the base while it's being heavily defended and if you manage to drop a spotter, it gets blown up two seconds later.

    In my opinion and experience, you make back exponentially more xp and certs from certs spent on the recon tool.
  11. CuteBeaver

    Darting, covers more surface area but takes significant effort to maintain upkeep.

    In the old days Squads used to have infils 1-2 in a platoon, and their entire purpose was just darting. You were told to just sit on an ammo pack and spew darts everywhere. Your cap was basically how many you could fire before the first dart disappeared. Sure you could cover and entire tech plant with darts but thats pretty much all you were doing.

    Are we talking about stalkers here?

    Stalkers are probably the worst choice for Dart Spam due to the darting cycle being so demanding. Prolonged exposure setting up dart after dart is going to lead to a shorter lifespan, unless your with a squad indoors, with LOS on most of the base from an indoor location. Honestly darting is better suited for something that has access to a medium range or CQC primary which can defend themselves when confronted. At most, (and im being generous) a Blackhand stalker would be okay since they can have perching locations, but even then unless your engineer can hardcore parkour, they typically don't have access to any ammo packs nearby. A stalker needs maintain concealment and darts are less synergistic with stealth.

    If your talking more or less a mix between nonstop darting, and occasional usage, every time you unload those darts your exposed, and it takes a while to cover those areas (multiple darts) and maintain that coverage. I think most people are going to survive longer in general if they simply place the spotter, and conceal themselves again rapidly.

    While dart manipulation is a thing (shooting somewhere so enemies go investigate that spot and enter into your LOS so you can fire upon them) it doesn't have the same draw as the motion spotter. At most your using it as a distraction tool, and you have no idea where precisely they are going to go. Just knowing they will investigate that general area, maybe... sometimes enemies ignore darts because they are not watching their mini maps. Sometimes they evade the darts. Its very inconsistent in terms of being used to manipulate enemies.

    Spotters are great for manipulating how enemies behave as they have real exp gain incentive to go to a precise location to knock out the spotter. That gives you the upper-hand as a stalker. Spotter is more likely to get an enemy response due to the exp reward. I dont see the issue here, I mean darts can be spammed much more easily and cover a wider area but they don't offer the same degree of control or information for the stalker using them. I mean with a spotter you can see the facing direction of your enemies in real time. You know exactly where they are likely to go, and darts can't do that.

    I'm not going to knock people who want to dart. Thats fine, been there done that, I didn't enjoy spamming them and moved on. Nothing wrong with using darts, but the advantages of the spotter should not be overlooked just because the coverage isn't potentially as great. Your paying with risk for that coverage and the exposure and dedication to keep those darts sustained means your not able to do other tasks.

    As for the vehicles thing. That one threw me because knowing tank driving engineer mains... they should have bigger fish to fry then hunting down some lone little infiltrator who cannot do anything to them. As a stalker at least the chances of someone actually bothering to search for you in an open space.... When you know exactly what direction they are facing and can monitor their vehicle gunners FOV.... I mean there really should be no reason besides the occasional unlucky roadkill that kills you. They don't have darklights, they are constantly monitoring the sky for enemies libs and esf. Tanker threat check mindset just means you have to avoid detection for like maybe 30 seconds before they pass on by and leave you alone.

    A sniper may have an issue with this if they cannot re-position away fast enough, or evade enough until another threat comes along to distract the vehicle driver. A stalker really should not have an issue with this. Stalkers actually do very well in congested areas where multiple vehicles are present. They offer a sense of security for enemy players making movement and ambushing easier. The drivers always enter and exit predictably on the left side. Engineers repairing vehicles are vulnerable to attacks and heavily distracted. This is probably why Iridar is questioning your example of vehicles because they are often times seen as an opportunity to stalkers rather then something to be feared.
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  12. CuteBeaver

    Anyway. Came here with some good news:

    Radar detection is being changed so its no longer going to be based on players movement speed, and instead be based on the type of movement state. So going up or down slopes will no longer be an issue once this change gets pushed through. As a result this will fix the issue with CATLIKE where moving forward while crouched is detected by radar sources.

    Catlike: While the solution above is being created, you can use ADS to slow yourself down (before you begin moving) which should keep you off the mini map. The increased crouched movement speed of catlike was enough to cause radar sources to detect crouch walking infiltrators. Aim down sights before moving to avoid detection, and when aiming down sights crouched movement on slopes is NOT safe.

    Ammo Packs: Will soon affect us while we are cloaked. So you won't have to decloak and give away your positon just get near ammo packs in order to loot them.

    Ammo Printer: As a result of the top change this implant will be fixed . Ammo Printer is currently bugged and doesn't provide any ammo while you are cloaked. To gain ammo from ammo printer you need to be uncloaked for the duration of time and remain uncloaked to receive the benefit. Once the change goes live it will just be a passive benefit.

    Vampire: Seems to produce a visual when it heals. The extent of this downside needs to be examined. Since we can only make kills (with a sidearm / knife) uncloaked it may not be that big of a deal. More information pending future testing.

    We also have confirmation there will eventually be a second batch of implants coming out. Hopefully some of the missing ones will return in some new shape or form. There is no ETA on the second batch so far by the developers.


    Keep a close eye on the animations of your sidearms over the next few updates. Iv noticed some pretty strange stuff happening on the test server. Hopefully it will get cleaned up before any patches reach the live servers. Basically animations have been tweaked recently. Think back on how DBG added new knife animations, and idel character animations. It appears they are doing animation "stuff". This is just a heads up in case you experience any weird glitches, or other wonky animation issues in the coming patches. Please share and bug report any glitches.
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  13. Iridar51

    That needs to be a quote for the guide. As a stalker I never had to care about vehicles, but I hadn't actually considered they make ambushing easier, that's a great point. Always love your insights like that.
  14. Zagareth

    Did you turn the sarcasm tag on for this post? Im quite not sure :confused:
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    Great guide, thanks for posting it. I've been playing for more than two years but I'm only just now giving the Stalker infil a close look and this guide helped me plan my loadout!
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