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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by yama, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Geandily

    Great post. Yeah, I'm probably going to quit playing if they don't add some sort of real infiltrator soon, that was the only part of PS1 that I really enjoyed.
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  2. Flaeb

    This is a very important update for infiltrators and we need more updates on this suit.
  3. dwnld

    I think I'd use one my specs for a infil that trades a rifle for more cloak and daggery stuff. Only play PS1 briefly so i never experienced the infil gameplay.
  4. yama

  5. IceGhost

    I am also a veteran cloaker from PS1. I miss being able to sneak into enemy bases and sabotaging facilities. There really is no stealth element to PS2. Cloaking seems to be only useful for keeping enemies from discovering your sniping positions easily. Short cloaking times coupled with weapons only made for distance shots makes getting in close and attempting any real infiltration nearly impossible. I've taken a liking to sniping at times, but SOE had better implement the Stalker cloak soon or my interest in PS2 may quickly wane.
  6. LucidSteel

    I was/am mediocre at CQC. In PS1 I was a Rexo Sniper (equivalent to heavy assault armor in PS2) who specialized in flying my mosquito full speed at a base and timing the pull-up and bail out to land in some favorite trees which provided amazing cover and over-the-wall opportunities. My second favorite thing was infiltration. Hacking everything, jacking vehicles, duck-crawling past auto-turrets; all of these things were just amazingly fun.

    Having infiltrators be THE sniper class was a dream come true, except upon playing it there is very little true infiltration to be done. Short time cloaking that is rendered too easy to spot is annoying. Hiding on top of an enemy's generator and waiting for the two assault to leave the engineer alone to repair it was freakin' thrilling in PS1. Duck walking up to an enemy AMS and hacking it to deconstruct while surrounded by freshly spawned soldiers made it pretty exciting, even if the graphics and sound sucied compared to the new stuff.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love sniping and do it regularly, but I don't like I am necessarily needed.