Stalker Cloaker Fully Invisible?

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  1. LibertyRevolution

    There is enemy collision in planetside2. It seems random, but its randomness is merely an effect of latency.
    If the enemy is completely still, you can bump into them and be stopped by them, as the server knows their location.
    If you are both moving at all, it makes the collision way harder to happen, as what you see on your screen is not what he see on his.
    This is the same reason that it is harder to roadkill enemy than it is to roadkill friendlies.

    You will notice collision mostly when either a max is camping a door, or a stalker cloaker is crouched in the middle of a room.
    If you run into a door camped by a stationary max, you will collide with it, you will not run through it.
    If you are walking through a room and stalker is cloaked in the middle the floor, you will bump into him and your path will be altered.

    I will try and get some of it on video at some point for you.

    I was doing this for awhile, but now people got smart and just shoot at the cap point...
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  2. Udnknome

    If someone bumps into you or you reload/swap your weapon it increases your visibility during the animation.

    Watched a bubble effect when a cloaker reloaded right next to me. Believe me - he didn't stand a chance.
  3. KnightCole

    ESP hacks....puts a nice little green box around ur toon...or so thats what ive seen of it on videos.

    And yeah, a BR100, hes likely to have one, seeing how they are just bored with the game...
  4. Richardsonnn

    Cloaking only helps so much. Once someone becomes aware of your presence it becomes substantially harder to hide. Basically Metal Gear: Once your enemy sees you, certain hiding spots just won't work until they completely relax their posture. Then there's always that one guard who will look inside the air vent just because there's an off chance someone is sneaking around.
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  5. Udnknome

    Weird how being BR 100 makes you a hacker. The game has been live for a year and a half ( 2 years if you count beta)----- by now, surely a few have gotten it legitimately.
  6. Krayus_Korianis

    I honestly have never had enemy collision. EVER. Not while going into a room with a MAX suit, stalker or anything else. So, I really can't believe anyone stating that there's collision unless it's from dead bodies.
  7. Bennybones

    One thing you shouldn't underestimate is experience. I may not be BR 100 but I've spent quite a lot of time in this game, some hours as an infil. I have come to be able to see the 'best' or at least most obvious spots where an infil might want to hide. If I know there's an infil in this area I will simply shoot straight in to these corners. And guess what? Many times I actually end up killing an infil. I didn't /know/ he was there, but I suspected he was based on my experience.
  8. Chris Bingley

    This all reminds me of life before the infiltrator update. When having low graphics turned cloaked infiltrators into white or black (depending on random chance it seemed) wire frames. It made you so easy to spot.

    I heard that during the infiltrator update they changed it to make you less visible on low settings and more visible on higher settings, especially if you have PhysX switched on. I'm not sure if this is true or not as my computer was built sometime during the stone age. All i know is that I can't even see moving infiltrators, unless they're friendlies.

    I've definitely had some WTF moments with the cloak though, where enemies seems to know exactly where I was without and help (like flashlight, scout radar, detect darts etc). Then again I've also had some WTF moments where I've killed something that I shouldn't have been able to (sniping LAs in mid flight usually).

    Random chance goes a long way in PS2, don't count it out. What might have happened is these guys planned to shoot all around the room, but their first shots hit you, they got hit markers and kept firing.
  9. Bine

    I would like to point out that in a ghost cap there are no toher sounds to worry about. Which means they hear your footsteps. I do this a lot to cloakers in a ghost cap and get yelled at for hacking. Im sorry bro but i can *hear* you walking on that metal walkway.
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  10. Cyrek

    Don't even look around, crouching is near invisible but people can see some transparent pixels moving around.
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  11. Goretzu

    I suspect ESP use is fairly common (not 50% common, but ~2% "common" - i.e. 1 in 50 players).

    Certainly there's plenty of way to be spotted and too spot cloakers, but there's certain players that basically must actually be "psychic" one way or another.
  12. PrimePriest

    Or maybe he guessed your position? The first thing I do when point is flashing and no enemy around to be seen is that I shoot all the corners.
  13. Astraka

    Stalker Cloak is garbage. There isn't a single useful thing you can do with it that isn't done better with Hunter Cloak, except Auraxium pistols. The visibility is far too high while on the move (even crouch-walking), you're almost forced to take Ammunition Belt because of your low mag capacity pistols, transition from one visibility state to the next is slow as molasses, you're still easily detected with every Recon Device known to man, you can't do anything while cloaked (forcing you to loudly announce your presence to anyone within earshot), and you have a crippling hard counter that is easily placed on every weapon in the game - including shotguns (Dark Light).

    The whole thing was a terrible investment of time, which also easily applies to the rest of the Infiltrator Update.

    Don't bother trying to make it work, you're going to drive yourself insane.
  14. Nerp

    I play on highest settings, and I don't see stalker cloakers unless I already know they're there, and even so it's pretty hard.

    Actually, I find playing stalker cloaker is one of the most fun things in the game. You actually have to play stealthily, and I've been able to stay undetected even while 10 people ran around me with flash lights searching for me. You can find some really great spots, and there's nothing more fun than knifing people.
  15. Peebuddy

    Most stalkers I find were only because they looked around while stationary, that causes the light to contort like the predator. Even when perfectly still your character still does small animators like breathing which can be noticed.

    I also look at the map, if all noticeable enemies are gone yet there are still 1-12 enemies in the hex then it's probably a cloaker. At which point I throw down sensors, find his position, chase him down and put a cap in his ***. To him it looks like I randomly burst through the door and shoot him as if he'd been playing the bongo drums the entire time.

    At least in PS1 if the cloaker moved very slowly the sensors wouldn't pick him up, here any movement at all reveals your location to darts/ sensors and their range is a lot bigger than it seems.
  16. current1y

    Does anyone know the specific graphics settings that make them more visible? Went from all medium graphics last night to low and they became way harder to see. While I can no doubt figure it out if anyone knew it would save me some time. :)
  17. nallar

    The 'graphics quality' setting, unfortunately there's no way of changing just the cloak visibility.
  18. Astraka

    You'll notice I didn't touch on the fun aspect, as that is completely subjective. I feel that the Cloak's effectiveness on the other hand can be judged mercilessly. Unless you enjoy the 'hide without doing anything' playstyle (which obviously some people do), you're hamstringing yourself by picking the Stalker. You are much better off saving your certs and learning how to manage your Cloak energy than trying to use Stalker.
  19. Prudentia

    i just had a good case of this a few days ago:
    Was playing with Outfit mates (at sungrey east)
    after we capped the base the point was still capping, so the rest of the squad went to the cap point to find the stalker.
    after some time i got annoyed waiting for them. so i just drove up to the plattform outside double doors, jumped out went down to the capture point.
    watched in disbelief how my squad that consisted 75% of BR100 kept sweeping with their flashlights again and again over the stalker sitting directly at the Cap console without noticing.
    after asking them if they are serious i glued a sticky nade to the stalkers face and went back to my harrasser.

    all things considered: cloak builds upon the inabilities of your oponents. if your opponents are skilled you are screwed.
  20. JacDoom

    I seem to come across quite a few Infiltrators with Stalker Cloaks who seem to be rather dumb. They just don't react when I shine a Darklight in their face. Gotten quite a few easy kills with my sidearm because of it.