[Suggestion] Stalker cloak needs a buff

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ned, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Ned

    After using it for a loooooong time I have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no reason to use this over hunter cloak, and why would I handicap myself?

  2. jiggu

    I think all cloaks need a buff
    what do you have in mind?
  3. Ned

    Hunter cloak is fine I think, stalker cloak just needs something to make it more survivable and make it more effective, its no fun to stealth for 3 mins for a heavy to come and find you and kill you

    IMO Stalker cloak should allow you to break stealth by shooting your weapon, but I think that all the secondary weapons could use a buff to be honest, I just die way too easy without any kills to show for it
  4. Metalsheep

    i think that Stalker Cloak should work just like the PS1 cloak.

    Cloak lasts indefinately, and you can shoot while cloaked, but shooting while cloaked puts you in a very, very light state of cloak and you can still see muzzleflash. Movement also effects cloak states, standing and running is a moderate cloak, crouching and moving is a pretty deep cloak, and holding still is pretty much perfect invisibility.
  5. Ken Photon

    I'm actually okay with this, as long as this "very, very light state of cloak" is much worse than our current Stalker cloak when moving.
  6. Metalsheep

    It is, in PS1 when you opened fire as a cloaker you pretty much lit up like a christmas tree, you were still kinda transparent, but the cloaking effect was a whiteish outline and was easy to spot when you moved and shot at the same time. So you wanted to kill your target either A: Very fast at point blank and vanish to the shadows, or B: Plink at your target from a small distance as your cloak reset pretty quick if you were crouched still and taking potshots. But regardless anyone could see your muzzleflash and tracers and could go looking for you

  7. volth

    You should be able to use both secondary and main weapon with stalker cloak. Its fun and the nerf maybe was good with the old servers and resource system but now, when 20 enemies can rush you, you should be able to defend yourself.

    Or they can do so you really are invisible.
  8. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Stalker is OK, Heavy Assault is OP. Most *utt hurt to infiltrators because of HA, you can sneak, but they have shields
  9. iller

    Absolutely not. You can take down anyone short of a Max if you strip their Shield first. My KDR went up significantly once Stalker came out. (but KPM went down).

    The real problem with Stalker, is that SOE is ****ing around with our Knives & stuff. And last we heard, they were adding pay 2 win knives to the mix. Though if you're a Vanu INF, you've also got that whole Pistol selection problem in your way too. Added on top of that is how few weapons Terminals exist in the open world now. So many of them got edited out when conts were Latticed. We need those back along with several more added to every single base. Those are one of the most crucial support options for an infiltrator to keep springing traps before the stalker inevitably runs out of EMP's and pistol ammo & stuff.... Though EMP nades might need a rework too so that energy STAYS drained for a short period of time.

    All bases in general need more Hackable infrastructure as well. That alone would make Stalker a crucial component to any alert