Squad Deploy nerf exposes the horrible base design

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by jak, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Flapatax

    Just wanted to say this doesn't justify bad base design before Ghost messes himself over it.

    Edit: Apparently this wasn't enough and now he needs new pants.
  2. Vastly

    Back in Beta I suggested that capture points accumulate their own ticket amounts instead of going into a pool. Recapturing a point would remove all those tickets. During a capture with multiple points (there tended to be more points in Beta) you would have some points with high ticket numbers, some with low, some with intermediate. Recapturing/defending priority would therefore be dynamic depending on which points have been held the longest. Ignoring point defense would be a costly mistake for attackers.
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  3. Flapatax

    That would actually be really cool.

    1 gold star.
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  4. jak

    Yeah, my aircraft KDR is 11.45 and my tank KDR is 26.65. You stat padding infantry guy!
  5. jak

    I like this idea.
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  6. TheFamilyGhost

    You got a real problem with vehicles, don't ya?

    A problem so bad you'd like to see them removed from your game, huh?

    you must be a real pleasure on TS.
  7. Giggily

    My infantry K/D is pretty much around 6 or more nowadays, but that's still not anywhere near what I get with tanks.
  8. Giggily

    you need new material
  9. jak

    Nah, I love vehicles. I just don't think they should be the deciding factors for whether a viable defense can be attempted.

    You're really hung up on this TS thing, aren't you? Our TS details are on our website, feel free to join - www.dasanfall.com
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  10. TheFamilyGhost

    Your prohibitions on infantry create it. Haven't you thought that far?

    Not by your rules. tanks couldn't go inside bases, and infantry suffer such penalties that venturing forth is foolhardy.

    For everyone except you and your clan. When things get tough for you, or you don't like the fight, the game must be improved!

    Replayability is the holy grail of sandbox games. Isn't it a shame that people want to pour concrete into our sandbox in order to have a game that suits them regardless of how far back it sets the evolution?

    Or agree with your dollars.

    Because infantry spam is good, vehicle/air spam not good.

    btw, why do you refer to Suppresive Firs as spamming? Perhaps using pejoratives to describe things you don't like is a reason why you refuse to face them.

    No post from you is complete until you expose your infantry-centric utopia. Nice!

    Continued misrepresenting my OP. There is no protestation of the SL spawn (in fact, I stated it wasn't a good mechanic). I like how you continue to also try to discredit my OP by asserting I'm fooling the vehicle users to pull a fast one. As with your good buddy Czuuk, that's pretty insulting to them that they would fall for my devious attempts so easily. But no, it's not a simple concession; it's an acknowledgement that if we did #1, we'd need to complement that change by giving vehicles a better defined role.

    Ender streams pretty much all the time with voice comms active. You are free to join, or you can watch his highlights. It's a crazy thought, you might actually educate yourself so that you don't make so many bad assumptions about my outfit.

    I don't know what you're talking about with regards to your avatar. And that's humorous that you assert I don't want challenges. And you've yet to proven anything bad other than your knowledge of game mechanics and your knowledge of my (and my outfit's) playstyle.[/quote]
  11. TheFamilyGhost

    You need to come to grips with the fact this is a combined arms game, and that if one doesn't like vehicles in his base, he should kill them.
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  12. TheFamilyGhost

    Already have, but thanks for the good wishes.

    We've been over the Expert Fallacy already. Why are you still clinging to it? Is it all you have left?

    You guys got super-mold when we went over the definition of combined arms. How come no replies? LOL

    Ooof! I guess I do understand!

    (you do have to go to school to be a doctor or an engineer)

    Which acronym? With all the game and real-life experience you have, I figured you knew the basics!
  13. Goretzu

    Interesting idea.
  14. TheFamilyGhost

  15. longlost

    now im ****** hate the nerf just now ... i cant steer the drop pods which feels like im a ****** epal falling on 2 the ground....im pissed pff!!
  16. TheFamilyGhost

    You're right.

    How about we talk about all the things that kill you that make you cry, and how you go onto the forums to get rid of them...in the guise of "better gameplay as brought to you by the experts"...

    ...the experts that can't figure out how to kill tanks in built-up areas.
  17. Flapatax


    That's the second time you've quoted that same thing. You're really mad aren't you?
  18. Giggily

    I have more vehicle kills than you have kills.
  19. TheFamilyGhost

    Being a camper gets lots of kills, donut?

    C'mon! You're such a good player, but can't hack tanks in your base? Why are so great but need to go to the forums to take away the bad man's toys?

    LOL. I'm great! Did any see me just wax that d00d from the spawn shield? OMFG THAT CAN'T KILL ME!!! FORUMSIDE EVERYONE!!!
  20. jak

    Not at all. Infantry will still have AV weapons and will be supported by friendly vehicles. If infantry run around without vehicle support, then they'll likely die (combined arms supported...).

    We've already established that I'm not opposed to vehicles having some influence on bases. Take a tech plant, for example, where I said that all they really needed to do was include enclosed routes to the SCU area and that facility would be excellent. Vehicles still have the ability to influence the fight but infantry have a piece of the action as well. Infantry roaming around in the open by themselves already suffer severe penalties. Nothing in my post would alter that other than one guy with a striker couldn't chase away a tank with ease.

    Incorrect. When there are mechanics that I feel are broken, I will float ideas to remedy the problem. A complacent playerbase is not something I really want, even if I don't agree with the ideas. Vehicle spam and base design was much, much worse during beta/release and has continually been improved to be more infantry friendly. I wonder why...

    I think you must be mixing sandbox games with sandbox MMOs. The reality is every time you log into PS2, the sandbox is in a completely different state with many options that weren't there when you last logged in. This is why your comments of replayability don't apply, in my opinion. About the only correlation I can see would be if you were to argue that base fights always require infantry and that makes it a concrete box, but that's stretching to the point of gumby level.

    They're a business. They'll do what makes the most sense from a business point of view. I'm not sure what your point is here other than you want a conceptual nirvana on someone elses' dime?

    You continue to not understand the differentiation between the two when it comes to game mechanics.

    Good catch. Oh wait, I said good...does that mean I'm approving of your comment?

    Completely disregarding a lot of the vehicle-centric ideas in the OP.