Spring Sale Cash-Grab

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Eclipson, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Eclipson

    Well, if this is the only way they can make money, the I guess they might as well. I'd rather them do a ton of limited time only deals, even if its kind of annoying, then for the game to die.
  2. Wintermaulz

    The items arnt limited time like the st Patrick's day stuff was. The sale is temporary, then they are back to regular price afterwards.
  3. SgtScum

    I'd also like to add having one less soda a day will probably net you enough cash by the time the sale comes around to get a $C card at the local mart.
  4. LameFox

    On sale and for sale are not quite the same thing, OP.
  5. NinjaTurtle

    Maybe, maybe not.

    I don't know what other countries are like but here in England stores always have promotional sales to entice you to buy even though they aren't in any trouble or anything like that, they are simply trying to drive sales and that is something all business does.

    Frankly I think 700 SC is too much for a weapon anyway and even though I have spent that on a few things. I am unsure I will again. £6 for one gun is a lot of money and I think a lot of people are probably put off from buying because of that. A sale will simply lure in the people holding out for a sale whereas those that aren't too bothered either way will have bought what they want already.

    I think your reading a bit much into it
  6. Apis

    I also want SOE to make money so they can improve their product. The problem is that they released the game when it was half thought out (no metagame) and poorly designed (bases/outposts). The game problems pushed out a lot of diehard fans. People who currently play are either new or superfans who in are in love with the idea of planetside but continue to have their own personal gripes.

    It's no wonder they aren't making as much money as they need to (assuming they aren't).
  7. smokemaker

    Dont care.
    If its cool, i will buy it.
    money is not an issue with me.
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  8. Sebyos

    I've been thinking the same thing. It's kind of scary actually. When you check how low the game quality is and how they are trying to make money so quickly it feels like somethings wrong and they just want to cash in before everything falls.
  9. NanoBitSplit

    Those helmets are ugly as sin.

    NC is a blue garbage bin.
    TR is a ginger man with a receding hairline and muttonchop sideburns.
    VS is... nothing, as usual. Although if you turn your head and squint, it kind of looks like a dong!

    Also, who had the genius idea to make the VS LA helmet literally just the VS INF helmet with the LA's default 'ridge' copy-pasted and painted silver? I like the tri-pointed visor being unique to INFs, making it multiclass like that just seems silly.
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  10. Sov21

    Tank armor look cool
  11. SinerAthin

    I liked the VS LA Helmet but... I can't see the difference on the VS Infiltrator helmet. Can anyone tell me if there's actually an aesthetical difference from the one we already have?

    Why should the helmet be unique to Infils?

    It sounds like it belongs to the entire VS faction :)

    Also, I think I like the NC helmet. It fits their refurbished look.
  12. Lucidius134

    My only issue is not being able to preview them because they delayed the cash shop preview upgrade on the roadmap 8)
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  13. Lucidius134

    This and Infil Composite look no different than the default.
  14. Crysander

    Almost all F2P games I know do loads of 'limited time only' sorts of deals. To be perfectly frank, I'm amazed it's taken them this long to have one. To be fair the only thing that annoys me about it is that as usual the TR and NC ones are more interesting and the design is better. Don't get me wrong, I like the VS INF helmet, and I'll be buying the LA version as it's quintessentially VS - but it's a damn shame they couldn't think up something better!

    Gief cool modified mining helmet plx!
  15. Bill Hicks

    its like they are making it rare so people impulse buy. strange..............
  16. Gavyne

    Yup, just a spring sale, meaning reduced price sale. They aren't going away after the sale's over. Some people are overreacting.

    I sure as hope people aren't gonna get upset at them having sales for items people want to purchase.
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  17. SinerAthin

    I think someone said there was like one extra cable or so at the pack or the helmet, or it was another shade of gray.
  18. MilitiaMan

    Agreed, I don't smoke or drink so I have to find ways to waste my money.

    Shinnies in a game I love is one way. :D
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  19. Rhinzual


    I think the issue is less that new stuff is being released, but that it's such a narrow window of opportunity to begin with.
  20. NanoBitSplit

    It has a bit narrower design, I guess, and additional lights to give you ANGRY EYEBROWS.

    Because INFs have always had unique helmets? TR has the scuba suit, NC has the Halohelm and VS has the Diamond Sword helmet.

    The NC one is the only one that really fits, as it's quite clearly a welding mask held on by straps. The TR helmets are attached by straps too, which is kind of silly, and the VS ones are just sort of floating- in fact the VS INF one appears over the default helmet.