Spend SC on weapon, then have it nerfed to useless

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gunnner10, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. gunnner10

    One reason I don't spend $ on this game anymore. Sorry, I feel burned.
  2. DooDooBreff

    try earning certs instead... youll have more than you need after br 50
  3. PKSpark

    Yay that's why auto nerf is the solution! No nerfable guns until it reaches 1160 kills
  4. Bindlestiff

    It was a crap idea the first time around. It is making you look daft now.
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  5. MikeyGeeMan

    Your just mad the entire vs just upped and left when fallout 4 came out.

    Reality is you knew it was going to happen as part of rebalancing. Mine got nerfed I still use all of them. Even the striker and jag.

    But you still play. See. If you want the game to survive posting this kind of junk doesn't help it at all. Your just feeding flames. And knowing that. Means your just salty. Need a hug?
  6. Imperial Sect

    Not sure how someone is supposed to know something is going to get nerfed. Does DBG have a PTR where they can test stuff? But this is exactly why I never spend money on anything other than cosmetics, companies are useless when it comes to testing stuff before throwing it into a game.

    Perfect example is the Gatekeeper...how that made it into live is beyond me and just shows how inept they are at testing. 5 minutes of playing the game would have shown how broken it was.
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  7. MikeyGeeMan

    Odd I thought they did a great job on the gk.
  8. The Rogue Wolf

    Anything in an online game can change, and nothing is sacrosanct just because you spent money on it.
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  9. PKSpark

    With 8500 kills with supernova, 4000 with betelgueuse of course you'll call auto nerf a crap idea.
  10. MikeyGeeMan

    Auto nerf sounds like a bad idea just from the name of it. Now auto buff. Im all for.
  11. Devilllike

    Why would you spend cash on weapons that you can earn by simply playing? i mean pretty much every gun is equal and what can make a gun good is the player who plays with it.

    At your first 10 levels you guys now can get 1100 certs and you can buy a lot of stuff with 1000 certs a fully certed weapon.When i started we didnt have this luxury we didnt even have training we had nothing actually we were just dropped in a cluster and we were just given a gun and we didnt have any idea on what to do we didnt even know who was ally or enemy.

    Plus except from the 1000 certs you get from the first 10 levels you guys get a continent specifically for the low levels which makes things WAAAAY easier for you

    and apart from all of that you guys can get a quiz that gives you a weapon in a class of your choice

    so why would you spend cash on weapons instead of cosmetics??
  12. PKSpark

    Issue with auto buff is: the new gun have to be already in nerf state in order for the auto buff to works, and an already nerfed gun doesn't sell! It's a catch 22
  13. Bindlestiff

    What I've got kills with in the game is of no consequence. The idea of auto nerf is ridiculous.
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  14. Respawn

    gunner10, care to elaborate on which weapon(s) you feel were nerfed?
  15. DeadlyPeanutt

    lol, story of PS2... spend certs not $

    one helmet costs as much as a game on sale on steam :)
  16. Towie

    In fairness, my understanding is that DBG asked a Harasser group to test the new weapons. Their 'defence' when it comes to the GK is that in their playstyle (close combat), they were pretty evenly matched. The big issue with the GK is the render-range accuracy and as that isn't their style, they didn't acknowledge it as such. (That's my understanding anyway but feel free to correct).

    Balance is very difficult indeed due to all the various potential combinations of styles, vehicles, teamwork etc. etc. There is a thread going around suggesting the OPness of the Phoenix when specifically used on a Wraith Flash, for example. If VS could actually manage to organise Lancer squads all day then that too would need tweaking. PPA was amazing for a long time before people found out and pulled them continuously.

    I just wish DBG would be quicker on the tweaks, OP + Popular = misery for the opposition.
  17. Moz

    If i weapon is OP and i mean actually OP (not forumside whine), then it will / should be nerfed.

    Sorry I don't care if you "spent real money"....... and nor should you. Or did you just know the weapon was OP hence why you made the purchase?
  18. Jubikus

    some guns are safe to spend SC on like the sniper rifles they will never get nerfed because they are the same on all factions NS weapons are also very likely to not get nerfed.
  19. Jubikus

    Because you dont get alot of good testing on PTS there arnt actual battles so you cant get it that balanced. The other issue is that the people that test stuff on the PTS are good crews and an extreamly good driver+gunner will be just as effective with a Gatekeeper as they will be with a Saron or Enforcer but the gatekeepers biggest sin is its ease of use which means most people use it to near peak potential.

    PS. The gatekeeper believe it or not while it was on Pts it was actually buffed in damage because it was extremely lackluster.
  20. Kazrak

    I bougth the LOL-Pods for my mossie 3 day befor the great nerf of '13

    I bougth the good'ol striker one week befor the nerf hammer hit it so hard that it was useless for a whole YEAR

    I finished certing my Harasser just in time to get hit with the full wrath of the armor nerf

    this can go on and on and on
    i have to admit it was only certs i spent but if you really feel the need to purchase things you could have certed you obviosly have too much money or not enough time for this game

    Have you heard anyone whining in the news about how their VW stocks are worthless after they bougth it this September?
    You know why?
    They thougth that it was worth the price

    So if you spent your hard ca$h on simple weaponary it had to be worth the purchase otherwise you would have waited to cert it and spend your money on cosmetics and camos

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