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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by yama, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. yama

    Hello forum,

    Oh my.. The big release day has come and gone.
    I hope you all made it trough alright.

    I make this thread to recall the one thing from back in the old days we have been promised by SOE since before the beta had even started: Stalker Camouflage, otherwise known as Planetside 1 style cloaking.

    This thread should give you a place to post what ever you can find out either from tweets, developer comments or the latest rumor from the water cooler.. Anything really..

    I'm not going to let this thread die.
    Ok, so I'll "see" you on the battlefield fellow cloaker...

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  2. yama

    The last thing I remember is smedley tweeting that they were not done with cloaking.
    That the mechanics for SC were not in the game yet.

    We have yet to get a real time frame for it tough..
  3. Wampa

    No clue, I was pretty sure infiltrator was going to be gutted when retail hit though, and it still is =(.
  4. Daejin

    The Devs already stated in the last week of Beta that "The Stalker Cloak will not be available at launch." It simply wasn't (and isn't) ready to be put into the game with the issues it was having. However, they do plan to put the cloak in the game "When it is ready."

    So, the promise is still there, and it is still valid. We just have to be patient... Dammit.
  5. Colt556

    No offense, but I hate that train of thought. It's why games suck today. If the game isn't finished, if they don't have the mechanics done. Why did they release it? This mentality of "push it out the door ASAP, fix things later" is what is killing the games industry. Everyone said november 20th was WAY too early, and the fact that a LOT of features are missing just proves that. Game companies need to stop releasing unfinished products.
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  6. JoCool

    Nothing is killing the game industry, it is as vivid as ever.

    Oh yeah, and Dec 21st the world ends? HAHAHAHA.
  7. Colt556

    It depends on how you define 'vivid'. It's making money, sure. But when the biggest selling point of modern games is getting, quite literally, the same game every single year and having it sell millions of copies. That's not exactly a telling sign that the games industry is thriving. At least in my book. Every blockbluster game is the same rehashed drivle over and over and over and over and over etc. If you love playing the same CoD for a decade, then yeah, I can see why you'd say the industry is 'vivid'. But if you don't, it's a pretty bleak industry.
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  8. Brian

    THIS!!!! this is what I wanted to say too... WHY in gods name are companies pushing out unfinished products?! Have they become so greedy they cant even finish a game?! I remember when a Zelda game was pushed back 1.5 years from original release date because the game wasnt polished enough, and when it released it was the best ******* game of all time and is STILL considered to be one of the best! Devs...pushing out unfinished games leads to disgruntled players which leads to people quitting, which leads to have no fan base and thus no one to play your seems like, from a business stand point, you would do better financially in the long run to take the time to make a game worth playing from the start......And im not just dogging on SOE...this have been the case with almost every game launch in the past 5 years!
  9. Ghoest

    You guys are wrong.

    No MMO is ever finished - especially with respect to PVP balance - and this game is mostly about PVP balance.
    They have a stealth system that works really well(learn to play with it and youll see.)

    Im sure they would like to add more systems to most of the classes eventually.
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  10. Kaostick

    I agree with this about 50%. But missing features are different from broken features. Overall, I've been very impressed by the state of the game they managed to push out. I've only run into a couple of small bugs, and nothing game breaking. In beta, my performance was terrible and I was a huge advocate of "11/20 is too soon," but now that the game is live, it runs great on both my systems. From a technical standpoint, I feel like they hit their mark just fine.

    From a lore standpoint, (if this game really has such a thing) it works. The war has just begun. Over time, as technology progresses we will develop better guns, badder vehicles, and more efficient shields/cloaks. These will make their way to the battlefield, and I'll use them to kill all of you. ;)

    MMOs are constantly evolving, with new features being added all the time. If we had to wait until all the features were in the game, I doubt it would have even come out this year. Middle of next seems more likely. Brian mentioned Zelda in his post, (I assume he means Twilight Princess) which was delayed for a long time to make sure it was perfect. But what he didn't mention was that it was a game that couldn't be updated or patched. Nintendo had one chance to get it right, so they took their time.
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  11. WingMaker

    I agree, Stalker should have been in there. Especially since shotguns have been removed, infiltrator is the most underdeveloped class as it really only is a "one trick pony". They pushed the game out the door way too quickly. The best example of this is how many guns were available throughout beta, and then all of the sudden at launch we have access to dozens of guns that have never been tested. Who's bright idea was that? SOE had trouble getting the very few guns we had access to balanced and now all of the sudden the number of guns has increased exponentially.

    That being said, not having to worry about a wipe is nice.
  12. wtfhax

    Damn it, they really removed it? I haven't checked since I am saving up for other stuff first, but I was really looking forward to buying it....
  13. Wobberjockey

    if you want to know why they released it, i tell you why

    you ready for this?


    seriously, programmers need to eat too (they do not just live on monster and ramen alone! it's true!) a game of PS2's magnitude incurs an astronomical amount of costs before they even see their first dime, that's why we have things like alpha squad. it is a device to recoup some of the development costs before the bean counters (or the banks, or the shareholders) get restless. i would not be surprised to find out that PS2 won't be 'profitable' for a year or more.

    also, technology has changed. before, games were shipped out on discs. the software needed to be as perfect as possible because getting patches to users would involve pressing new discs so it was far more expensive to patch a problem. now? heck get it from the internet. it's almost as cheap as free. the net result is that it's feasible to release a product that is close to completion, and add additional features at a later date.

    it's not that it's a culture change for the worse, it's that with technology, things can occur in different ways. heck remember, in the 50's forums like this were completely undreamt of.
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  14. Elana

    I was a huge cloaker back in the original PS. What I enjoyed more than anything else was finding a way to sneak past the front line fighting, get into a gen room, and wreaking havoc. I missed the beta and then started playing last night and, of course, planned to be a cloaker. Wow, was that ever disappointing.

    Yeah, I could snipe people. I'm sure that I was terribly annoying, but trying to sneak into anything with a few seconds worth of cloaking was pointless. I really hope that there will be changes that bring back the old school cloaking style (you can stay hidden but have minimal offensive weaponry). I suppose I'll find other ways to pass the time in the mean while...
  15. JoCool

    Vivid means it is actually getting money, putting out what people want. That is THE justification in itself, that is all the proof you need. You cannot feed developers mouths from crazy ideas no one else thinks of as awesome, they haven't put that much time sweat and worries into their careers for nothing! Demand has developed its own strategies, as always, take a look at Chris Robert's Star Citizen's kickstarter success. So do not worry, because that is just awesome, seeing how the market always finds its ways. Could say, the force of nature always finds its ways. While you also have to stay realistic about what the people want, the very indication is within the sales. Got it?
  16. Daejin

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  17. KingCrimson

    If they do ever put it in, (which I hope they do), we could really use another pistol clip, 3+1 does not last long at all.
  18. Shadowfox

    Big cloaker in the original.

    Not interested in the infiltrator until it is no longer a sniper class.
  19. Skeith

    same here cloaking in ps1 was so much better
  20. Daejin

    There should be a certification that allows you to carry a lot more ammo. Granted it will cost a few hundred to max out, it should be there. I'll verify it later and if I'm wrong, will edit this post.