Squad leader indicators.

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  1. zukhov

    Squad Leader Indicators:
    • Functionality for a squad leader to mark a cap point has been added. This will add arrows to the objective indicator on the HUD that your squadmates can see. Hold the spot button down (q by default) to bring up the quick menu while targeting a capture point to set the indicator.
    • Squad leaders no longer have to cert into the ability to set a primary squad target using the Q menu (QAM)
    • Players who previously purchased the Squad Objectives certification from the squad leadership certifications tree will be refunded the 30 CP cost
    I think most squad leaders who certed into this ability have forgotten they had it. When I do use it makes every cap point I get near light up (at least for me) regardless of if I have marked it or not.

    Best used in public squads to get inexperienced players to defend the 'bonus xp zone' (not a lie BTW).

    It is nice to see that some attention has been paid to the squad leader tools, and is hopefully a sign of things to come.

    Perhaps people who do lead squads need to give the devs more feedback about tools that would be more useful to them. Given that SL are a very small minority of players, the main focus of gameplay discussion on these forums is from people more interested in doing the dirty work of blowing things up and shooting people in the face. However there are a lot of good suggestions from players regarding SL tools. I wont bother repeating them here, but I guess with a lot of digging about they could be found and bought to the appropriate persons attention.