spitfire turret?

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  1. The Hat

    Its totally useless, needs a serious buff as soon as possible, i saw a VS HA walk up to one, knife it, then turned and shot a guy! what a waste of space and i paid 900 SC!

    These things need to have certs to plough into, make them more resistant and the option to "switch" firing modes from AI to AV within itself if the opportunity arises.

    i'm really disappointed in them, how can an enemy just casually walk up, and knife it to destruction, is beyond me, if thats the case then they're not doing what their designed to do..KILL, all i hear is beep...beep..beep like a fried circuit board and when it does track enemies its computing whether to fire or not, to slooooow and total waste of station cash......:mad:
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  2. Leftconsin

    I just watched 5-6 of them working in tandem and they are really bad. They lose acquisition very easily, and take a long time to reacquire the target. I walked right into one and it never shot at me because I was able to get back behind cover before it decided to start shooting. The one time a spitfire decided to start shooting at me it took down about a third of my shield pool before I killed it with my T5 AMC, which is the low DPS / high accuracy TR carbine. A third of my shield pool! I could have probably killed 5 of the things.

    The Duster, ZOE and every single aspect of the Valkyrie are still joke level underpowered even though they have been out for months.

    I have one major suggestion first.
    - They need to beep ONLY when they spot an enemy. At least then they can be slightly useful as a motion detector.
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  3. volth

    You can sprint infront of the turret when you are cloaked :), the turrent cant detect you. It shoot at me when i was about 0.5m from it and uncloaked.
  4. Ronin Oni


    I'm glad you can't rely on them to hold a hallway

    It should just be extra fire support. Don't leave it on it's own but it's an extra source of firepower to help you in holding down a choke.

    A spitfire + your carbine should have the rough effectiveness of you on the AI MANA turret.
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  5. NoctD

    The spitfire is an infiltrator's wet dream... cloak, run up to it with new shiny knife in hand, uncloak, slice slice slice and boom!
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  6. patrykK1028

    Ive heard they have no shooting animation, but they are giving assists (and rarely a kill)
  7. volth

    No SOE forgot to give it a brain :)
  8. Shadowhunter1

    SOE doesn't want to make another dalton, zepher, falcon, raven, or another over powered weapon. everyone runs to buy and then nerf after 1 month. people learned not to buy anything new from SOE until someone offically says from the PTS that it is working as intended.

    In the time i've played i have learned that the only really good weapons are the beginning weapons. ALL other weapons just seems much weaker and underpowered. SOE forgot to BALANCE ALL weapons. if they made all the weapons the same, and just made them skins this game would not be pay to win. just pay to dress up and everyone would be on a balanced field. sounds boring too...

    I personally prefer Planetside 1 where everyone was unique and everyone had some sort of overpowered weapon, and no one complained because it made the game FUN, REALLY REALLY FUN. unfortunately SOE wants a cookie cutter, and EVERYONE is tired of cookie cutters. so now they are scared to introduce anything cool for fear all the alpha and beta players with 10k+ certs saved will get it and abuse it like the weapons i mentioned at the begining. TBH i am surprised they haven't nerfed C-4 to be 3 bricks to kill a MAX yet.

    SOE is to busy waiting for money to come in and forgot to make the game fun for the consumers and now are wondering why their cash cow dried up.
  9. volth

    They have give the turret a light too so you can find it in the dark :)
  10. Ronin Oni

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  11. HadesR

    Looks like the tracking , acquisition and firing need speeding up a bit ... but that's about it ...

    I'm sure people were expecting a Wrath of God Pre-nerf Banshee on a stick :p but it should never be a solo killing machine but an " assist " system .. Used in conjunction with other players or turrets ..
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  12. Goretzu

    2+ hours of using them everywhere and anywhere and I got 1 assist and no kills. It's probably easier to kill people with the 1 damage from Concussion Grenades!

    As things stand 100 spitfires ( :eek: ) and your carbine have about the same effective strenght as just you and your carbine. :D
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  13. NoctD

    They're just plain OP, buzz buzz buzz, I can't even focus on anything with them droning my ear to death!
  14. Shadowhunter1

    just finished testting the spit fire.


    avoid this at all cost, force SOE to fix it.
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  15. Bape

    People were worried that it was gonna be OP but let me honest here ........ a BR 1 VS with a beamer is more dangerous then this crap lol.
  16. Haquim

    You give it too much credit.
    The BR1 should be using the spiker
  17. Targanwolf

    50 meter range...so u can use them outside
    1000 cert cost
    you can deploy only one
    easily destroyed
    easily seen and heard
    weak killing ability

    why was development time spent on something so meaningless ?
  18. Bape

    Im guessing they were thinking more what if there were 15+ turret in a base.
  19. BlueSkies


    You put one down next to an Engie on an AI Mana turret. My spitfire stole like 5 of his kills!

    In other news... yeah, they're a bit underwhelming
  20. Vanuub

    If it at least had darklight flashlight built in (or certable) then it might be useful for something.