Spoiler alert. What if?

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  1. xLluisett

    Did you know? Daybreak plans to put the ns operatives or an unknown faction,or something i read to be an attacking npc. So,join with your friends or sólo with your main faction cause NPCs controlled by the game will attack and control bases like player characters.

    Be prepared cause the next update or the next of the next will bring attacking NPCs and a mothership only usable by 1 faction and one server at the same time.

    Read this and spread those plans of daybreak towards planetside 2 before my thread is deleted,because planetside 3 is far from happen at the moment.
  2. AuricStarSand

    A rogue npc faction I'd favor tbh.

    Their was a bug once that made all NSO " grey " and they were their own 4th faction for the day
    They all banded together to build silos and everyone logged on to their NSO to try gorilla warefare. They had to hack terms to deploy vehicles. Honestly made everyone enjoy NSO more as their own 4th rebel faction. However free agents helps even pop.

    As for NPC units, the ghost ship was okay, it got destroyred 30 seconds after arriving. So not sure why they spent all the time making the atmosphere alter visuals, to have the ship get gunned down as soon as it arrived.

    Ultimately npc factions would help the lower pop servers have more to shoot at, it's not as if they'd be missing out on anything, theirs still the same pop of players no matter the server. Just more random activities and more to shoot at for large scale battles.

    Always wanted bug aliens from starship troopers.

    NPC droids with a supply convoy. That travel the map. & when you destroy them they drop 8 unique hummer jeeps.

    Platoon of NPC NSO's that droppod down on 48vs48 fights 40 times every alert. Just make sure they aren't designed to shoot parked sunderers. Everything else fair game.
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