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  1. BlackDove

    Playing last night, I get someone join my platoon, spawn on me right after I deploy my sunderer and TK me. It was obviously not an accident either.

    Then he puts C4 on my sunderer. Luckily my squad mates shot him before he could take it out.

    That's what it's come to though? How ******* pathetic are things getting now?

    Then, while defending a base, I have a whole room get C4'ed by a friendly so that we lose the base!

  2. Torok

    sad story, i've seen it happen already, there's horrible people around, and you can't simply fix their minds ^^
    just don't forget to report
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  3. DCWarHound

    It's called the 4th empire.
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  4. IamDH

    I guess PvE doesnt need to be implemented any more :)
  5. Skippytjc

    Happens every single day over and over.

    They MUST change the TK dynamic. Lower the damage, something, anything.
  6. Teegeeack

  7. RoMoronik666

    Simple Solution: You should not be able to switch factions on the server, without a substantial cooldown.
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  8. UrMom306

    this has been happening ever since they introduced multiple characters on one server...c4'd sundy, c4'd max suit, tk, etc. etc. yeah I love this game but all the bullsh*t that happens really turns me off on the idea of playing anymore, honestly I haven't played in over a month, just log in to get certs and i would be lying if i said I haven't missed a day or two even doing that.
  9. Slaidd

    I wouldn't say this is what's behind this type of thing. I have characters in all 3 factions, but I don't do anything like this.

    What the OP described is an exploit, taken advantage of by a complete ****** bag. And yes, it needs to be fixed, NOW.
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  10. The King

    Doesn't happen much, but the majority of the TK/killing of sunderers are from high BR players who think they're better than everyone.
    At least, that's what I see. If you park your sunderer in a way they do not like, they will kill it, even though, there is no way to advance in the current state because there are so many tanks on the other side, they kill the sunderer, and 5-10 other sunderers that replaces it and demands people stop being ******* and drive up there, where there is really no way for a sunderer or 10 to survive...

    But, like i said, it doesn't happen much..

    Also, I do not believe the FF needs to be removed or have the damage lessened... That sucks worse than being TKed......
  11. don

    engineers repairing vehicle terminals so enemys can hack&spawn sundys? yup...
  12. Skippytjc


    Anybody that does a faction change is flagged after the change for a period of time. This way they can be watched closely.
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  13. Kage74

    I've seen idiots like this. Maybe people shouldn't be allowed to have characters on opposing factions on the same server. But then they would just make a 2nd account and log in on it to sabotage the opposing team. Maybe make it so you can't have multiple instances of the game running at the same time too…

    It's damned near impossible to stop some idiot that wants to cheat like that…well, short of going to their home and smashing their hands with a ballpeen hammer…which I would totally love to do sometimes. >8)
  14. DoubleTake

    Actually, the PS2 Launcher could keep track of it across accounts. You could also force file and registry path consistency so you cannot use more than one launcher. It's doable.
  15. MFP_TK_01

    Had this happen quite a bit over the weekend, especially while on Max. Most notable was where we were trying to make a push on a tower and I brought up a AAmax. In under a minute myself, a AVmax, and our sunderer were blown up by 2 HA's on our team.
  16. BlackDove

    The guy that did this was obviously a high BR's alt. He got me instantly and I'm BR41. Kept rejoining my platoon to see where we were too, and completely ****** us over.
  17. BlackDove

    Wow, I hadn't encountered this issue until recently, and it's just happened again. A BR3 starts TKing our squad, then goes straight for the Sunderer.

    They need to make it so that people can't make alts from other factions, specifically to TK with. This was obviously some high level's alt, since he TKed several people really quickly, and almost got our sunderer.
  18. Liquid23

    *makes second account to bypass the cooldown*

    honestly those doing things like this are using different accounts not only because they don't want to get their main banned but because weaponslock is account wide... it's been going on, just as often, since before we even had the ability to create multiple toon on the same server with one account.... the only ones who don't use a second account are idiots and well the idiots are not the ones you need to worry about
  19. ergie


    And only 1 account allowed / server maybe. But how to do it?

  20. Markus.D

    I have enough of such situations in my past. Dishonest players/squads/outfits can use their alts at your side for preventing your operations. Sometimes i was killed by some BR1 players from behind just in my head. Sometimes we lose territory just because some group of our "allies" kill everyone in spawnroom.

    While we able to change faction without any cooldown timer, while we able to create other faction char at the same server, we will have a lot of such dishonest situations as described above.